Dragonflight- How To Gear Up At 70!

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“How do I gear up?” is one of the most frequent questions on players minds in Dragonflight so far. In this article I am going to break down how to gear up at 70. At the end of this article, there will be a list of what I think are the BEST ways to get gear!

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How to get gear in Mythic+

Mythic+ is a dungeon mode in which you are racing against a timer to complete a dungeon. Upon completion of these dungeons you are awarded with a chest that has a chance to drop a piece of gear. This gear is upgradable using Valor Points, another reward for completing Mythic+ dungeons.

If you are looking to do Mythic+ to gear up, I recommend raising your IO by completing as many dungeons as you can, and collecting your Valor Points (Maximum of 1250 a week currently.) to upgrade pieces as high as you can!

How to get gear in PvP -Dragonflight

PvP in Dragonflight is much the same as previous expansions. If you are an experienced WoW player you’ll recognize the Conquest and Honor systems. If you are a new or returning player, PvP has changed a bit in the last few years. There are two currencies that players will use to buy and upgrade gear. Honor is obtainable through unrated PvP content. Conquest is a reward from rated content. I.E, Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds. If you are looking to gear up quick, you can spam run arenas and battle grounds with friends. Use the Honor and Conquest you gain to buy gear. Just a heads up, there is a weekly cap on these currencies. You can not get an entire set of gear by only doing PvP content early on. You may want to try and supplement using a few of the other methods mentioned!

How to get gear from Raiding- Dragonflight

The loot system for raiding in the last few expansions has primarily been primary loot. You kill a boss, the background system decided if you get loot or not. It would repeat this process for every person in the raid. This is NOT the case in Dragonflight. Personal Loot has been removed from raiding. We have returned to the traditional days of rolling for loot! When a boss dies, and a player loots the boss, a box will appear. You will have the option to Need, if this item matches your possible specs. You can greed if it is something that you want for anything other than equipping right now. or, you can pass. Passing is the best option if you have no use for the item. The loot system prioritizes Needs over Greeds, and Greeds over Pass.

Bosses will drop loot from a predetermined list viewable in the Dungeon Journal. The number of pieces that drop depends upon how many raiders are present when the boss dies. The higher number of raiders, the more loot that drops, with two pieces being the minimum.

How to get gear casually in Dragonflight.

Dragonflight has introduced a robust crafting system. This system has given players access to so many pieces of gear that can be crafted by themselves or fellow players! Using the Crafting Orders you are able to have gear made by other players with different professions. Simply, collect the materials, visit the Crafting Orders NPC’s, and place your work order. There are limits to this crafting system however. You will need Sparks of Ingenuity which are currently behind a time gate. You can get one spark every 2 weeks for now, and this will increase in speed as the expansion progresses. The epic armor that can be made can be upwards of 389 item level, comparable to raiding!

Zap’s recommendations for gear!

I have managed to get 4 characters to at least 376 item level so far this expansion. I dont commonly PvP, so my opinions may be a bit skewed. Below is MY preferred order for gearing my characters!

  • 1. Purchase or craft gear to reach 350+ item level.
  • 2. Enter dungeons at Mythic 0, do all dungeons available.
  • 3. PvP to fill some of your gaps in gear.
  • 4. Time for M+, grind away until you max out Valor!
  • 5. Raids are always what I end my adventure with. I don’t usually aim to gear up in raids, rather I prefer to be over geared and destroy the content with my guild!

I hope this helps! Feel free to ask any questions in the Community Discord if you would like, and I look forward to seeing you all in the Dragon Isles!

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