Vortex Pinnacle WoW Dungeon Guide

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Vortex Pinnacle is the Cataclysm dungeon that has been added to this season’s Mythic + rotation. There was no such thing as Mythic dungeons in Cataclysm days, the hardest difficulty back then was Heroic. That being said, there may be changes to mechanics or bosses that were not in the PTR.

The time you will have to complete Vortex Pinnacle Mythic+ will be 30 minutes. 

Mistral: Stacking buff on self. Storm surge, large AOE around itself can be purged by any class with a purge ability, E.G. hunter, Tranquilizing Shot., Rouge. Shiv. 

Prince: Spawns small mobs that cast lightning bolts. 

Tempest: Become inactive if you look at them. Face your character towards them, not your camera. 


Avoid the Tornadoes that are around the room. They will occasionally move inwards towards the boss. Move out of melee to avoid being hit. 

Tornadoes slow your movement speed making it harder to dodge future ones.

The boss will continually cast Lightning Bolts, try and set up an interrupt rotation. Currently uninterruptible but people think will become interruptible in mythic+

Face the Tempest adds that spawn during the fight so you do not take more damage.

Kite the Squalls around to avoid the storms they spawn. 

Once he is dead you will move towards the next boss, along the way watch out for the Dragons.

Dragon: Move the Storm Dragon out of the healing wells. Do not stand in front of these they do frontal Breath attacks on the tank.

There are small orbs blocking your path across a bridge at one point. These orbs damage players and knock them back. Damage the orbs to get past them and continually damage them so all your party can move past them.Gales: 


This boss has wind continually blowing on his platform. This wind affects what buffs or debuffs you will receive during the encounter depending on where you are standing in comparison to the boss.

Always stay upwind of this boss so you can receive a massive spell casting and attack speed buff. 

If you are downwind use a movement ability to get upwind.

Avoid the Tornado’s they will knock you up.

Avoid the frontal breath. He turns and targets a random party member.

If you are upwind you will receive 100% attack speed and casting speed buff as well as 30% increased movement speed.

If you are downwind of the boss you will receive the opposite reducing your attack speed and casting speed by 100% and movement speed by 30%


One your way to Asaad you will find several new types of mobs as well as large lightning triangles. It is absolutely critical you move any mobs out of the triangles asap! When mobs are inside them any spell cast on them is redirected to someone else, it is even possible for the spells to be directed at your party members instead of the mobs. You can move the mobs out either by interrupting them or line of sight.

The new mobs are Adept, Ministers of Air and Caliph.

Adept: These mobs heal their allies and must be interrupted.

Ministers of Air: Continually cast lightning lash which targets random players. The cast on the spell is very quick. It is however a channel once cast. It is best to interrupt it while it is being channeled so you do not miss the cast by mistake.

Caliph: Do frontal attacks on their main target (Tank). Never be in front of these if you are a DPS or Healer.

Stars: Near the last boss you will come to a platform with about a dozen Stars on. The mobs really hurt. You need to pop defenses and CD’s to kill them quickly. The is a 2nd group just before the last boss.


Ranged DPS nuke down the star adds quickly to avoid more damage on the group.

Use movement freeing abilities or dispel on whoever is targeted by the root so they can get inside the Unstable Grounding Field.

Spread out to avoid taking more damage from Chain Lightning.

Jump for Static Cling spell. If in the air when it finishes casting you will avoid the debuff. The debuff slows your movement speed dramatically.

Asaad will cast Unstable Grounding Field creating a lightning triangle in the boss arena. The entire party needs to move inside the triangular as soon as it spawns. Anyone not inside the triangle when the boss has finished casting will be 1 shot by the boss.

Route Planning

I advise checking the route each week on sites such as Raider.io. These routes are updated weekly depending on the affixes for that week.

Suggested Addons

Mythic Dungeon Tools, gives you the power to create your own routes and check the % of each mob.

MythicPlusTimer, great addon to track % of mobs and the time you have left.

Bigwiggs / Littlewiggs , boss addon that tracks what needs interrupting and when a boss ability is incoming.

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