Neltharus WoW Dungeon Guide

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Delve beneath the Obsidian Citadel into the dungeon Neltharus. This fabled home of the Black Dragonflight contains more than just spoils. Defeat the dwellers of stolen secrets with Neltharus WoW dungeon Guide. The Black Dragonflight’s experiments are a danger to us all. Can you stop Warlod Sargha before its too late…

Neltharus is a Max level dungeon. Requires you to be level 70 to enter.

Season 1 Mythic+ of Dragonflight doesnt include Neltharus.

Neltharus WoW Dungeon Guide

Chargath, Bane of Scales

A veteran dragon hunter’s title is given long ago as a mark of legend.

Whilst the Qalashi hunters under his command train for battle, he plans their next offensive.

Eagerly anticipating the next opportunity to display his Expertise.


Dodge and break his Spear and Chains before the Magma Waves can get you. Expect a Dragon Strike or two! As this boss likes to ensure your bleeding out. If you become the target of Fiery Focus RUN fast! For if you are caught its game over.

Forgemaster Gorek

One of the Djardin’s most distinguished craftsmen.

Forgemast Gorek resides in his sweltering chamber within the black dragon barracks.

Harnessing igneous power of the massive forge to build deadly weapons.


This mighty weapon smith will use his tools and forge against you. Healers be ready for cooldowns during Might of the Forge. Blazing Shields will be thrown at you with extreme force. Blazing embers will burn your feet during Forgestorm and tanks will take a killing blow with Heated Swings.


Whilst plundering Neltharus the Djaradin discovered many of Neltharions secrets.

An experimental potion led to the creation of Magmatusk. A monumental mammoth with a destructive complex.


This mutated mammoth is more aware than simple creatures. Dealing high fire damage with Magma Lob and Lava Wave. Nuke the tentacles on his back to reduce the damage you take. With this creature do not stand in front they tend to Blazing Charge.

Warlord Sargha

Leading the Qalash Djaradin, Warlord Sargha searches for anything to increase her power.

Her clan needs help to take down their draconic foes.

At the heart of Neltharus she could find exactly what could end the life of the dragons!


Sargha is powerful indeed. Luckily this room contains many useful weapons to break her Magma Shields. Be prepared for Flame Eruptions and Burning Embers. These fiery mechanics will have you jumping about. Dispels and Interrupts are needed to protect the heroes from Molten Gold.

Mythic Neltharus Dungeon Guide

Mythic difficulty brings bonus abilities that are new and exciting. You may take more damage than before but you have the skill and power to defeat these raiders of the Black Dragonflight.

In this portion of the guide we cover all of the abilities and how to manage them. What can the DPS avoid? Who needs priority healing? All of these questions are solved below.

Chargath, Bane of Scales

💀 Grounding Spear. Chargath will throw a grounding spear at three players dealing 55k damage and applying Grounding Chains.

Grounding Chains reduces the movement speed of players caught by 40%. When broken the chains explode for 33k and a minor DoT for 4 seconds that can stack.

💀 Fetter. Three stacks will stun Chargath and increase his damage taken by 50%

Fiery Focus. Reaching full energy a random player will become fixated for 25 seconds. RUN! for players within his reach will take 55k inital damage and 70k if you are hit by Lava Splash.

Dragon Strike. This bleed effect will occur on a random player (DPS). The boss will lunge at you dealing 40k damage but leaving a DoT for 17k damage that lasts 14 seconds.

Magma Wave. This fiery wall will be visible from afar. Dodge or take 40k damage.

Forgemaster Gorek

Might of the Forge this mighty forgemaster leaps to his anvil. Dealing damage to all players.

Blazing Hammer! Each strike of the hammer will deal damage to players. Healers beware!

Blazing Aegis. Freshly forged Gorek will throw his shield a player dealing 30k damage. This will leave a fire tick for 6 seconds. Blazing Eruptions will be triggered in four directions dealing 100k damage on impact. 💀 Blazing Aegis will bounce to two more players.

Forgestorm. Gorek will throw his hammer into the forge. Blazing embers will fire across the room dealing damage if players are struck

Heated Swings. This is a TANK mechanic. Watch out for double strikes for 88k each! This will jnock you back. He will then leap to you and slam for 220k damage and 80k fire damage.

💀 Foregefire pools will be created once the final slam of Heated Swings is performed. Dealing 40k damage to players inside.


