Ruby Life Pools WoW Dungeon Guide

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Are you prepared for the Ruby Life Pools dungeon? This world of warcraft guide is the answer. This exciting guide will take you through the bosses. WoW Ruby Life Pools Dungeon Guide is easy to read and perfect for some well-needed XP or a Mythic+ win. Let’s dive in and impress your next party with some tactical knowledge.

World of Warcraft Dragonflight’s dungeon Ruby Life Pools is available during your path to level 70.

Normal & Heroic Guide

Before Melidrusa there is a large handful of trash packs. They will require key CC and focus to remove them. Be aware of Interrupts and healing spells.

Melidrusa Chillworn

Melidrusa’s believes that she must cleanse the young dragon eggs from titan influence and control.

We must stop her before she can ruin the lives of the young dragons.

The Infused Whelp. These poor souls are the young dragons that met the fate of Melidrussa before we could arrive.

Warning: this boss is a very healing intensive fight.


Melidrusa is easy to tank and DPS. Avoid players marked with Chillstorm and the Hailstorm puddles that follow after. Keep your Primal Chill stacks low. Nuke the Infused Whelps and have defensives ready if you gain high stacks.

Once Defeated Click on the Drakes that spawn to get to the next area.

As you come up the stairs you are faced with Kokia Blazehoof immediately.

Do not engage straight away. You will need to turn around and kill the trash behind you.

You are aiming to kill between 4 and 5 of the Blazebound Destroyer. These adds will explode upon death so try not to stand in the large circle around them. Primalist Flamedancers will do a similar cast upon death so watch out for those too.

Ko’kia Blazehoof

Ko’kia and her blazebound are tasked to take the eggs and young dragons to the defenders of the Ruby Life Pools.

She will spread fire and destruction throughout the zone if we do not stop her.

The Blazebound Firestorm will cast Burnout when defeated.

This is a very dangerous mob to face.


Ko’kia has a few complications but this isn’t a cause for panic. Watch out for the Blazebound Firestorm, Boulder and fiery patches on the floor. Tanks and healers alike need to be ready for defensive cooldowns. This is a simple avoid to win boss.

Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein

Kyrakka and Erkhart are flying above the Ruby Life Pools Guiding and Coordinating their attacks whilst also taking out dragons coming to interrupt their plans

If we leave them to their plans they will burn the pools to the ground and blow the remains away in a storm of elements.

The Blazebound Firestorm will cast Burnout when defeated. This is a very dangerous mob to face.

This boss is split into two for the fight. Be aware that like most bosses that are like this the tank may not be able to hold both and one will do random abilities. Most probability will be the dragon.

Healers be aware. A lot of Fire Damage will ensue during this fight. Cooldowns and Mana ready before engaging this pair of evil.


This dynamic pair have a few tricks up their sleeves. Be prepared for the Roaring Firebreath and Flamespit. These AoE patches will need to be dodged. Whilst Erkhart will try to push you into them with Cloudburst. Healers will need to prep for dots and tanks to face away from the team.

Mythic Ruby Life Pools

With this mythic Ruby Life Pools dungeon guide we will go more in-depth of the abilities and what steps are needed to take her down. Be aware that in Mythic we have all of the previous tactics and new ones too.

Melidrussa Chillworn

Chillstorm will target a random player they will become a “Magnet” drawing other players in. For 6 Seconds all players will take damage. Any player caught in the Chillstorm will take 25k+ Damage. Target player must move away from the group to stop Hailbombs from taking the entire room.

Hailbombs are small swirlies that appear after Chillstorm has ended. Avoid the puddles on the floor as these are Unnecessary Damage.

Awaken Whelps 10+ Whelps will spawn, the tank must pull them in and DPS players need to AoE them down.

Frigid Shard Tanks be ready! Melidrusa will launch a shard of ice for 30k Damage at you!

💀 Frost Overload. This will deal a significant amount of damage over the cast time. Also adding two stacks of primal chill.

Primal Chill players movement speed will be slowed down by 6% per stack. If you gain 8 stacks you will become Frozen Solid. Being Frozen Solid will take 20k Damage per second for 3 seconds. You will also be stunned. This can be Dispelled. Healers should prioritize players and those with high stacks.

💀 Ice Burwark will absorb 500k damage to the boss. You must eliminate the barrier before you can attack the boss. You cannot interrupt Frost Overload whilst the shield is up.

