I play WoW on Controller: Here’s How!

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The Dragonflight Pre-Patch has brought in a ton of changes. From UI, to in game mechanics, and even changes to how we traverse the world! With these changes and the introduction of the Dracthyr Evokers, now is the best time to play with a controller. Here’s how I do it!

How to play WoW with a controller?

In order to play WoW with a controller, you have to have a way to alter the interface and inputs to work with a controller. For this, I recommend the addon Console Port. Console Port gives you a UI Overhaul. This will allow you to choose a controller type, and bind all of your actions to your controller!

Console Port supports PS4, PS5, Steam Deck, and Xbox controllers! So regardless of what console you have at home (Except for Nintendo Players) you are covered!

Go through their Easy Start setup, get ready to take the game by storm!

Can I play WoW with a controller?

Any person with one of the controllers listed above is capable of playing WoW with a controller! It works pretty well, and is exceptionally fun on classes such as Warriors, Demon Hunters, and Evokers!

With Tab Targetting, Macros, and some practice, WoW with a controller feels so natural! Using your triggers as enhancement options you can bind up to 12+ combos on the right hand alone!

Is WoW Officially on Console?

As of right now, WoW is NOT on console! (Unless you count the Niche steamdeck.) There is speculation that WoW may be making its way to console in the future however. With all of the new UI and Accessibility changes making the game more accessible, and controllers becoming more popular, it could be in our future!

Check out this Video from Erosium breaking down HIS thoughts on the speculation!

And if you’d rather read his article published here on Battle-Shout, check this out!

What do you think? Will you try it?

Let us know if you give playing WoW with a Controller a try! Make sure to download Console Port from Curseforge, dust off your trusty controller, and maybe even level a new character to get practice! If you find some success or have a good time, let us know! And keep an eye out on our Community Discord where I will be posting some Key Binding imports/exports for Community Members!

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