How to Get Cyphers of the First Ones

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With the introduction of Zereth Mortis we also received the new currency the Cyphers of the First Ones. These can be used to improve the gameplay experience within the newest zone of World of Warcraft. There are many ways to get hold of Cyphers of the First Ones. Here at Battle Shout this is what we would like to get into with you today.

What do you use Cyphers of the First Ones for? (Solved)

To get started it might just help to know what you can spend the Cyphers on. With Zereth Mortis we also gained access to the Cypher Research Console located in the cave at Exile’s Hollow. When we upgrade the console with Cyphers we get zone specific upgrades that help us find treasures and some upgrades give us extra quests.

There are also some very interesting items we can purchase from a Vendor called Olea Manu also located in Exile’s Hollow. To unlock this vendor we need to unlock something in the Cypher Research Console first. The unlocks we need are Metrial Understanding to unlock Aelic Understanding and then Altonian Understanding.

Where is Olea Manu located in wow?

After unlocking the Research on the Cypher Research Console we need to do a Quest Line in order to unlock Olea Manu. This Quest Line starts with Hanoa the Exile which is located at the coordinations 40.42 in Zereth Mortis. Upon completion of this Quest Line we now gain access to Olea Manu at the location 37.44 in Zereth Mortis .

How to Get Cyphers of the First Ones?

Throughout your journey in Zereth Mortis there are many ways of earning Cyphers of the First Ones. We have them all listed below:

  • Antros: 80 Cyphers
  • Treasures: 2-4 Cyphers
  • Rares: 2-4 Cyphers
  • Quest Patterns within Patterns: 60-70
  • Daily Quests in Zereth Mortis: 2-4

To improve the drops of Cyphers of the First Ones we can also buy the “Improvised Cypher Analysis Tool” sold by Olea Manu which improves the amount of Cyphers dropped by 50%. This is pretty great for completing the Cyphers Research Console or for farming Cyphers to make further purchases with Olea Manu.

This can also be sent on an Alt of your lickings if you are interested in farming Cyphers on other characters.

Final thoughts.

Farming Cyphers of the First Ones brings us some benefits within Zereth Mortis. It does not take long to unlock the Console so we gain Access to Olea Manu but it may be time consuming to unlock all of the research.

We here at Battle Shout hope we could help to speed up the process.

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Question: WOW Is the cypher of the first ones account wide?
Answer: No!

Question: WOW Can you upgrade Cypher gear?
Answer: Yes. Up to ilvl 252.

Question: How do you get improvised Cypher analysis tool?
Answer: By purchasing it from Olea Manu.

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