Temple of Kotmogu WoW PVP Guide

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The Tempel of Kotmogu is an old Temple withholding powers older than our Kings and Warchiefs in World of Warcraft. Holding the orbs lends great power and may decide the win or defeat of the battle. In this battleground, it’s all about the power of the orbs. Here at Battle Shout, we would like to show you exactly how to win Temple of Kotmogu.

World of Warcraft Kotmogu

How to Win Kotmogu

In this 10v10 battle, it is all about dominating with the colored orbs and bringing them to the middle of the battleground. Fast-paced open battles are a must here. This battleground is not to be compared with any other battleground in World of Warcraft. In this 10v10 battle, it is all about the orb that grants power. Capturing the orb grants points and even more points the closer the player gets to the center. In addition, the spheres give damage over time but you also deal more damage to enemy players. The longer you hold the orb, the less healing you also receive. There are 4 orbs in each corner of the battleground. Blue, orange, purple, and green. The more orbs you hold, the quicker the win. The first team to reach 1600 points wins.

WoW Winning Strategy for Kotmogu

The Alliance begins in the east whereas the Horde begins in the west. Rushing out the gates both factions go for the claim of the orbs which are located in each of the 4 corners of the map. Quickly moving into the middle of the battleground to gain points quicker you should expect a brawl. To the north and the south of the middle are 2 buffs that can help to support and defend your team orb carriers. The buffs are the Restoration Buff and the Berserker buff. Killing an enemy orb carrier also grants a good amount of points toward the goal.

Purple Orb Kotmogu
Orange Orb Kotmogu
Green Orb Kotmogu
Blue Orb Kotmogu

Tips for winning Katmogu

1. As an orb carrier, try and stay a little in the background and deal damage from a range unless your healers are focussing on you.

2. Keep an eye out for enemies that are trying to flank around and attack from behind.

3. Use the edges and corners in the heart of the temple to line-of-sight ranges. This will force them to get closer to you so that your team can take them down.

4. You can only carry one orb at a time so don’t try and take over a second orb.

5. If you are not carrying an orb, try and get the buffs as many times as possible to avoid the enemy faction getting hold of them.

6. Keep an eye on your Orb carriers so you can heal or defend them when they are attacked.

What level is the Temple of Kotmogu?

To be able to enter the Temple you must be at least level 40. The level brackets are split up as follows: 40-49, 50-59 and 60.

Final thoughts

Looking at all the battlegrounds in World of Warcraft, this one is pretty unique. Playing this battleground can become pretty much addictive and is a great way to pass some time. Here at Battle Shout, we hope we could help you to understand this battleground. If you have any further questions make sure to post them in the comments below. Check out our other guides here!

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