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World of Warcraft’s Recruit a Friend system has been around for quite some time. Blizzard gives us unique reward for bringing our friends to play World of Warcraft.

But what is the WoW RaF (Recruit a Friend)? Is it even worth it? Well, exactly these questions we here at Battle-Shout want to answer for you in this World of Warcraft RECRUIT A FRIEND GUIDE.

WoW What is RAF? (Explained)

Have you ever had this one friend you needed to convince to do something? It was a piece of work sometimes wasn’t it. This is something that Blizzard picked up on. Everybody has some friends that need a little extra convincing.

This caused Blizzard to come up with a great idea. The idea is to reward you and your friend for bringing your friends into World of Warcraft. This is possible up to 10 recruitments!

WoW Is RAF even worth it? (Solved)

Yes it’s massively worth it to recruit your friends into World of Warcraft.

If you are asking yourself: “What are the benefits of Recruit a Friend WoW?”. When your friend adds a month of game time, you get rewarded. There are multiple rewards for the recruiter that grow as long as your friend remains subscribed. These rewards start from month 1 to 12:

  1. Rikki’s Pith Helmet. This grants us “Rikki” (Pet)
  2. 1 Month Game Time
  3. Reins of the Explorer’s Dunetrekker. This grants us the Mount “Explorer’s Dunetrekker”

  4. Explorer’s Certification which rewards us with the title “Renowned Explorer”
  5. 1 Month Game Time
  6. Illusion: Stinging Sands which lets our weapon look as if it’s sandy
  7. Renowned Eplorer’s Tabarb which is pretty awesome looking 
  8. 1 Month Game Time
  9. Keys to the Explorer’s Jungle Hopper which is a 2 seater mount to take a friend on a journey.

  10. Renowned Explorer’s Rucksack. It’s a pretty cool transmog for your back.
  11. 1 Month Game Time
  12. Ensemble: Renowned Explorer’s Attire. This is a brilliant looking transmog set. It’s fire!

  13. And to top this off. You get after these rewards a 1 Month Subscription every three months your friend adds game time. How awesome is that?

WoW What do I need for Recruit a Friend? (Explained)

Pretty simple. All you need is active game time on our account and a friend to recruit or you can just create a second account and recruit yourself if you would like to play on multiple accounts.

How does Recruit a Friend work? (Explained)

Fairly simple which we can cover with you in a few easy steps.

  1. Log into your game account and choose a character to enter the game.
  2. Press “O” on your keyboard and click on “Recruit a Friend” located at the top of your friend list.
  3. At the bottom of your friend list you will see a tab “Recruitment”.
  4. A new window appears with a generate link button. Simply hit “Generate Link” and a link will be created for you to copy and send to your friend via. any app or email.
  5. Everything on your end is done to invite your friend. Let’s get to the part where your friend now has to confirm the invitation.

What does my friend need to do? (Solved)

This is also easily done and in very few steps.

  1. Copy and paste the link you just received into a web browser.
  1. Click on the button “Create Free Account”
  1. On the next page fill in the details. For US United states, UK United Kingdom etc. and your birthdate and hit “Continue”.
  1. Then enter your name and again hit continue.
  1. Type in your email and again press “Continue”.
  1. Read and tick the box as shown in the picture (this box must be checked in order to proceed) and click “Continue” again.
  1. Type in a safe and secure password and proceed by clicking “Continue”.
  1. Pick a name for your BattleTag (This is not the name of your characters. It will only be shown to your Battlenet contacts when you become friends or in the Blizzard forums). If your imagination fails you for a moment feel free to hit “Randomize” until you find something that suits you. Happy with the name? Once again hit “Continue”.
  1. The account is now successfully created. Hit “Continue” once more.
  1. You are now ready to click “Accept Your Invitation” and get gaming with your friend!

Recruit a Friend – Final Thoughts

On a finishing note let’s break this down with some final thoughts. With World of Warcraft we can have a ton of fun and also receive rewards for having a ton of fun with friends we recruit to play with us. If you enjoyed this post please make sure to check out our other posts here at

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