How to Unlock Void Elf

Welcome World of Wacraft completionist. Found yourself asking “How do I unlock Void Elf?” or “How Do I create a Void Elf?” We’re going to break it down and go into detail on exactly how to unlock the void elf in WoW!

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  • Level 45 Character (minimum)
  • Completed Assault on Broken Shore

WOW How to unlock Void Elves

We can break this down into 2 simple steps.

  1. The first step is getting the achievement [You Are Now Prepared!]
  2. The second step is going to the Stormwind Embassy and completing a short quest chain.

WOW You Are Now Prepared!

Depending on how active you were in World of Warcraft: Legion will affect how long it could take you to complete this achievement. If you have been to Argus and completed the zone storyline there then you will already have this achievement. Or maybe you got started there but didn’t quite get to the end.

For those who have never been to Argus we have a guide linked Here (Link to how to get to Argus guide) that will show you how to get there. Once you’re in Argus, we follow the quest line, complete the three parts of the achievement criteria listed below.

Side note: (the cinematics here are super cool and definitely worth watching if you haven’t before) 

Not sure if you’ve unlocked Argus? Don’t worry, it was a long time ago! Just use your Dalaran Hearthstone, head to Krasus’ Landing and see if there is a Lightforged Beacon towards the edge (pictured below). If there is, congrats you have previously unlocked Argus! If there isn’t then you’ll need to check out our other guide on how to unlock Argus.

The Assault Begins (38 quests total)

Head to the Violet Citadel in Dalaran and speak to Khadgar to pick up “The Hand of Fate”. From here we want to head to Stormwind for Alliance or Orgrimmar for the Horde. You can get to your capital city easily from the portal room in Dalaran.

Meet with your faction’s escort at the docks. Talk to them to complete the quest and accept “Two If By Sea”. Speak to them again to set sail for the Exodar. Once you’ve arrived, turn in the quest and pick up “Light’s Exodus”. Find Prophet Velen in the Vault of Lights (Boros will show you the way).

Wait for Illidan and Velen to finish their conversation and turn your quest in to Velen. Accept “The Vindicaar” from Velen, activate the beacons and board the Vindicaar. “Into the Night” is the next quest, this quest takes you to Argus in the Vindicaar.

Keep following the quest line here all the way to the last quest in this chapter “Sizing Up The Opposition”. Once you’ve completed “Sizing Up The Opposition” you’ve completed “The Assault Begins”!

One down, two to go!

WOW Dark Awakenings (28 quests total)

Dark Awakenings starts with the quest “The Speaker Calls” from Turalyon. The criteria for this quest is meeting with Magni Bronzebeard in Krokuun.

Magni will give you the quest “Visions of Torment”. This quest just requires you to watch a cutscene and then turn it in. Next is “Dire News”, head back to Turalyon to turn this quest in.

Turalyon will give you “Storming the Citadel”, asking you to join him at Destiny Point. Once at Destiny Point you will be given 3 more quests, “Scars of the past, “Preventative Measures” and “Chaos Theory”.

Work your way through the quest chain all the way through to “The Sigil of Awakening”. Once you turn in “The Sigil of Awakening” you’ve completed “Dark Awakenings”. Congratulations, almost there!

WOW War of Light and Shadow (24 quests total)

The final chapter to this campaign starts with “Where They Least Expect It” from Illidan Stormrage in the Antoran Wastes. This quest introduces you to Invasion Points on Argus. 

There will be multiple Invasion Points on Argus at any time, including one Greater Invasion Point. Invasion points show as fel green portals. Normal invasion points can be soloed with relative ease (depending on your gear) while Greater Invasion points have Legion world raid bosses inside.

If you are a shadowlands geared level 60 then you shouldn’t struggle at all with either of these. Invasion points are short scenario quests in which you slay demons to fill your progress bar, complete objectives and then fight a boss.

Once you’ve completed your first invasion point, go back to Illidan to turn in the quest. Next, meet with Turalyon to pick up the quest “We Have a Problem”. Travel to the Conservatory of the Arcane, turn in your quest and accept “A Non-Prophet Organisation”, “Wrath of the High Exarch” and “Overt Ops”.

Follow the quest line through all the way up to “Seat of the Triumvirate; The Crest of Knowledge”. This quest requires you to fly the Vindicaar to Mac’Aree and go to the dungeon The Seat of the Triumvirate. Clear the dungeon and loot the item “The Crest of Knowledge” from L’ura. Once you’ve completed this objective and turned the quest in… YOU’RE DONE!

You will have completed all of the criteria for and been awarded You Are Now Prepared!

Stormwind Embassy

Once you’re done with the Argus storyline and you have the achievement [You Are Now Prepared!] head to the Stormwind Embassy in the northern area of Stormwind.

Here you will be able to accept the quest “The Ghostlands”. We won’t spoil what happens but we will let you know that after completing The Ghostlands you will get the quest Telogrus Rift. This will put you in a 10 part scenario to complete. The scenario shows you why the Void Elves have decided to join the Alliance. After turning in Telogrus Rift you are done!

Congratulations! Log out of your current character and head to the create new character screen to make your own Void Elf!.


Question: WoW Which classes can I play as a Void Elf?
Answer: Warrior, Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Priest, Warlock, Monk, Death Knight.

Question: WoW Which classes can’t I play as a Void Elf?
Answer: Paladin, Druid, Shaman, Demon Hunter.

Question: WoW Do Void Elves have a heritage armour set?
Answer: Yes they do! All you need to do to unlock it is level your Void Elf fresh from level 10 to 50!

Question: WoW Can I fly in Argus?
Answer: No, Argus is a strictly no flying zone, there is no way to fly in Argus.

Question: WoW I boosted my Void Elf to 50 and I don’t have the heritage armour, why?
Answer: Unfortunately there is no skip for unlocking the heritage armour. Using a character boost or race change will mean you can’t unlock the heritage armour on that character.

Question: WoW What is the best class for Void Elf?
Answer: There is no right answer, you should always just play the class you enjoy or want to play the most! That being said the Void Elf racials do make them very good casters.

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