WoW How to unlock Vulpera FAST

Have you found yourself asking “How do I unlock the Vulpera allied race”? Fear not my friend! We’ll have you creating your own funky little fox in no time! To unlock Vulpera in World of Warcraft you need to complete the Vol’dun story line to be awarded the achievement “Secrets in the Sands”.  We’re going to break it down into a simple tick list for you to work through on your own, if you’d prefer, and then we’re gonna go into more detail on each of the steps to help you on your path!

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Now let’s get foxy!


  • Level 50+ Horde Character
  • World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

The short and sweet versionFAST

To unlock Vulpera in World of Warcraft Shadowlands you need to complete the Vol’dun story line to be awarded the achievement “Secrets in the Sands”. 

Once you have this achievement you can head to the Orgrimmar Embassy to begin the quest-line and recruit our new furry friends into the Horde. As soon as we’ve completed these 2 steps then you can log out, head to new character creation and create your Vulpera!

How to start Secrets in the Sands

To start Secrets in the Sands you need to head to Dazar’alor in Zuldazar.

If you’re unsure how to get there, head to the portal room in Orgrimmar and use the portal to Zuldazar.

From there run to the quest marker on the map.

After taking the portal you will be teleported to The Great Seal. Head out of the portal room, turn left and go up the stairs to the right.

You should see Baine, Talanji and Nathanos gathered around a table. On that table there will be a Scouting Map that you can interact with.

Right click on the map and select Vol’dun to start questing there. This will give you the quest Unlikely Allies, the first quest in the Secrets of the Sands story.

To complete the Secrets in the Sands achievement you will need to complete all 7 parts of the Vol’dun main story-line quests. The 7 parts you need to complete are:

  • Unlikely Allies
  • Dangers in the Desert
  • The Warguard’s Fate
  • A City of Secrets
  • The Three Keepers
  • Storming the Spire
  • Atul’Aman

Where do you start each of these stories?

  • Unlikely Allies starts with the quest Discreet Discussions in Dazar’alor
  • Dangers in the Desert starts with the quest Restorative Venom in Vulpera Hideaway, Vol’dun
  • The Warguard’s Fate starts with the quest On the Move from Bladeguard Kaja near Atul’aman
  • A City of Secrets starts with the quest Knowledge of the Past from Warguard Rakera in Temple of Akunda
  • The Three Keepers starts with the quest Unlikely Allies from Serrik in Vol’dun (47,75)
  • Storming the Spire stars with the quest The Missing Key from Vorrik in the Terrace of the Devoted
  • Atul’Aman starts with the quest Atul’Aman from Vorrik in the Terrace of the Devoted

Where to go after completing Secrets in the Sands

Once you have completed the achievement Secrets in the Sands, head to the Embassy in Orgrimmar. Here you can start the recruitment quest-line for the Vulpera. The quest-line starts with Guests at Grommash Hold from Ji Firepaw. The quest line is a little bit long winded but is very easy. 

Once you have completed the quest-line you will be awarded the Caravan Hyena mount and the achievement Allied Races: Vulpera. Now you can log out and get your furry friend into the action!

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Question: How do I unlock the Vulpera Heritage Armour?
Answer: Level a new Vulpera character from 10-50 without using a level boost or race change and you will receive the Vulpera Heritage Armour set.

Question: What classes can Vulpera be?

Answer: Vulpera can play the following classes: Warrior, Warlock, Shaman, Rogue, Priest, Monk, Mage, Hunter and Death Knight.

Question: What class should I play as Vulpera?

Answer: There is no right answer here! Play whatever class you think would fit your new Vulpera Character. Personally I think they fit Rogues and Hunters very well.

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