Halls of Infusion WoW Dungeon Guide

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Halls of Infusion is one of the dungeons in season two Mythic+ rotation. It is a dragonflight dungeon that people have been able to do on normal, heroic and mythic. This season you will also be able to conquer it in M+ as well. This guide is here to help you win the day and time your keys.

You will have 38 minutes from the time you start your key to get 100% and kill all 4 bosses.

There is some really nasty trash at the start of this Mythic+ but we will focus on one in particular, the Containment Apparatus!

Containment Apparatus: Interrupt it’s channeled cast, Containment Beam it does heavy damage and roots the targeted player. You also need to interrupt Expluse, this is an aoe explosion that does big damage to anyone within 20 yards. Some packs have 2 or 3 of these mobs in so AoE interrupts, stuns and any kind of CC will be critical here if you want to nail them down.

Watcher Irideus

Avoid the swirls on the floor. The Spark Volley, if you get hit by one you will get a nasty dot on you.

Turn the boss away from the party and watch out for his frontal attack.

In phase 2 when the boss gets a 99% damage reduction you need to move the Nullification Devices onto him and kill them there. When each one dies it leaves behind a large circle that will remove 1 stack of Ablative Barrier from the boss. Do this 3 times then continue as before.

Gulping Goliath

This boss is a giant frog. Before we get into the boss fight there are some trash mobs you should be aware of. The Stealth Skulking Zealots, Curious Swoglets, Flamecaller Aymi and Squallbringer Cyraz.

Stealth Skulking Zealots: As the name implies these guys are stealthed to begin with. They will stun the first target they come to, which should be the tank. Make sure you heal the tank while they are stunned and CC the mobs if necessary until the stun wears off.

Curious Swoglets: Tiny frogs! These guys are a nightmare. They have random threat and deal large amounts of damage. CC and nuke them down and kite as needed. Careful of Gulp Swog Toxin it is a stacking debuff they apply to any player hit and at 10 stacks you will instantly die.

Flamecaller Aymi: Mini Boss – Interrupt Pyrectic Burst deals large amounts of damage. It is currently unclear if you can interrupt Cauterize which is a self heal. If you can make sure this is your priority, interrupt over anything else. If not any healing reduction debuffs you can apply will help.

Squallbringer Cyraz: Mini boss along with Aymi – Avoid the aoe and kill the adds it spawns.

When you reach the boss you will find a giant frog in a cave like room. 

Avoid the swirls on the floor from Cave in and Belly slam!

Focus dps and kill any Curious Swoglets that spawn during the fight!

Rotate players to be eaten by Gulp! If the boss does not eat a player he gets a Hangry buff making the fight much more difficult. When a player is eaten they will instantly get 3 stacks of Gulp Swog Toxin. So watch your stacks if you are going to be eaten.

Khajin the Unyielding

After you defeat the giant frog you will make your way towards Khajin. Along the way you will find several new trash types that you need to watch out for. The most notable are, Primalist Earthshakers, Primalist Galesingers, Gusting Proto-Dragon, Glacial Proto-Dragon and Subterranean Proto-Dragons. Lots of dragons.

Primalist Earthshaker: These mobs have the priority to interrupt when they cast Rumbling Earth. This creates a large circle that will stun anyone inside it if the cast is finished.

Primalist Galesinger: Buffs the Gusting Proto-dragons giving them an extra new ability which is a stun lasting 8 secs. The stun can be displelled but better to focus and kill them.

Primalist Icecallers: Buffs the Glacial Proto-dragons giving them an extra new ability which slows players targeted by it.

Gusting Proto-Dragon: Dragon with frontal attacks and is buffed by the Primalist Galesingers to gain and extra ability.

Glacial Proto-Dragon: Dragon with frontal attacks, buffed by Primalis Icecallers to gain an extra ability.

Subterranean Proto-Dragon:  Will apply a stacking disease on 3 random party members and has a frontal breath attack. Creeping Mold is the stacking disease on party members.

Once you are past the nasty trash packs and dragons you will find Khajin the Unyielding standing in an area with Ice blocks around the room. These Ice blocks are important so take note of their positions. 

Under all circumstances avoid being hit by Glacial Surge, it is a circle around the boss that moves outwards after each tick. Move away from the boss at the initial cast and move back into melee once the circle moves out.

Bait the Frost Cyclones away from the Ice Boulders. Do not stand near the Ice boulders or in front of them when not needed to avoid breaking them with Frost Cyclone.

When Khajin casts Hailstorm move behind one of the Ice Boulders to avoid being one shot, you can use immunities if you have them. Note: Some of the initial Ice Boulders will have cracks in them. If you are behind one of these they will explode upon being hit by the Hailstorm and deal massive damage to you. Make sure you find boulders that are fully intact without any cracks in. Once a boulder has been hit once by Hailstorm it will continue having cracks in until destroyed by the next Hailstorm. New Ice Boulders are created when Khajin casts Glacial Surge.

Primal Tsunami 

On your way to Primal Tsunami you will find yourself on a bridge with lots of mobs you have already seen and one or two new ones. There are also large water swirls continually going from one end of the bridge to the other. Move to the left and right to avoid being hit by them. If you are hit you will be knocked into the water and have to make your way back to the start of the bridge. The most notable of the new enemies is the mini boss Infuser Sariya.

Infuser Sariya: Focus interrupts Aqueous Barrier to stop her getting a large absorb shield. Move out of Flash Flood area, it will knock you back and deal large amounts of damage.

The Primal Tsunami is the final boss you will face in Halls of Infusion. 

Avoid the swirls the boss creates around the room with Infused Globules.

Avoid the Rogue Waves which knocks players back and does damage.

The boss slowly gains energy during the fight. Once at 100 energy he will knock everyone away from him onto the bridge you originally started on. The group will be split into two at this time. Make your way back down the bridge towards the boss. You will need to kill two Primalist Infusers to continue fighting the boss.

 Avoid the moving water swirls that knock you back while on the bridge.

When back in the boss room continue as before avoiding the swirls where possible and nuking the boss.

Route Planning

I advise checking the route each week on sites such as Raider.io. These routes are updated weekly depending on the affixes for that week.

Suggested Addons

Mythic Dungeon Tools, gives you the power to create your own routes and check the % of each mob.

MythicPlusTimer, great addon to track % of mobs and the time you have left.

Bigwiggs / Littlewiggs , boss addon that tracks what needs interrupting and when a boss ability is incoming.

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