WoW How to Get to Argus: Great Unlocking Argus Guide

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Greetings adventurers, welcome to Battle-Shout’s guide on How to get to Argus in WoW. Argus is a World of Warcraft zone filled with incredible mounts, battle pets, toys and rare items. Many players see these mounts and pets and think to themselves “I need to get to Argus to farm that!”. We have good news for you, to get to Argus in WOW it’s rather easy and we here at Battle-Shout are going explain everything involved unlocking Argus in WoW.

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How to get Argus Unlocked in WOW

First get your character to level 45+ and then go to Dalaran.

Next Complete these quest lines: 

  1. Uniting the Isles.
  2. Armies of Legionfall.
  3. Assault on Broken Shore.
  4. The Hand of Fate.

When these quests are complete you will have unlocked Argus.

How to get to Dalaran (Legion)
  1. Stormwind Portal room.
  2. Enter Azsuna Portal
  3. Fly to Dalaran. 
Get to Dalaran via Legion Campaign

Enter Stormwind or Orgrimmar and run to the command board, select then select “Fight the Legion”. This will automatically give you the first quest to start the Legion scenario and take you to Dalaran. When you reach Dalaran you can get your hearthstone and continue following this Argus unlock guide. 

Getting to Argus Full Guide

Part 1 – Uniting the Isles Rep Quest

Now that you’ve made your way to Dalaran, it is time to begin the process of unlocking Argus. To start, you will want to pick up the Uniting the Isles quest from Khadgar in the Violet Citadel. This quest is to get friendly reputation with all factions of Legion. This is easy! You just need to quest in each zone until you have enough to become friendly. Don’t worry this is account bound so if you’ve done it before you can immediately hand the “Uniting the Isles’. Then move onto the next step for getting to Argus.

Part 2 – Broken Shore Introduction Quests

The next step in the process to unlock Argus is to complete the introduction quests to the Broken Shore. This begins with accepting the Armies of Legionfall quest at Krasus’ landing. 

Follow Khadgar as he walks and after his dialogue and quest completion. Khadgar will then give you a scenario quest called Assault on Broken Shore. Complete the scenario and turn the quest into Khadgar. Congratulations we are now one step closer to unlocking Argus in WoW. 

Please note that if you have previously done this scenario then you will have an option to skip it when speaking to Khadgar. If you don’t have the option to skip then have no fear the scenario is really easy to do and self explanatory, follow the instructions and you’ll have it completed in no time. When you have completed the scenario either via skip or manual completion please speak to the flight master and fly back to Dalaran.

Part 3 – Argus Introduction Quests

When you go back to Dalaran return to Khadgar in Violet hold where this all began and pick up the quest called “The Hand of Fate”. To complete “The Hand of Fate” travel to your faction’s capital city (Alliance = Stormwind) and (Horde = Orgrimmar). Follow the quest objective to your faction’s boat and complete the full scenario. 

The scenario takes you to Exodar where you will find Vellen and ask him to help fight the legion. After channeling some fancy magic to a crystal you will see a teleporter (Lightforged Beacon), click it and you will be teleported to The Vindicaar (Draenei spaceship).

 Run through the Vindicaar and speak to Vellen, complete any quests he offers to you.

Congratulations you have unlocked Argus in World of Warcraft! Please bear in mind for future travels to Argus, you’ll want to complete the Argus storyline up through the quest “Rendezvous”.  By completing this quest you will have created a Lightforged Beacon (Teleporter to Argus) on Krasus’ Landing back in Dalaran.

How to get back to Argus

Providing that you have followed the How to get to Argus guide above you have already unlocked Argus and simply need to return to Dalaran Krasus Landing and use the Lightforged Beacon which will teleport you to the Vindicaar in Argus. 

If you can’t see the lightforged beacon, but you know you have been to Argus before, you may have abandoned the Argus questline before activating the beacon. In that case, you’ll need to head to the docks in Stormwind or Orgrimmar and speak to Veressa Windrunner (A) or Lady Liadrin (H) to get back to Argus.

Video Guide: WoW How to get to Argus

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