Temple of the Jade Serpent Mythic+ Guide

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One of Pandaria’s best dungeons is returning for Mythic+. Join us as we delve into the Temple of the Jade Serpent Mythic+ Guide. Rediscover the secrets of the Jade Serpent and stop the Sha corrupted Pandaren from stealing the knowledge and wisdom within. With this guide you will be able to time your mythic keys with ease. Keep scrolling to find out more.

Temple of the Jade Serpent Mythic+ Guide

This dungeon is luckily all on one floor plan. Navigate your way through the temple swiftly heroes. For this place is corrupted by the Sha of Doubt. With four mighty bosses to defeat lets dive into the trash expectations. You have 35 minutes to complete the dungeon in time.

Once the key has started instantly Turn Left. This path will take you to Wise Mari.

You can interrupt the powerful Tidal Burst.

Watch out for Surging Deluge. This will explode under random players.

Wise Mari

Whilst this boss used to have two phases. They are both combined for Mythic+.

You will need to watch out for Corrupted Votex, this zone will appear once the Debuff expires on a random player.

Hydrolances will be shot at random targets to inflict random damage.

Corrupted Geysers will pulse and knock players away with damage too.

Wash Away will be his last cast. You cant miss it. Aiming at a location and then rotating 360 degrees. Players caught will either suffer a killing blow or death itself.

Once you have eliminated Wise Mari head back along to the entrance and keep going into the library. Here you will fight Haunting Sha and Corrupted Pandaren.

Our Primary focus will be the Haunting Sha. These mobs will need to be interrupted asap! Haunting Scream will fear you for 6 seconds.

Lorewalker Stonestep

This boss unlike before will only have ONE of the lore based fights.

You will have two targets Strife and Peril.

If one reaches 10 stacks of Intensity they will become immune to damage for 15 seconds.

Ignore the shielded one entirely. It will gain Dissipation stacks which reduce its damage done by 10% per stack.

Aim to kill Strife as quickly as possible so it stops giving high damage debuff’s to Peril.

From here you will follow the path ahead to Liu Flameheart. You will have to clear ALL of the trash in order to get the boss to spawn.

Leg Sweep will need to be stunned. If this ability gets off it will stun all players for 6 seconds. You cannot Interupt this ability.

Interrupt Defiling Mist and players with Touch of Ruin will need to move away from the party.

Once you kill the Sha’s stay away from them as their bodies will still continue to damage nearby players for a while.

Liu Flameheart

This boss is an endurance test. Survive to win.

Whilst tanks should avoid Serpent Kick and Serpent Strike, you cannot avoid Serpent Wave.

Serpent wave will fire in all directions. You would have to be lucky to avoid.

at 70% HP she will start becoming more powerful with Jade abilities. The tank will also take a Healing Absorb Debuff. Jade Serpent Kick and Serpent Strike should still be avoided. Whilst Jade Serpent Wave will hurt even more now. USE HERO HERE!

At 30% HP she will summon Yu’lon to fight instead of her. Standard Dragon Rules. Only the tank can survive the Jade Fire Breath (but they can avoid it too) and avoid the new Jade Fire swirlies.

Temple of the Jade Serpent Mythic+ Guide
Temple of the Jade Serpent Mythic+ Guide

As this fight ends prepare for another. The doors to the final boss will open and you will be engaged in Trash fights immediately.

Sha of Doubt

This boss unlike Liu is a Healing Focused Fight. You will need to healer to be on full alert.

Wither Will will be cast upon two random players. Healers will need to focus them here.

Touch of Nothingness debuff will be applied to two players. Players near the marked ones will also take damage. ONE player will need to be dispelled. Whilst the other must endure and take full healer focus.

Bounds of Reality causes the boss to become invulnerable. During this time adds will spawn and fixate players. Ideal Strategy will include Stacking up and doing massive damage whilst stunning the adds to prevent loss of life.

Any adds that are still alive after 30 seconds will massively heal the boss.

Temple of the Jade Serpent Mythic+ Guide

Route Planning:

Tried and Tested with Heroes of Creation’s own Teekaroku.

Visit this link to our Guild Routes on Google Drive to get the Import Codes. Please comment below if you find these routes helpful in your Season of Mythic+.

Suggested Addons:

Mythic Dungeon Tools gives you the power to create routes and plan out the dungeon from start to finish.

MythicPlusTimer is a perfect addon to track the timer during key progress.


Q: How do i find the dungeon?
A: This dungeon is located within the Jade Forrest in Pandaria. There are portals in Valdrakken that are close by.

Q: The bosses aren’t as easy as before, why?
A: Blizzard have changed some things around to make it more interesting for Mythic+.

Q: Does a mount drop in here?
A: Sorry, no mounts drop inside this dungeon.

Q: How long is the timer to complete?
A: The timer is set to 35 minutes to complete this epic dungeon.

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