How long does 60-70 take in Dragonflight? (Solved)

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Looking at WoW Dragonflight this may vary bearing many factors in mind. Leveling from 60-70 can range from somewhere between 5-20+ hours where some players might need longer than this. Whilst leveling through Dragonflight it is possible to stick to the Campaign Quests and side quests but we do recommend to0 do the Dungeons at least once for the Experience.

Dragonflight brings a lot of new features and one of them is the reduction of experience needed for each level to get to 70. This will help us to reach max level as quickly as possible. Some may want to level through fast and others may want to take their time to read the lore. Here at Battle Shout we have made the comparison and we are excited to tell you all about what we have figured out.

How many Zones are there in Dragonflight? (Solved)

There are currently 5 Zones in Dragonflight.

  • The Forbidden Reach
  • Waking Shores
  • Ohna’ahran Plains
  • Azure Span
  • Thaldrazus

How many Dungeons are there in Dragonflight? (Solved)

There are currently 4 Dungeons whilst leveling and an additional 4 Dungeons are added at max level. At max level we will be able to enter all 8 Dungeons and even play them in Mythic+.

  • Leveling: Ruby Life Pools
  • Leveling: Brackenhide Hollow
  • Leveling: The Nokhud Offensive
  • Leveling: Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr
  • Max Level: The Azure Vault
  • Max Level: Neltharus
  • Max Level: Halls of Infusion
  • Max Level: Algeth’ar Academy

Leveling in Dragonflight (Explained)

Leveling through the Dragon Isles is very linear where we get sent from one zone to another throughout the story line. There’s not much that could go wrong here as we get sent from Waking Shores then to Ohna’ahran Plains and finally to Thaldraszus. With pure questing it is possible to get to or at least very close to 70.

Leveling Experience (Explained)

Throughout the Beta we have had multiple players with different amounts of knowledge play the game. Leveling times varied between each of them so we have broken down our roughly estimated times between each level of experience of the players.

New Player (Exlpained)

As a new player you might want to take your time and read the quests or you might be figuring out how to play the game. This is totally fine and extends the joy of playing the game. Taking it slow may take up to 15-20+ hours of gameplay and makes the price of the game well worth it.

Advanced Player (Explained)

With a little more experience knowing the Talents of your Character you might be able to level up within about 10-12 hours. Looking at the previous Expansion Shadowlands this sounds reasonable. Our players seemed to be skipping reading the quests and rushing from A to B not really paying attention to the Scenery.

Pro Player (Explained)

Using all the tricks in the book like auto accepting quests it is possible to level to 70 within 7-8 hours. Some players have even leveled within about 6-7 hours which is pretty impressive.

Final thoughts

As the leveling zones are pretty linear from zone to zone World of Warcraft will be more fun than Shadowlands for most players. With the new expansion we are excited to hear what you think about Leveling in Dragonflight. Feel free to let us know in the comments section below and Bookmark Battle Shout to easily find our other articles.

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Question: What level will Dragonflight be?

Answer: The level cap will be raised to level 70.

Question: What level will Evoker start?

Answer: Evokers start at level 58!

Question: Does Dragonflight come with a Character boost?

Answer: Heroic and Epic edition will contain a level boost. Not in the Base Edition.

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