WoW How to unlock Vulpera FAST

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All restrictions for unlocking Allied Races in World of Warcraft have been changed. Any player wanting to unlock Allied Races will need to level one character to level 40 and then complete the allied race unlock scenario. The allied race unlock scenario starts at the faction city embassy in either Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

To unlock Vulpera in World of Warcraft you must first level a character to level 40.

Once your character is level 40 it’s time to head to the Embassy in Orgrimmar. Here you can start the recruitment scenario quest-line for the Vulpera.

The quest-line starts with Guests at Grommash Hold from Ji Firepaw. The quest line is a little bit long winded but is very easy. 

Once you have completed the quest-line you will be awarded the Caravan Hyena mount and the achievement Allied Races: Vulpera. Now you can log out and get your furry friend into the action!

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Question: How do I unlock the Vulpera Heritage Armour?
Answer: Level a new Vulpera character from 10-50 without using a level boost or race change and you will receive the Vulpera Heritage Armour set.

Question: What classes can Vulpera be?

Answer: Vulpera can play the following classes: Warrior, Warlock, Shaman, Rogue, Priest, Monk, Mage, Hunter and Death Knight.

Question: What class should I play as Vulpera?

Answer: There is no right answer here! Play whatever class you think would fit your new Vulpera Character. Personally I think they fit Rogues and Hunters very well.

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