How To Get Zereth Mortis Pets

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Zereth Mortis is a beautiful zone with lots of mechanical and mysterious battle pets. The vast majority of Zereth Mortis Battle Pets come from the Synthesis Forge which is a large machine you can power to craft pets when you have enough materials. Within this World of Warcraft guide we will explain how to unlock the Synthesis Forge which in turn will help you craft your Zereth Mortis Pets.

Dealic Understanding

Zereth mortis pets are locked behind a simple gating scenario. Firstly, you need to use your Cyphers of the first ones to unlock the cypher talent “Dealic Understanding”. Once this has been unlocked your little “Pocopoc” will give you the quest “Protoform Synthesis”. This questline simply requires you to escort “Pocopoc” across to the east of the zone to the Synthesis Forge (Pet Forge), turn the quest in and ta-da! You now can create pets from the zone.

Synthesis Forge

When you click on the pet forge there will be several pets already unlocked (mainly pets named “Archetype”) which all require Genesis motes, a glimmer of some type as well as a specific Lattice all of which can be gathered from killing mobs/bosses within the zereth mortis area. There are also multiple pets that can be collected from other activities within the area mainly from exploration in a similar way to locating treasures across the zone.

How to get Genesis Motes

Genesis motes come from all mobs within the area and can be easily obtained. However due to the sheer volume of motes you need you will need to mass kill many mobs to be able to make one pet let alone all of them. The best way to farm these is to get yourself into a farming group using the Looking for group function in game or by asking in general chat whilst in Zereth Mortis. Simply press “I” then click custom group, click “Search” and apply to join any group call “Mote Farm” these will give you the opportunity to farm 200-300 Genesis Motes every 15 minutes. If you want to try solo then the best way to farm on your own would be to find an area with many mobs, gathering them all up and using area of effect them down for fast kills.

How to get Glimmers for Pet Crafting

  • Glimmer of Animation – From killing Automa Protector mobs.
  • Glimmer of Cunning – From killing Spider mobs and looting Tarachnid Eggs.
  • Glimmer of Discovery – From killing Annelid mobs.
  • Glimmer of Focus – From killing rare mobs in general (low drop chance).
  • Glimmer of Malice – From killing Dreadlord mobs.
  • Glimmer of Metamorphosis – From killing Mawsworn Spellcaster mobs.
  • Glimmer of Motion – From killing Raptora mobs.
  • Glimmer of Multiplicity – From killing minor mobs such as Vespoid workers.
  • Glimmer of Predation – From killing Devourer Elite mobs.
  • Glimmer of Renewal – From killing Carnivorous Plant mobs.
  • Glimmer of Satisfaction – Chance to drop when eating a feast within Sepulcher of the First Ones raid.
  • Glimmer of Serenity – Looting “Glimmer of Serenity” of which are located all over Zereth Mortis.
  • Glimmer of Survival – From killing plant mobs (such as Creeping Brambles)
  • Glimmer of Vigilance – From killing Overgrown Protector mobs

How to Farm Lattices for Pet crafting

Lattices are an uncommon drop from killing mobs within Zereth mortis. You can obtain them from killing mobs (the same ones potentially that you farm for Genesis motes) or you can actually purchase them from the AH. Below is a list of lattices required for crafting and how to obtain them;

  • Ambystan Lattice – Axolotl mobs such as Otiosen drop these when killed
  • Aurelid Lattice – Jellyfish mobs which also includes Hirukon
  • Bufonid Lattice – Frog mobs which also includes mobs from Sepulcher of the First Ones 
  • Geomental Lattice – Earth Elemental mobs such as Overgrown Geomental
  • Helicid Lattice – Snail mobs
  • Leporid Lattice – Rabbit mobs
  • Poultrid Lattice – Avian Nest treasures located all over the zone
  • Proto Avian Lattice – Mechanical bird mobs
  • Scarabid Lattice – Beetle mobs as well as bosses such as Hadeon the Stonebreaker
  • Tarachnid Lattice – Spider mobs including Mother Phestis
  • Unformed Lattice – Automa Core mobs
  • Vespoid Lattice – Wasp mobs
  • Viperid Lattice – Snake mobs
  • Vombata Lattice – Vombata mobs

Creating your Zereth Mortis Pets

Once you have gathered your specific glimmer, lattice and x amount of Genesis motes you will take these across to the pet crafting forge. Once there it’s a simple click exercise for you to create the desired pet. You can collect any number of glimmers and lattices which is handy especially when farming as you could potentially create 1 for yourself and 1 potentially to stick on the auction house. Please also see our Pet Arbitrage guide around cross realm pet trading to maximise your profits.

Zereth mortis pets are hot at the time of writing this guide because we are towards the end of Shadowlands. Once shadowlands has been long forgotten then pets created from this area will become more and more lucrative. We would always suggest to craft two pets, one mainly for yourself and then one to keep to potentially sell in the future or across other realms. Also consider the price of lattices before you set out on farming them. With the AH merge with the introduction of patch 9.2.7, alot of tradeable reagents have dropped in value. Whilst this can be annoying from a farming perspective, it does make it more convenient and cheaper to craft these pets. All it costs to make these is Time rather than gold.

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