Best Mount for leveling in WoW (Solved)

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Throughout WoW’s history mounts have changed time and time again. With over 700 mounts available, some players want to know. What is the best mount for my alts? And that answer, is without a doubt, the Otterworldy Ottuk! But why is this Otter mount the best? Well… keep reading and find out!

WoW what is the best mount for Leveling?

The best mount in WoW for leveling is the Otterworldy Ottuk but Why is this adorable Otter Mount the best for leveling?

As you travel Azeroth, you will find yourself in a plethora of environments. From the aquatic depths of Vashj’ir to the floating islands of Outlands Nagrand, and even legion home worlds! All of these places call for you to Fly, Swim, Run. Sometimes stop and smell (Or pick!) the roses. The Ottermount that has come available with the launch of Dragonflight is the MOST adaptable mount.

Do you have master riding? Then It will carry you across the land! Have you trained your Flying to the highest level? Soar over the landscape at 310% speed! Is that pesky treasure chest once again under water… Well, our Otterly Amazing new friend will swim at max speed, same as any PURELY aquatic mount. And when you’re done? It will automatically carry you into the sky once more!

The Otterworldy Ottuk is also the ONLY mount in game that Flies, Swims, and Runs at maximum speeds and can ALSO benefit from mount equipment! Allowing you to not be dismounted when dazed, run on water, or even harvest nodes while mounted!

WoW how to get the otter mount?

Sure sounds like the best mount… But how do I get the Otter mount? The Otturly Adorable Ottuk is the reward from our latest Mount Collection achievement. Reach 500 mounts across your account and earn the achievement Thanks for the Carry!

This achievement does not seem to count Class Exclusive mounts IE the Paladin or Warlock mounts. If you want to track how many mounts you have, simply open your achievements (Y by default on your Keyboard) and look for Collections. In the Mounts section of Collection find the achievement for total mounts. Or alternatively you can search for Thanks for the Carry in the search bar at the top of the window.

WoW tips for getting 500 Mounts

500 Mounts!?! That’s ridiculous! How do I even get that many? Now, I know what you’re thinking. 500 is insane! Are we Otterly mad?? And yes. Yes we are. This is considered a premium reward for players that have gone above and beyond to collect mounts from the most Niche corners of the World (of Warcraft.)

But, I wouldn’t just set you out on your own to collect 500 mounts!

I’m going to give you a bullet point list of what I know to be some of the BEST tips and tools to get your mount collection growing!

With these tips even new players will be able to get this wonderful Otter mount.

  • Get your rep up with ALL major factions: Once you reach exalted, you can buy around 6 mounts per racial faction. Other reputations have 1-3 typically.
  • Farm rares that drop mounts: Across the world there are many many rares and world bosses that have the possibility of dropping mounts.
  • Visit your Auction House: There are many BoE and Crafted mounts that players often sell to make gold!
  • Use and select Collections -> Mounts. This site will show you EVERY mount that you have, and is available and let you find where to get it! Clicking any mount will take you to WoWhead where other players may have already given step by step instructions for every mount!
WoW Otter Mount

Best mounts for leveling: Honorable Mentions

  1. Sky Golem: The Sky Golem is an Engineering Created mount. It can Fly, and Run, but it DOES NOT speed up in the water. It cannot benefit from mount equipment. HOWEVER it CAN herb without dismounting! A luxury previously only had by druids!
  2. ZM Aurelids: These floaty squidy guys (My Fiance has informed me they are called Jelly Fish. I disagree.) can Fly, and Swim! They cannot benefit from Mount Equipment, that being said being able to dive into the water and not lose speed is always a bonus!

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