World of Warcraft Transmog Guide

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Have you ever seen a level 10 orc warrior wearing the full Firelands item set and inspected him only to see that he’s got quest greens equipped? Are you often staring at your character wearing mismatched pieces of gear while your friends look like super models? You need Transmog!
But what is Transmog?

TMOG: What is it and how does it work?

Mismatched noob WoW transmog
Alpha chad WoW transmog

Transmog is short for Transmogrification and long for TMOG. Chances are you’ve heard at least one but probably all of these words being thrown around. Transmog is when you make the gear you’re currently wearing look like a different piece of gear. It’s cheap and easy to do.

How does Transmog work in WoW?

You can transmog any piece of gear your character is wearing or wielding into another piece of gear you’ve collected on any of your characters. Provided you and the item reach a few requirements. The item you want to transmog to must be soulbound. This means that if the item is Bind on Equip you must equip it before it will show in your transmog list.

The item you are wanting to Transmog into another item must also be Uncommon quality or higher. You can also only Transmog an item into an item of the same type, plate into plate, mail into mail etc. Some appearances will also have a level requirement before you can transmog it.

World of Warcraft Appearance tab showing collected transmogs

How do I Transmog in WoW?

To transmog you must first go to a transmogrifier, you can find them in main cities like Orgrimmar, Stormwind, Dalaran and Oribos. If you go to your mini map filters and tick transmog the transmogrifiers will show on your mini map. You may also notice that some players have a mount with a transmogrifier on it, more on that later.

Once you’ve found a transmogrifier, right click on them and it will open the transmogrification menu. From here you can start tmogging.

The items on the left are your currently equipped items, if you want to change the look of your helmet, click on your helmet. On the right, it will show all of your collected helmet appearances. Select your choice from the right and it will show you what it will look like on your character. Feel free to try as many different looks as you like, it isn’t applied and doesn’t cost you any gold until you click apply.

World of Warcraft Tmog interface

WoW Where can I buy the Transmog Mount?

Grand Expedition Yak

In Mists of Pandaria we were blessed with a portable transmogrifier in the form of a mount!

To get it: head to Kun-Lai Summit in Pandaria and visit Uncle Bigpocket, he will sell you the Grand Expedition Yak for 120,000 gold. One of the best purchases I’ve made in World of Warcraft.

How do I collect Transmog Sets in WoW?

Collecting item appearances in WoW is super simple. As previously mentioned, any green quality or above soulbound item will automatically be added to your appearance tab. To access your appearances the default hot key is Shift-P then click the appearance tab. Unfortunately, you cannot collect appearances if you character cannot use that armor type or weapon type: if you are a warrior and you pick up a cloth helmet it will not be added to your appearances.

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