The BEST Pokemon GO Auto Catcher 2024

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I’ve been playing Pokemon Go for around 2 years now and I can confidently say the 247 Dual Auto Catcher is the best auto catcher I have ever used for Pokemon Go. If you’re tired of missing out on rare Pokémon because your hands are always full, the 247 Dual Auto Catcher has transformed the game for many trainers. This blog post will show you how this gadget can enhance your Pokémon GO experience and help you catch ’em all without lifting a finger.

Review of the 247 Dual Auto Catcher for Pokémon GO

In our hands-on exploration, the 247 Dual Auto Catcher emerges as a game-changing accessory for Pokémon GO enthusiasts, streamlining their experience with its robust features and impressive staying power.

This mighty device not only promises to elevate your catching spree but also stands out in battery endurance, making it a steadfast companion on your quest to become a Pokémon Master.

Usage experience of the reviewer

After a solid month with the 247 Auto Catcher, I’ve noticed a drastic change in how I play Pokémon GO. This device effortlessly bridges the gap between my daily routine and my quest to be a Pokémaster, thanks to its convenient hands-free operation.

It pairs quickly with my smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity and jumps right into action without any fuss. Even when life gets busy, it keeps on spinning PokeStops and catching those critters—it’s like having an eager companion by my side, dedicated to advancing my game.

The most telling part of this journey has been the remarkable battery life; only reaching for the USB-C cable once every two weeks is a game changer. My previous experiences with other auto catchers had me tangled in cords far more often than I’d have liked.

The LED indicator on this device is also really helpful, giving me clear signals about its status at just a glance—no need to interrupt what I’m doing just to check if it’s still hustling alongside me.

Enhancement to gameplay

The 247 Auto Catcher takes Pokémon GO to the next level by automating key actions within the game. Players can enjoy spinning Poké Stops and gyms, plus catching Pokémon without lifting a finger, which is a game-changer for those looking to maximize their experience.

This wearable technology bridges the gap between casual play and competitive edge, allowing trainers to make significant progress whether they’re focused on other tasks or simply enjoying a walk in the park.

Equipped with superior catch rates and seamless Bluetooth connection, this device ensures that you don’t miss out on any rare finds. Its user-friendly design boasts easy-to-use switches for power and vibration control, streamlining gameplay further.

Forget about constant disruptions; thanks to its impressive battery life indicator, gamers know exactly when it’s time to recharge – making it easier than ever to stay in action without unwanted pauses or delays.

With these enhancements, players have an indispensable tool at their fingertips that redefines their Pokémon GO adventures.

Impressive battery life

Gamers can catch Pokémon for hours on end without the hassle of constant recharging, thanks to the 247 Auto Catcher’s impressive battery life. Only needing a charge about once every two weeks, trainers can focus more on their quest to become Pokémon masters and less on power levels.

Quick charging is another perk; using its USBC port means less downtime and more action in Pokémons GO.

Forget about the inconvenience of carrying extra batteries or looking for outlets while you’re out in the field. This device’s long-lasting performance lets you explore further and play longer than ever before.

With this kind of endurance, your hunt for rare Pokémon won’t be cut short by a dying battery – it’s catching made non-stop!

Dual Catcher Feature

Dual Catcher Feature: Revolutionizing the way trainers play, the 247 Dual Auto Catcher unleashes the power of simultaneous gameplay across two devices, doubling your chances of success on your Pokémon GO adventures.

Benefits of connecting two phones

The 247 Dual Auto Catcher for Pokémon GO revolutionizes the game by allowing trainers to connect two phones simultaneously. This unique feature not only doubles the fun but also provides practical benefits for avid Pokémon hunters.

  • Double the Catch Rate: With two devices hooked up, you can cover more ground and catch twice as many Pokémon. This is perfect for maximizing limited-time events where certain creatures are abundantly available.
  • Enhance Social Gaming: Sharing the experience with a friend or family member boosts the social aspect of Pokémon GO. Each player can use their phone while still benefiting from a single 247 Dual Auto Catcher device.
  • Increase Poké Stop Interactions: The sticky tabs included with the auto catcher ensure that both connected phones consistently interact with Poké Stops, so no opportunity for gathering items is missed.
  • Save on Battery Life: Running Pokémon GO on two phones drains batteries quickly; however, using one auto catcher conserves power since it handles tasks like spinning stops and catching Pokémon automatically.
  • Streamline Raid Participation: Engaging in raids becomes more efficient when managing multiple accounts. The dual connection lets you enter battles without constantly switching between devices.
  • Collaborative Strategy Implementation: Friends or teammates collaborating on gym takeovers or defending can strategize effectively by having access to each other’s screens through one accessory.

