How to get to Zereth Mortis

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To get to Zereth Mortis you need to finish Chapter 2 of the “Chains of Domination” campaign, continue these quests up until the quest: “Charge of the Covenants”. Once this quest is completed, you will receive the quest to go to Zereth Mortis automatically.

Whether you are a new player to the game recently and recently hit level 60 or a returning player wanting to explore the final part of the game, getting to Zereth Mortis is extremely important.

Zereth Mortis is the final zone of which the story line is complete, where the final raid takes place and where most of the important daily activities such as rares and dailies happen as well as gather cosmic flux.

How to get to Zereth Mortis on Alts (Solved)

To get to Zereth Mortis on an alt, simply level to 60 then speak to Bolvar in Oribos “The Enclave” and select his “Skip” dialogue, this skips the “Chains of Domination” Campaign.

Next speak to Tal-Inara who will also have a “Skip” dialogue. This will you get you onto the Zereth Mortis campaign.

How do New Players get to Zereth Mortis (Explained)

When your character has dinged level 60, your first goal is to choose a Shadowlands Covenant. once you have chosen a covenant, complete all covenant campaign quests. The covenant campaign is unlocked in stages going off how much renown you have with your covenant.

If you are renown 44+ you have unlocked your entire covenant campaign. Complete all 9 stages of the covenant campaign.

Not sure what part you are on? Open your quest log and it will say what part of the covenant campaign you are on at the top of your quest log.

Once you have completed your covenant campaign you need to go to Oribos. Upon arriving to Oribos, pick up the “Chains of Domination” questline from Bolvar in the enclave. This will lead you on to explore The Maw and unlock Korthia.

You must complete at least the first two chapters of the “Chains of Domination” campaign. Continue these quests up until the quest: “Charge of the Covenants”.

Once this quest is completed, you will automatically receive the final campaign (Secrets of The First Ones). Simply follow the “Secrets of The First Ones” campaign and this will lead you straight to Zereth Mortis.

Returning Player How to get to Zereth Mortis (Explained)

As a returning player, this ultimately will depend on exactly where you are up to within the storyline.

If you have completed the Shadowlands campaigns in the past you will have access to the “Skip” options from both Bolvar and Tal-Inara, select these dialogue options and go straight Zereth Mortis.

Please refer to the new player section if you have never done any Shadowlands campaigns.

Alt Characters How to get to Zereth Mortis (Solved)

As a player who has done the Shadowlands campaigns before you will have access to the “Skip” options from both Bolvar and Tal-Inara which will get to to Zereth Mortis on alts, right away.

If you do decide to skip it then you miss out on a couple of hundred of cyphers (zone currency) which can be quickly picked up once you start doing dailies within the zone. 

Final Thoughts for How to Get to Zereth Mortis

Zereth mortis is the final zone and as such the zone is the most important current world content.

No matter what you do we highly recommend you unlock the zone to gain an abundance of cosmic flux whilst slaying rares and doing dailies. There’s lots of reasons to get to Zereth Mortis so don’t delay!

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