World of Warcraft Recruit a Friend

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Welcome back to Battle Shout, Heroes of Azeroth. This guide is going to teach you everything you need to know about the World of Warcraft recruit a friend system. What is is, how it works and what you can get from it.

How to recruit a friend

To recruit a friend their account must’ve been created (created less than 7 days prior) OR they haven’t played/paid for game time for 2 years. If the person you are recruiting has returned to the game and bought game time you can still recruit them if they’ve been returned less than a week.

If the friend you are trying to recruit meets these requirements then follow these steps:

Log in to World of Warcraft and enter the game on any of your characters

Open your friends list / social tab (Press O on your keyboard by default)

Head over to the recruit a friend tab

Click Recruitment

Copy your Recruit a Friend link and share it to your friend(s).

Your friend clicks the link and follows the instructions to activate/link their account to yours.

You have now recruited your friend!

The small print

You can only have up to 10 active recruits linked to your account and your recruitment link can only be used 4 times before you have to generate another.

Recruit a friend rewards

The rewards for recruit a friend just recently changed! Below is a handy table to show you what you get for each month your friend stays playing (and below that there are pictures of the rewards!)

1 MonthVolatile Self-Driving Toolbox (Pet)
2 MonthsShredderizing Glove (Fist Weapon)
3 MonthsSappy Buddy (Back Appearance)
4 MonthsGame Time (30 Days)
5 MonthsS.C.A.N.N.E.R. Mk3 (Head Appearance)
6 MonthsRocket Shredder 9001 (Mount)
Every 3 Months after the 6thGame Time (30 Days)

Other benefits

The recruiter and the recruitee can summon each-other once every 30 minutes as long as they are in a group together. Each of your recruits will also receive an Extra Spacious Knapsack.

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