Dragonflight UI Changes

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One of the most anticipated updates coming in Dragonflight are the accessibility and UI changes that are coming! But what are they? Well, look no further! Below we will have laid out some of the most important and impactful changes coming to the User Interface in Dragonflight!

But what exactly is the UI in Dragonflight?

The UI, or User Interface, is what the player sees and uses to interact with the game! From Health Bars, to Unit Frames, to Action Bars. Everything that you use to receive information from the game, is part of the UI!

But how is Blizzard changing the ui?

Blizzard is specifically just making changes to bring the game into the modern era. A majority of the UI has been the same base since 2004, and doesn’t necessarily reflect the technology and accessibility that Blizzard has access to!

Screen shot of the new options after the Dragonflight UI Overhaul

List of UI Changes in Dragonflight:

  • The ability Save, Import, and Export UI Profiles! (Similar to ElvUI or WeakAuras.)
  • New Mini-Map, Art, and larger Health/Mana Bars!(Similar to Sexy Maps.)
  • Tons of accessibility options for players that may need or want them.
  • The option to Move and Relocate action bars without an addon! (Very similar to BarTender)
New default Mini-map appearance.

But… What about my addons? I really liked those!

All the addons you spent time on can stay! Blizzard is NOT trying to get rid of addons! This just makes the game friendlier and easier. Some people don’t want to go to strange sites to find UI imports, and addons. So this is Blizzard’s Solution!

What do you guys think of these changes? Do you think that adding new options, art, accessibility options to the UI will make it easier for new players?

In Conclusion

Blizzard is taking huge steps. Not only will the game look better and feel better for newer players, as a result they are making things easier for players that are hindered in some fashion that may impede enjoyment of the game. This level of inclusivity is great, and I for one cannot wait to see how far it goes! Want to stay up to date on more Dragonflight UI and other changes? Check out more articles on our home page.

Blizzard Deep Dive

Check out this video to see Blizzards deep dive interview on Dragonflight Talent and UI Changes!


Question: What changes are Blizzard making to the UI?

Answer: Blizzard is adding Accessibility Features, new art, and the ability to create Templates or Imports/Exports

Question: Is Blizzard getting rid of Addons?

Answer: No, Blizzard is not getting rid of addons. They are simply just making it easier for people to change their UI’s without relying on a third-party.

Question:Is this going to change how I play?

Answer: It could! We never know, but it will be easier for you to start a new character or class right out of the box, without working on new addons before you can play!

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