Vault of Incarnates Overview

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Welcome to the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, the newest expansion of the popular MMORPG, Azeroth. The first raid of this expansion is Vault of the Incarnates, which features eight bosses and introduces new systems. This blog post is your ultimate overview guide to Vault of the Incarnates, covering all the essential details, including release schedule, location, loot, rewards, and boss strategies.

Vault of Incarnates Lore and Story

The storyline of Vault of the Incarnates revolves around the Primalists, who breached the Titan prison where the Incarnates had been held captive for millennia. Raszageth, one of the Incarnates, performs a foul ritual to unleash her siblings, hoping to purge the world of the Titans’ influence. The champions of Azeroth must assault this impregnable fortress and break their defenses to end this threat. Defeat will result in the Incarnates’ reign of fire and blood.

Vault of Incarnates Raid Difficulties Overview

The Vault of the Incarnates has several difficulties you can play through and those are as follows: LFR, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties. Cross-faction raiding within Vault of Incarnates is also available in Dragonflight.

Where is Vault of Incarnates Raid?

Vault of the Incarnates is located in eastern Thaldraszus, and you can easily find it at /way 73.14 55.60. There is a flight point right outside the raid. If you pick up the quest “Vault of the Incarnates: Break a Few Eggs,” you can collect three Shards of the Greatstaff from Broodkeeper Diurna, allowing you to skip to her encounter after defeating Eranog and breaking the runes on either side of the door to Broodmother on subsequent raid runs.

Vault of Incarnates Boss Overview

Vault of the Incarnates has eight boss encounters, one of which is a council style with four bosses, I single target dps race and several more tricky and interesting encounters. We have individually covered each boss in the guides below so you can quickly and accurately get an understanding of how to defeat each boss with a quick read! Click the bosses below to get started.

Our boss strategy guides cover Normal and Heroic Vault of the Incarnates. These guides detail key advice, written tips, and important encounter mechanics.

Vault of Incarnates Gear Overview

Vault of the Incarnates has three item level tiers. The base item level drops from the first four bosses, Wing bosses drop slightly higher level items, and the final two bosses drop even higher ilevel items. Check out our comprehensive Vault of the Incarnates loot guide for details about all gear drops, special drops, achievements, and more.

In conclusion, Vault of the Incarnates is an exciting raid in Dragonflight that promises to be challenging and rewarding. With this guide, you are well-equipped to take on this new adventure, defeat the bosses, and claim your loot and rewards.

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