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  • Scalecommander Sarkareth – Raid Guide

    Scalecommander Sarkareth – Raid Guide

    Coming Soon! Scalecommander is currently under construction, and is NOT currently available to test on the PTR! In an effort make sure you’re getting the best info, we will be updating this page AFTER Scalecommander is available for testing OR is made live! Best of luck in 10.1!

  • “Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible” Overview

    “Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible” Overview

    Welcome back to Battle-Shouts series of World of Warcraft raid overviews! This time, we are delving into Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible (ASC) releasing in patch 10.1 in May of 2023! ASC is the next major raid tier, continuing the storyline of the Dracthyr and the Incarnates. ASC is split into 3 wings, and contains 9…

  • Echo of Neltharion – Raid Guide

    Echo of Neltharion – Raid Guide

    Not the boss you’re looking for? Check out the Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Overview for a list of all bosses and guides! All of these guides are being tuned as new information about the raid is released. All information gathered from the PTR and subject to change as the raid is nerfed/buffed! Introduction Magmorax is…

  • Magmorax – Raid Guide

    Magmorax – Raid Guide

    Magmorax is the 7th boss in Aberrus! Check out this guide to see what you need to know to defeat this Lava Hydra Guard Dog!

  • Zskarn – Raid Guide

    Zskarn – Raid Guide

    Zskarn is the 6th boss of Aberrus. Check out this article to get a jump start on learning what you need to do to beat this Twisted Mechanic!

  • Obtaining the Unobtainable – Zul’Gurub 10.0.7

    Obtaining the Unobtainable – Zul’Gurub 10.0.7

    Dragonflight patch 10.0.7 brought in a HUGE amount of stuff for players to do while we wait for 10.1. We’ve got access to the Forbidden Reach, new rares and catch up mechanics, and more. But one thing almost EVERYONE has overlooked, is the return of things long forgotten. Many patterns made unobtainable by the Cataclysm…