Dragonflight: How to Get Dragon Riding

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Flying in World of Warcraft, how to unlock it and the whole flying experience is about to change in the newest expansion Dragonflight. In the past flying has been known to be a tedious grind of reputation or achievement unlocks. The way we are unlocking flying is Dragonflight is completely different and is a refreshing change. In Dragonflight, Blizzard is giving us exactly what we want, flying early! Get ready, for Dragon Riding!

How to unlock Dragon Riding WoW? (Solved)

Dragon Riding will be obtainable through a quest early on in the leveling process. This can be unlocked at level 60 once we reach the Dragon Isles.

Disclaimer: At the date of writing this guide the experience is purely from the Dragonflight BETA. If any changes are made to the Dragonflight LIVE version we will update the info.

Unlocking Dragon Riding (Guide)

The questline for unlocking Dragon Riding is fairly easy to do and we will receive Dragon Riding very early within the quests. We also get taught the basics of Dragon Riding within the Dragon Isles with these easy quest steps.

  1. For the Benefit of the Queen
    • For this quest we simply hop onto Majodormo Selistra by speaking to her and choose “(Quest) Take me with you to see the queen, please.” which will then bring us to
  2. The Mandate of the Red
    • All we need to do is speak to four NPCs. We head over to Xius and speak to find out what he’s doing here, head over to Akxall and figure out why there aren’t that many eggs here. Then we head over to Mother Elion who doesn’t have any eggs to hatch. Last but not least we need to speak to Zahkrana to find out how he cares for his eggs and turn the quest in with him to receive:
  3. Dragonriding
    • After accepting the quest a Dragon will turn up. After mounting the Dragon and heading over to the location on the map we speak to Lord Andestrasz then follow him. When we turn the quest in we immediately receive “Dragonriding”.
  4. How to Glide with your Dragon
    • Lord Andestrasz grants us another quest. This quest will teach us one of the basics which is gliding. Simply drop off the edge and fly through the 5 rings and land on the platform where Celormu awaits us for the quest turn in. After we turn in the quest we will teleport back to the platform where Andestrasz is.
  5. How to Dive with your Dragon
    • Just as the previous quest, just dive off the edge with your Dragon and fly through the 5 rings. Once again Celormu will be waiting there for us to turn in the quest.
  6. How to Use Momentum with your Dragon
    • Once again teleported back to the platform we pick up the quest and swoop through the 5 rings to land on the other platform. Turning in the quest with Celormu brings us back to Andrestasz.
  7. The Skytop Observatory
    • Simply follow Adrestasz to the location marked on the map and turn the quest in.
  8. A New Set of Horns
    • Simply head over to Glensara and speak to her about how the customization works and then head back to Adrestrasz to turn this quest in.
  9. Dragon Glyphs and you
    • A quick walk over to Celormu then to Lithdragosa and back to Adrestasz to turn in the quest.
  10. Return to the Ruby Lifeshrine
    • For this final quest of how to get Dragon Riding simply head back over to Alexstraza and turn the quest in.

Final thoughts

After completion of these quests you have finally completed the introduction to Dragon Riding! You’re now all set to Explore the Dragon Isles on Dragon Back. We here at Battle Shout hope you enjoyed this Article!

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Question: How to unlock dragon riding WoW?

Answer: By completing the main Storyline.

Question: Will Dragonflight have flying?

Answer: Yes. Dragonflight will introduce a new flight system, Dragon Riding.

Question: Can you be a Dragon in World of Warcraft?

Answer: Yes you can. A new race, the Evokers will be introduced in Dragonflight.

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