Best Gaming Lights 2024 | Smart RGB Light Bars Review

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Welcome to our Smart RGB Light Bars Review of the latest trend in customizable home lighting. These lights are what I consider to be some of the cheapest and best Best Gaming Lights 2024! Boasting an impressive 16 million color spectrum. I bought these lights three months ago and let me tell you my setup has totally changed since using them!

Features of the Smart RGB Light Bars | Review

Dive into the world of vibrant hues with Smart RGB Light Bars that transform any space with a full spectrum color experience. Effortlessly control these dynamic lights through a sleek phone app to match your mood or occasion instantly.

Here is my video review of the Smart RGB Light Bar – the Perfect Lights for your Gaming Setups!

16 million color display

Imagine lights in your room that can shift through every color you know. The Smart RGB Light Bars do just that, with a whopping 16 million colors to choose from. Change the mood in seconds by picking the perfect shade with precise control right from your phone app.

Whether you want soft pastels for a quiet evening or vivid neons for a party, these light bars have got it all.

You can transform any space into a magical haven using this spectrum of colors. Create an ambient backdrop for movie nights or highlight your gaming setup with intense backlighting—choices are endless! It’s not just about switching colors; it’s about creating experiences and enhancing atmospheres in ways you’ve never imagined before.

With such versatility at your fingertips, lighting becomes more than function—it’s artistry.

Controllable via phone app

Moving from the stunning array of colors, the Smart RGB Light Bars bring convenience to your fingertips. The free mobile app transforms your smartphone into a smart remote, letting you tweak and switch up the atmosphere with just a few taps.

Change color shades from soothing blues to fiery reds without moving an inch — all you need is your phone.

With this app, not only can you adjust colors but also set the right mood with brightness adjustment features. It’s perfect for movie nights or when you’re curled up with a Kindle book — just dim down for coziness or brighten up during parties.

Want to pump up the energy? Sync the light bars with your favorite Prime Video show tunes, and watch them dance to music! You can even group multiple units together for a synced lighting effect across several areas in your space.

Plus, managing these settings while away is easy; control every aspect remotely whether at work or on vacation. And if that wasn’t enough, setting custom timers ensures that these lights work around your schedule effortlessly.

Smart RBG Light Bars for Gamers - Best Gaming Lights

Smart RBG Light Bars for Gamers

Amongst some of the best Lighting Solutions for Gamers.

  • 2 LED light bars.
  • Remote control included.
  • Music reactive.
  • Easy to use.
  • Plug and play.

Unboxing and Setup Process – Best Gaming Lights

Cracking open the Smart RGB Light Bar package is like unwrapping a digital rainbow; each piece promises an enhancement to your ambient lighting dreams. The setup process unfolds with satisfying simplicity—no technical wizardry needed, just your hands and a dash of anticipation.

Disassembled arrival

The smart RGB light bar comes in pieces, so you won’t see it shine right out of the box. You’ll find the sleek parts nestled securely inside, ready for you to put them together. The base is especially well-designed with its rubber bottom that ensures your setup stays sturdy and doesn’t slide around.

Putting it all together is super easy thanks to the screw-in design of the base. All you need to do is match up some simple pieces and tighten them with a few turns. No sweat – you’ll have these light bars standing tall in no time!

Screw-in base with rubber bottom

Your Smart RGB Light Bar comes ready to assemble. You’ll find the base is designed with a rubber bottom. This nifty feature helps keep your light bar steady and secure, so it won’t slide around or scratch surfaces.

Putting together your light bar is a breeze. Just screw the bar into its base for a snug fit that’s ready in seconds. No tools needed! And thanks to that rubber grip, you can enjoy vibrant lights without any wobble or worry.

Description of the Control Unit – Best Gaming Lights

Diving into the heart of these vibrant light bars, the control unit is your command center for an array of luminescent choices; it’s where technology meets your personal taste. From selecting a soothing aqua for a chilled ambiance to igniting a fiery red that pulsates with every beat, you’ll find no shortage of options to match your mood or decor.

Variety of color options

The control unit of the Smart RGB Light Bars is like a painter with an endless palette, offering you 16 million colors to choose from. Imagine lighting up your room to match your mood or the vibe you want.

You can pick a calming blue for chill time, or fire up some bright reds for an energetic party atmosphere. With so many options, these lights turn your space into a canvas where you’re the artist.

You can switch colors effortlessly using a phone app too. Tap on your screen and watch as the light bars respond instantly, bathing your room in any hue you fancy. Mix and match shades to create amazing gradients or sync them with your music for an epic experience that truly stands out.

It’s all about giving you full control over how vibrant or subtle you want your environment to be.

Music reaction mode

Beyond choosing your favorite colors, the Smart RGB Light Bars bring your music to life. These bars have a built-in music reaction mode that changes lights with the beat of any tune you play.

Three different settings allow you to customize how responsive and dynamic you want the light show to be.

Place these light bars near your monitors or speakers for an epic experience. The sensor listens carefully and gets every beat right, syncing perfectly with high-energy songs or mellow melodies alike.

Enjoy a visual party as each note triggers a burst of LED color, enhancing your listening sessions!

Smart RBG Light Bars for Gamers - Best Gaming Lights

Smart RBG Light Bars for Gamers

Amongst some of the best Lighting Solutions for Gamers.

  • 2 LED light bars.
  • Remote control included.
  • Music reactive.
  • Easy to use.
  • Plug and play.