Volatile Mutation. Reaching 100 Magma this Mammoth will trigger Magma Eruptions and applies Magma Tentacle.

Magma Eruptions & Tentacle’s. The eruptions will deal high damage and damage over time to all players for 5 seconds per Tentacle. Tentacles grow from the Mammoths back. Increasing all lava spray damage by 100% as well as increasing the Lava Waves release times.

Lava Spray will fire at a random player dealing minimal damage.

Magma Lob each tentacle will launch globs of lava at players dealing 66k damage. Players within 4 yards will leave pools that deal fire tick damage to players within them.

💀 Lava Empowerment increases the strength of Magmatusk if he is stood within Lava. Damage increased by 50%

Blazing Charge. Magmatusk will charge forward knocking all players back. 💀 Blazing charge will leave a trail of lava in its wake.

Lava Wave. One lava wave will occur after blazing charge for each tentacle on his back. Dealing 80k Damage to any players hit.

Warlord Sargha

The Dragons Kin is a cone of Fire that erupts to all players in front of the boss.

💀 Magical Implements – ** Each one will do 300k damage to absorb shields.

Curse of the Dragon Hoard. Picking up weapons unleashes curses. Inflicting 10k damage every 3 seconds for 5 minutes.

Wand of Negation **

Anti-Magic Bomb ** damages within an 8 yard radius.

Azure Stone of Might. ** Cast this and launch yourself at the enemy.

Rose of the Vale ** and deals damage to all enemies within 12 yards.

Seismic Boots ** this wave of earth travels a 30 yard range.

Magma Shield. The boss will shield himself for 1 million damage. Use the Weapons to destroy his shield.

Flame Eruption’s occur during the Magma Shield. These will pop off every 3 seconds for 45 seconds. All players will take continues damage and each eruption will give a stack of Flame Vulnerability. These stacks will increase your flame eruption damage taken by 50% for 4 seconds.

💀 The Dragon’s Eruption Players within lava range will take high damage.

Burning Ember. A firery ember will be launched dealing damage to all players and on landing will create Burning Ground and summons Raging Ember.

Raging Ember will fixate random players. Occasionaly it will cast 💀 Magma Shell. This shield will protect the boss for 230k damage.

Molten Gold will be thrown at a player dealing 33k damage every 3 seconds until removed.

Glory of the Dragonflight Hero

This epic meta achievement is one of the highlights of Mythic Dungeoning. The Neltharus WoW Dungeon Guide will give you the information to complete these three fun challenges. Work your way to your very own Lava Snail.

Knowledge is… Preserved?

Defeat Chargath while burning less than 15 books.

Simple enough! Do not burn the books with Lava Splash or Magma Wave.

Ready for Raiding VIII

Defeat Forgemaster Gorek without being Struck by Forgestorm, Forgefire, Blazing eruptions, another player’s Blazing Aegis, or The Final Slam

Like the Ready for Raiding achievements previously simply DODGE and avoid attacks and you will earn this PERSONAL achievement.

Liquid Hot Magma

Defeat Magmatusk after it had been mutated with Draconic Tincture.

You will find a Draconic Tincture before engaging Magmatusk. Apply this to him to Mutate him.

WoW that’s a Fact!

This dungeon will also have Profession Bonuses that will give you Boons!

To use these boons a special action button will appear. But use them wisely!

Cooking – Requires level 25 Dragonflight Cooking Skill.

In a secret area after defeating Chargath you will find the Qalashi Goulash. Each player will receive this bonus for 3 charges once it has been activated. It will grant you movement speed buffs that work OUT of combat.

Blacksmithing – Requires level 25 Dragonflight Blacksmithing Skill.

You can pick up Forgemaster’s Blazing Agis. This can be used in ONE tricky situation.

The Blazing Agis will perform the same way dealing damage and performing the Eruptions in Four directions.


Q: Where is the dungeon Entrance to Netharus?
A: This dungeon is within The Waking Shores at 25.57 56.95.

Q: What level do i have to be to enter Netharus?
A: This dungeon unlocks at max level 70.

Q: Is there a mount drop here?
A: No. This dungeon does not include mount drops.

Q: My friend earned Ready for Raiding VIII but i diddn’t, why?
A: This achievement is personal. Meaning one player could earn it but you may have failed the critera.

Q: I have Dragonflight Cooking & Blacksmithing at 25 can i do both boons?
A: Yes you can!

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