Ko’kia Blazehoof

Blazebound Firestorm unfortunately this add comes with mechanics. 💀 Burnout a friendly explosion that can instant kill. Roaring Blaze the firestorm will blast players for 30k+. Inferno Flames radiate from the add. Dealing plenty of damage over a 6 second window.

Searing Blows this unfriendly mechanic will deal damage to the Tank only. With 4 blows the tank will take a bleed stack for each one. Use Defensives here.

Ritual of Blazebinding. At 100 Energy the Blazebound firestorm will be summoned. Avoid that area. If you are within 12 yards it deals upwards of 17k damage.

💀 Molten Boulder will slam down from the boss and roll away. Avoid the flames and the boulder strike or it will stun you for 3 seconds. As well as deal lots of damage. The Molten Boulder will roll for 40 yards before it stops and Explodes. Flames will remain for 2 Minutes.

Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein

Erkhart’s Abilities

💀 Interrupting Cloudburst Erkhart will conjure a massive torrent of nature damage. Harming all players and interrupting all casts for 4 seconds. This will also deal a fair amount of damage to players.

💀 Stormslam will apply vulnerabilities to tanks. In normal and heroic this ability will only deal damage to the tank. Requiring a defensive ability.

Winds of Change localized hurricanes will be conjured. Inflicting small damage. The aim is to push players into the Flaming Embers.

Kyakka’s Abilities.

💀Flaming Embers will re-apply Infernocore to target players. Small tick damage over 3 seconds. This effect stacks.

Infernocore. Players will explode when this dot is removed. Leaving pools behind.

Flaming Embers this will char the ground with fire for 35+ seconds. Causing fire damage if players stand within the warmth.

Flamespit as its name suggests the dragon will spit fire at players. This will leave a DoT for Infernocore.

Roaring Firebreath. Breathing fire in front of her tempering her targets for 6 seconds and applying Infernocore to all players struck.

Mythic + Ruby Life Pools

Ruby Life Pools has a 30 minute timer for this dungeon. Beat this timer to score points on the road to Keystone Hero.

All of the Abilities in Heroic and Mythic are available within Mythic+. But remember the higher the key the higher the damage scales.

With all Mythic Plus dungeons you will need to reach 100% Trash as well as all 3 bosses defeated to win.

I recommend reading How to Lead Groups in PVE & PVP. This will give you insight to leading and running mythic+ dungeons.

With all Mythic Plus Dungeons you need to watch out for is:

  1. Deaths. Dying in the key will result in -5 seconds per death.
    • If you wipe entirely not only will you loose 25 seconds of time.
  2. Focus Interrupts, Dispels and Crowd Control.
    • Keeping trash packs controlled sounds easy but it can be a challenge.
    • Focus the right interrupts on heavy damage or heal abilities.

Visit this link to our Guild Routes on Google Drive to get the Import Codes. Please comment below if you find these routes helpful in your Season of Mythic+.

Suggested Addons:

Mythic Dungeon Tools gives you the power to create routes and plan out the dungeon from start to finish.

MythicPlusTimer is a perfect addon to track the timer during key progress.

Glory of the Dragonflight Hero

Glory of the Dragonflight Hero is a continuation onto the Glory achievements for each expansion. With a cool mount reward for completing them all, have some fun in Mythic Difficulty and get yourself some points.

Achievements available in the Ruby Life Pools.
  • Dragon Kill Points
    • Defeat Melidrussa after defeating 40 of her chamber’s infused Whelps in Ruby Life Pools on Mythic Difficulty.
      • Melidrussa casts “Awaken Whelps” Kill all the Whelps until you reach 40.
  • Does Steam Do Fire Damage?
    • Defeat Kokia Blazehoof after heating up 4 life pools with Molten Boulder in Ruby Life Pools on Mythic Difficulty.
      • There will be 4 life pools around the map. Aim the Molten Boulder to roll over these to complete this achievement.
  • Are You My Broodmother?
    • Defeat Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein after chilling, incubating, tempting and keeping alive the Nascent Ruby Egg in Ruby Life Pools on Mythic Difficulty.
      • This achievement will require taking the Dragon Egg, Keeping it alive, Chilling it in the winds. Tempering it with Roaring Firebreath and defeating the boss. Whilst this sounds difficult, a player with good defensives would be good to look after this egg.

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