Dathea Ascended Boss Guide – Vault of Incarnates Raid

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After defeating the Primal Council, Dathea retreats further into the Vault. She pleads with Razageth to grant her more power, and we encounter her in an Ascended State. This guide is aimed at helping normal and heroic level encounters. It is up to players to manage adds, prevent spreading debuffs, and to bring her down before she reaches a critical mass! Check out the Dathea guide below for some quick tips for handling this boss!


Dathea is a stationary boss. She cannot move from the center of the platform, and it is up to the raid to spread around and dodge effects.

Do your best to not stand behind the tanks, as the Boss does an ability that will knock them backwards, potentially into your Conductive Mark.

Important Abilities

Raging Tempest and Crosswinds are the Tornados and their movement abilities respectively. Dodge the Tornados, and do not stand in between them and their targets as Crosswinds are cast, as they will reposition and knock you away.

Coalescing Storm– When this is Cast Dathea summons 2 Adds. Interrupt them and kill them one at a time. When one dies, they will knock players back a great distance. Position them either near the middle of the room, or an edge so that players have plenty of space for the knockback.

Conductive Mark– Similar to the Council Fight, there is a Stacking DoT that is spread through contact. Make sure to spread loosely to avoid spread. Everytime it is spread on this fight, it will reset the timer and deal even more damage. The only way to get rid of it is to wait it out.

Cyclone– Dathea will attempt to pull all players into her and deal passive AoE damage. If players are pulled into the boss, they will be launched into the air and take considerable falling damage once they reach the ground.

Role-Specific Mechanics

There are several things that each raider should be aware of and prepared for. Check below for what each role is focusing on during the fight!


Tanks will be swapping off every 3-4 Zephyr Strikes. With every strike, you will be knocked back an increasingly greater distance and take even more damage. Discuss with your fellow tank how many you would like to swap off on, but it will have to be in Multiples of 2 for the stacks to drop before swapping.

On heroic, we found it best for each tank to hold the boss until it was their time to go up with a group.


There are no healer specific mechanics on this fight, but be aware of the passive damage that goes out during Cyclone and Conductive Mark. It is mostly unavoidable.

The longer a group is on one of the Upper Platforms, they will take greater damage. If you are struggling, consider saving raid CD’s for when you are healing the upper platforms.


This fight is not necessarily a sprint, more of a Marathon. Make sure you are responding to mechanics as they happen, and be prepared to kill adds as they are assigned.

Consider timing Cool Downs for when it is your turn to go up. The adds dying on the platform are important for your raids survival!

Heroic vs Normal Changes

There is one huge mechanical difference between Normal and Heroic.

During Coalescing Storm, only 1 add will spawn on the main platform. The 2nd will spawn on a random platform away from the main platform. Look for the lightning strikes as the adds spawn to identify which platform you will need to be knocked back to.

Your tanks will need to hold the add with the raids back to the designated platform. A group of roughly half the raid will need to fly backwards. Once on the platform, interrupt the large add ASAP, and round up/interrupt/kill the small adds as quickly as possible. Once all small adds are dead, kill the large add and launch yourself back down onto the main platform.


And that’s all she wrote! There’s only the single phase (2 if you are on heroic) and Dathea is dead, for the 2nd time. Now it’s time to explore the other half of the raid, and shut down whatever plans Kurog has planned for your raid team!

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