Dragonflight World Bosses: Season 1 Dragons!

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Welcome to Battle Shout, where we guide you through the world of World of Warcraft! In this guide, we’ll be covering the four world bosses of season 1 on the Dragon Isles – Strunraan, Basrikron, Bazual, and Liskanoth. Each boss is on a fixed weekly rotation, with only one of them up at a time. So, let’s break it down!

Strunraan, the Sky’s Misery (Ohn’Ahran Plains)

This formidable Storm Dragon is drawn to the sheer power presented by the deity Ohn’Ahra, and as such has set to siege the Ohn’ Ahran Plains. It’s up to you adventurers to find a group and prevent Strunraan from obtaining their goal! Find him in the South-Eastern water falls of the Ohn’Ahran Plains!

See the list of Abilities below for an idea of what to do against this World Boss!

  • Surrounding Storm– The powers of the storm follow and obey Strunraan’s will. Periodically during the encounter bolts of lightning will fall attempting to kill players. You will want to dodge these bolts. Every 100 energy Strunraan will empower the storm, causing it to pulse faster and becoming much more dangerous. This Ability is constant throughout the entire fight, with the exception of the Empowering, which occurs roughly every 90 seconds.
  • Strunraan’s Tempest– Players can be empowered by the very storm seeking to destroy them. Almost all attacks done by Strunraan can apply this tempest. Players that benefit from Strunraan’s Tempest will gain 45% increased attack and casting speed, while discharging excess energy to nearby players in the form of Damage. If you find yourself with this double edged blade, separate from the group! The damage and application of this buff wholly depends on the positioning of players, and what abilities they do or do not get hit by.
  • Shock Water– Strunraan will electrify any water they stand in. This will cause the water to pulse with damage. It is best to stand on Land as often as possible during this encounter. This is an important Tank mechanic, as it is only ever applicable if the tank is holding Strunraan in a pool of water.
  • Arc Expulsion– As all dragons do, Strunraan has a special conical Breathe attack. Avoid standing in front of the boss during Arc Expulsion.
  • Thunder Vortex– Strunraan can unleash a torrent of Tornados from their body. Dodge these tornados!

Basrikron, the Shale Wing (The Waking Shores)

This earthen Behemoth is too heavy too fly, but do not let that distract from his sheer power. Basrikron has harnessed a mastery of Earth, and as such can control the very ground beneath him to bend to his will. You will find him preparing to assault the Ruby Life Pools in the Waking Shore.

See the list of Abilities below for an idea of what to do against this World Boss!

  • Sundering Crash– Every 100 energy Basrikron will attempt to take flight. As he rises up, he will prime all active Elementals to explode. Either dodge these explosions or make sure all elementals are dead before he lands. You also want to dodge where Basrikron comes back down!
  • Awaken Crag– Basrikron will create Elemental constructs to assault your raid. Dodge where they spawn as there is an initial eruption, and stack them/ kill them as quickly as your raid can!
  • Fracturing Tremor– Basrikron will attempt to disrupt players by spawning pillars of earth beneath their feet. If you are caught by a pillar, you will take damage and be knocked back. The area near the pillars will slow and damage players for the next few minutes.
  • Shale Breath– Tanks, make sure to keep Basrikron pointed away from the raid. He casts a Shale Breath which increases your damage taken, and deals damage to all in the Cone.

Bazual, the Dreaded Flame (The Azure Span)

Drawing power from the Firelands itself, Bazual seeks to overwhelm the Aspect of Magics forces in the Azure Span. Find him nestled in the volcanic section of Vakthros, and stop him before he gains too much power!

See the list of Abilities below for an idea of what to do against this World Boss!

This is the first world boss in Dragonflight to technically be 2 phases, but the 2nd phase is just a higher damage output version of Phase 1!

See the list of Abilities below for an idea of what to do against this World Boss!

  • Deterring Flame– Occasionally, Bazual will send out waves of fire from their position. This will deal damage and knock players back, I advise dodging these waves as often as possible.
  • Magma Eruption- Bazual will target players with an AoE attack. Dodge these pools of Magma and avoid standing in them for the rest of the fight. In Phase 2, Bazual will upgrade this by attacking more players, with a larger Rain of Destruction.
  • Lava Breath– Tanks, keep Bazual pointed away from the raid. He will breathe a cone of lava dealing massive damage to anyone caught out.

Liskanoth, the Futurebane (Thaldrazzus)

In a future version of Thaldrazzus, Liskanoth oversees the Primalist efforts. Interact with the portal near the temporal conflux to transition to the Primalist Future. Once there, head to the Sout West to challenge Liskanoth!

See the list of Abilities below for an idea of what to do against this World Boss!

  • Glacial Storm– Throughout the fight, Liskanoth will cause frozen comets to crash down on players. This will deal significant damage within 5 yards of the impact point. Keep on your feet, and dodge them! This will leave an effect to dodge on the ground.
  • Deep Freeze– Every 100 energy Liskanoth will take to the skies, and attempt to eradicate players. This will deal damage and stun players in a line. This is telegraphed by her positioning. When she is in the air, do not stand below her.
  • Binding Ice– Liskanoth with target players with Binding Ice. Rooting them in place. This ice can either be destroyed by a DPS or cleansed by a healer.
  • Chilling Breath– Tanks, keep Liskanoth pointed away. She will freeze players in a cone in front of her, and reduce movement speeds. try to not point this at the raid!

Why should I do the Season 1 World Bosses?

Well, for starters there is Gear you can get! The ilvl of the loot that drops is around 389 in season 1, and on par with Normal Mode Vault of the Incarnates. There’s 4 pieces of armor for each armor specialization, as well as a Trinket, cloak, and ring. Check out the Dungeon Journal for each boss’s specific loot table and to see what your characters can get! Shift+J -> Raids -> Dragon Isles to find the list of all 4 bosses.

You can also get Gold, Reputation, and complete a section in your Traveler’s Log when you defeat a Dragonflight World Boss!

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