Assembly Instructions

Getting your Smart RGB Light Bar up and running is as straightforward as it gets – think less time setting up, more time basking in the ambience. A few twists here, a gentle securing there; before you know it, you’re all set to illuminate your space with dazzling colors.

Simple screwing of base onto light bar

Putting together your Smart RGB Light Bar is a breeze. You’ll have it standing tall in no time with just a few steps.

  • Find a clear space to assemble the light bar. Make sure you have enough room.
  • Take the base and light bar out of the box. Check for the left and right indicators.
  • Look at the bottom of the base. You’ll see a rubber pad that keeps it from sliding.
  • Grab the light bar and hold it upright. Align it with the screw hole in the base.
  • Twist the light bar clockwise into the base. Keep turning until it’s snug and secure.
  • Give your light bar a gentle shake to make sure it’s firmly attached to the base.

Powering Options

Discover the versatility of powering your Smart RGB Light Bar; whether you’re tethered to an outlet or roaming free with a power bank, these lights adapt to your lifestyle—and there’s plenty more to explore about their seamless integration into your space.

USB Type-C plug

The smart RGB light bar has a modern USB Type-C plug. This makes it easy to connect to any device with a USB port. Forget searching for the right cable every time; this plug fits in any direction and simplifies setup.

You can even go wireless by hooking up the light bar to a power bank. Enjoy your lighting without being tied down, making it perfect for on-the-go use or keeping spaces clutter-free.

The specific designs of the left and right plugs ensure you get everything set up just right, without guessing which goes where.

Wireless use with power bank

Forget searching for outlets or dealing with messy cords. These smart RGB light bars can run off a power bank! This feature means you can place them anywhere, from your gaming setup to an outdoor party spot.

With a portable power bank, the lights are ready to dazzle no matter where you go.

Just connect the USB Type-C cable and watch as they come alive. You get all the amazing color displays and music reaction modes, without being tied down by wires. Now it’s time to see these light bars in action—let’s dive into how to set your preferred colors and fine-tune those music reaction features!

Usage and Demonstration

Dive into the vibrant world of these Smart RGB Light Bars and see them in action, transforming your space with a spectacle of color and music – keep reading to witness this game-changing experience for yourself.

Setting preferred colors

Picking your favorite colors is easy with the Smart RGB Light Bars. Just grab your phone, open the app, and tap away. You can mix shades to get that perfect blue and purple glow you love.

It’s like painting with light—whatever mood you’re in, these bars are ready to match it.

Want a cozy vibe for movie night? Go for soft pastels. Throwing a party? Flashy, bright colors will boost the fun. With 16 million options at your fingertips, the only limit is your imagination! And since you control everything from your phone, there’s no need to get up or interrupt what you’re doing to change things up.

Music reaction feature and settings

Get ready to watch your smart RGB light bars dance to the beat! These lights have a music reaction mode that changes colors and patterns with the sound of your tunes. You can choose from three different settings to match the mood, whether it’s a chill vibe or an upbeat party.

The sensor picks up on beats perfectly, making sure your room always feels alive with music.

Adjusting these settings is easy through the phone app. Just tap on the music note icon and select how you want the lights to react. Want them to be sensitive to every little note? Or prefer them grooving only with bass thumps? It’s all at your fingertips.

Final Endorsement – Best Gaming Lights

After rigorously testing these Smart RGB Light Bars, I confidently vouch for their ability to transform any space with a splash of customizable color and dynamic lighting—definitely worth exploring for an ambient upgrade.

Personal recommendation based on experience

I’ve added these Smart RGB Light Bars to every room in my house. Trust me, they light up the place like magic and change the whole mood with just a tap on my phone. You can pick from over 16 million colors, so finding one that fits your vibe is easy.

They’re not just another gadget; they really enhance movie nights and parties.

The setup took minutes, and I was controlling them through an app right away. And when it comes to music, these bars sync up and dance along—it’s impressive! If you want a quick way to give your space some personality without breaking the bank or dealing with complicated setups, these are worth every penny of your credit card payment at checkout on

Plus, Amazon Prime members get fast, free delivery which is a sweet deal. Now let’s take a look at how simple unboxing and setting them up can be.


Let’s wrap this up! These Smart RGB Light bars truly brighten up any room. With easy setup and a rainbow of colors at your fingertips, they’re a blast. Whether you’re throwing a party or just chilling out, the music mode adds that extra vibe.

Go ahead, give them a try – light up your space and make it yours!

Smart RBG Light Bars for Gamers - Best Gaming Lights

Smart RBG Light Bars for Gamers

Amongst some of the best Lighting Solutions for Gamers.

  • 2 LED light bars.
  • Remote control included.
  • Music reactive.
  • Easy to use.
  • Plug and play.


1. Does the Smart RGB Light Bar come with a warranty?

Yes, when you buy a Smart RGB Light Bar, it typically includes a product warranty—check your receipt to make sure. If anything goes wrong, this warranty can help you get it fixed or replaced.

2. Can I control the light bar using my voice?

Absolutely! If you’ve got Google Assistant at home, just speak up and use voice control to change the LED colors or settings on your light bar.

3. What if I need to return the light bar?

Don’t worry – most places will let you send back your light bars for free returns. Make sure that transaction is secure though; keep an eye on emails in case confirmations head to your spam folder!

4. Will these lights just do regular colors, or are they fancier than that?

They’re definitely fancier! With LEDs that are led-backlit, these smart lights shine in lots of different hues that can dance and change with cool effects—not just basic colors.

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