Hands-Free Operation

Hands-Free Operation: The 247 Dual Auto Catcher redefines multitasking in Pokémon GO with its hands-free capabilities, allowing trainers to seamlessly catch Pokémon on the go.

Its intuitive design ensures you can focus on your real-world activities without missing a beat in your virtual quest.

Facilitation of gameplay while driving

Driving and gaming at the same time used to be a no-go, but with the 247 Auto Catcher, Pokémon GO enthusiasts can enjoy their adventure without lifting a finger from the wheel. This nifty device spins Poké Stops and catches Pokémon automatically, keeping players’ hands free and eyes on the road.

It sticks securely to your mobile device using sticky tabs, guaranteeing you won’t miss out on any in-game action while maneuvering through traffic.

Customizing your gameplay experience is effortless thanks to easily accessible side switches for power, reset, and vibration control. These features ensure that even as you drive, managing your Pokémon hunt remains simple and safe.

The convenience doesn’t stop there; this auto catcher’s rapid USBC charging port means less downtime between charges and more catching as you cruise around town. With such user-friendly design elements integrated into the gadget, pursuing those rare Pokémons becomes seamless during any drive.

User-friendly features

Moving seamlessly from the convenience of hands-free play, the 247 Dual Auto Catcher for Pokémon GO extends its user-centric design to every aspect of its operation. The dedication to an effortless and enjoyable user experience shines through in its array of features crafted for ease of use.

  • Simple Switch Controls: The device comes equipped with clearly labeled switches for power, reset, and vibration control. These allow you quick access to essential functions without fumbling through complicated menus.
  • Effortless Pairing Process: Syncing your smartphone with the 247 Auto Catcher is a breeze. It’s designed to connect smoothly with both iOS and Android devices, including older models like the iPhone 5 and newer ones like the iPhone 7.
  • Long Battery Life: Say goodbye to daily charging; this auto catcher impresses with a battery that only needs recharging roughly every two weeks. Plus, the inclusion of a USBC port streamlines the charging process.
  • Vibration Alerts: Stay informed without constantly checking your screen thanks to intuitive vibration alerts that notify you about game events such as Pokémon captures and PokéStop spins.
  • Customizable Settings: Tailor your gameplay by adjusting settings directly on the device. You can turn off certain notifications or automate actions according to your preferences, ensuring a unique gaming adventure tailored just for you.
  • Secure Attachments: Enhance portability with specially designed case and attachment accessories that keep your auto catcher safe and accessible while you’re on the move.

Comparison with Other Auto Spinners

In assessing the field of Pokémon GO accessories, the 247 Dual Auto Catcher emerges as a game-changer, eclipsing its rivals with innovations that cater to the dedicated trainer. It’s not just about catching them all; it’s about how efficiently and seamlessly you can do so, which sets this device apart from other auto spinners on the market.

Superiority of the 247 Auto Catcher

The 247 Auto Catcher stands out in the crowded market of Pokémon GO accessories, setting a new standard for trainers who are serious about their game. Its Dual Catcher feature is a true game-changer; it allows you to connect two smartphones simultaneously, doubling your chances of capturing those elusive Pokémon without missing a beat.

Whether you’re using an iOS 12 device or one with Android 7.0, this feature ensures that playing on multiple devices is as seamless as possible.

Long-lasting power sets the 247 Auto Catcher apart from competitors like the Go-tcha Classic and Pokéball Plus. With its robust battery life, you can venture out on long Pokémon hunts without the inconvenience of frequent charges—imagine only needing to charge your device once every couple of weeks! And when it’s time for a power boost, its USBC port offers quick charging capabilities so you won’t be sidelined for long.

Now let’s move onto exploring how this innovative gadget fits right into your lifestyle with its additional features and attachments.

Additional Features

The 247 Dual Auto Catcher doesn’t just revolutionize your Pokémon GO experience with its core functions; it brings a suite of extra features that cater to every trainer’s needs – stay tuned for how these innovations can elevate your game to new heights.

Case and attachment accessories

Gear up for seamless Pokémon hunting with the 247 Dual Auto Catcher’s nifty case and attachment accessories. These tools are a game-changer for dedicated trainers, offering convenience and efficiency on the go.

  • Included in every package is a durable protective case custom – designed to house your device securely.
  • Two flexible wires equipped with sticky tabs allow for easy connection to any smartphone, leaving no residue or marks behind.
  • The sticky tabs offer a firm hold that ensures your auto catcher stays linked to the game, even during intense sessions of catching Pokémon.
  • Because setup is simple, trainers can attach their device quickly and start amassing Pokéballs without delay.
  • Trainers will appreciate the smart design of the case that allows access to all necessary ports without removing the auto catcher from its protective shell.
  • This means uninterrupted gameplay, as you can charge your device even while it’s safely ensconced within its case.
  • Attachable accessories are built to be robust yet lightweight so they won’t add unwanted bulk to your mobile gaming rig.
  • They also double as an anti – loss measure; if your auto catcher ever slips out of sight, the conspicuous case makes it much easier to find.

Raid feature for in-game convenience

The 247 Dual Auto Catcher revolutionizes your Pokémon GO raids with its innovative raid feature. Picture this: you’re out at dinner and a high-stakes raid starts — no need to put down your fork! This device simulates attack presses, so you can conquer raids without missing a beat in the real world.

It’s multitasking at its finest, allowing you to snag that legendary Pokémon while still enjoying life’s moments.

Combat in-game challenges effortlessly as the raid feature keeps you active in battles even during busy times. Convenience is king for avid trainers; whether stuck in a meeting or taking a break, your participation continues uninterrupted.

The added functionality turns every raid into an opportunity, ensuring no rare catch slips through because of daily demands or distractions. No more excuses for not being part of that epic gym takeover!

Charging and Portability

The sleek design of the 247 Dual Auto Catcher ensures it’s always adventure-ready, with quick USBC charging capabilities that keep you on the go – discover all its on-the-move perks in our full review.

USBC port for quick charging

Charging your 247 Dual Auto Catcher is a breeze with its dedicated USBC port. No more waiting hours for your device to power up; plug it in and get a quick boost so you can keep catching without missing a beat.

This efficient design separates the charging function from attachment ports, ensuring that recharging doesn’t interfere with your gameplay.

Forget being tethered to an outlet all day—the fast-charging capability means less downtime and more action on the go. With this feature, trainers can maintain their momentum, staying ready for whatever Pokémon GO adventure comes next.

Just connect the USB cable to any standard adapter, and soon enough, you’ll be back on the hunt equipped with full battery life.


In a world where Pokémon GO enthusiasts seek the ultimate edge, the 247 Dual Auto Catcher emerges as a game-changer, uniting convenience with advanced features to elevate your catching journey.

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Endorsement of the 247 Dual Auto Catcher

The 247 Dual Auto Catcher shines as the standout choice for dedicated Pokémon GO players seeking a top-tier auto-catching experience. Its ability to connect two phones at once takes efficiency and convenience to new heights, revolutionizing how trainers can hunt for their favorite Pokémon.

This feature alone sets it apart from other devices on the market, making it a preferred tool for both casual strolls and intense catching sprees.

Having tested numerous gadgets in the quest to enhance my Pokémon adventures, none match the performance and ease of use offered by this device. Comfortably catching rare spawns while I’m on the move without constantly looking at my phone is a game-changer.

Committing to this device was an easy decision – its long-lasting battery life ensures uninterrupted gameplay that keeps me ahead in the world of Pokémon GO. The 247 Dual Auto Catcher earns my full endorsement as an indispensable asset every trainer should consider adding to their arsenal.

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1. What makes the Brook Auto Catch Lightning the best choice for Pokemon GO?

The Brook Auto Catch Lightning stands out with its reliable performance, multicolor LED screen, and compatibility with Pokémon GO, providing an effortless auto-catching experience.

2. Can I use a Pokeball Plus or Pokemon GO Plus with my Nintendo Switch?

Absolutely! Both the Pokeball Plus and Pokemon GO Plus work seamlessly with your Nintendo Switch for games like “Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!” ensuring fun across devices.

3. How does Dual Catchmon improve my Pokemon GO gameplay?

Dual Catchmon enhances your game by catching Pokémon automatically while you walk; its pedometer function works without needing to pull out your smartphone constantly.

4. Is there a risk in using location spoofing technology with these devices?

Yes, using location spoofing technology contradicts Niantic’s terms and may lead to penalties. It’s better to enjoy the adventure as intended without compromising fair play.

5. Do any of these auto catchers require special batteries or equipment to operate?

Most auto catchers are powered by common AAA alkaline batteries and connect via Bluetooth or WiFi, making them easy-to-use portable devices for all your Pokémon adventures.

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