Obtaining the Unobtainable – Zul’Gurub 10.0.7

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Dragonflight patch 10.0.7 brought in a HUGE amount of stuff for players to do while we wait for 10.1. We’ve got access to the Forbidden Reach, new rares and catch up mechanics, and more. But one thing almost EVERYONE has overlooked, is the return of things long forgotten. Many patterns made unobtainable by the Cataclysm are BACK! Keep reading to see HOW you can get these amazing patterns, ensembles, and transmogs. Come along to obtain the unobtainable in Zul’Gurub!

Where to start – Zul’gurub

First, in order to even begin on the path of reclaiming some Zandalari Mojo you’re going to need a level 70 character. If your account does not have at least ONE level 70, the quest to unlock these unobtainable items cannot be completed.

Now, if you have a level 70 character, travel to Zul’Gurub in Northern Stranglethorn Vale. To start this whole experience you will need to collect 2 items. The Shattered Hakkari Bijou and the Fragmented Hakkari Bijou. The first is in the Living World, and the second is in the Spirit World.

To find the First half travel to the large structure in the center of the dungeon. On the lowest level, there is a door into a ritual chamber. Beneath a gong in this chamber is the first half of the puzzle!

To find the 2nd half, you’ll have to kill at least 2 bosses in the dungeon and earn Jin’Do’s Ire. The ones I personally suggest killing the 2 bosses below as they are easy to get to, and one can drop a mount!

Now that 2 bosses are dead, find your way to the center temple once again. At the top, engage Jin’Do and fight him until he begins phase 2 and forces you into the Spirit Realm. You’ll know you’ve made it once the world is grey and the ghosts are now hostile. (Also, Jin’Do is flexing on us by floating in the air above Hakkar!)

Without completing this encounter, run back down the stairs and re-enter the room where you found the first piece. There is now a 2nd piece you can interact with under the gong!

Where to End- Rin’wosho, Dazar’alor

You’re so close to unlocking the Unobtainable Zul’gurub patterns! Combine both pieces into the Restored Hakkari Bijou, which will begin a quest sending you to the trade district of Dazar’alor to speak with Rin’wosho. Alliance players, do not fear! You can still complete this quest by flying quickly. Rin’wosho will not be hostile to you!

Once you turn in the quest, you are prepared to begin your grind to collect all of patterns and appearances that have been long missing since Cataclysm! Rin’wosho will move to just inside the entrance of Zul’gurub for all of your level 70 characters for ease of trading access! He will have a ton of patterns and ensembles specific to your class and armor type, as well as specific recipes for various professions!

But Wait, There’s More! – Fishing Secrets

There are even more secrets surrounding the unobtainable secrets of Zul’gurub. Several BoP items and patterns that have not seen the light of day in almost a DECADE are no available to those willing to hunt them further. Lets start with following in the footsteps of Nat Pagle, and his Mudskunk Lures! (Everything in the following sections REQUIRES you to have returned the Restored Hakkari Bijou to Rin’wosho on a single character.)

Travel to the above location on a Character with fishing and receive the buff Mudskunk Lure. This gives you the ability to fish up tokens and bijous tradeable to Rin’wosho, as well as a rare Cache that you can obtain ONCE PER DAY. One version of the cache is locked and will require you to either purchase Skeleton Keys, or find a friendly rogue willing to pick the lock. (Or potentially allying yourself with the Necrolords of Shadowlands for a free lock pick via Plague Deviser Marileth… but who would ally with them?!?) But, there is an unlocked version you can obtain that anyone can open, with a lower chance of the really good stuff (Super Rare Items!)

We’re all mad here – Alchemy in the Cache of Madness

In a section of Zul’gurub there lies the Cache of Madness. A byproduct of the delusions and glory that the trolls of Zul’gurub were seeking. As a result of this lust for power, they sacrificed many people and scrolls. Some of these scrolls can be reclaimed by those also seeking power, and will reward you with Ancient patterns.

To unlock the ability to collect Ancient Patterns made unobtainable by the cataclysm, you will need to enter Zul’gurub and travel to the cache of Madness. Interact with both the Tablet and a nearby Brazier to receive a recipe and a toy. The Recipe is for a Flask of Madness. This can be used with the Brazier of Madness to gain a buff. This buff will let you interact with piles throughout the dungeon, and receive Ancient Patterns in exchange for the Bijous collected from bosses!

And now you know everything I do about HOW to obtain the Unobtainable! I hope you enjoyed this Secrets of Zul’gurub guide, and can find some awesome stuff for yourself! Make sure to share any cool items you find or craft in our Community Discord for bragging rights! Also, bookmark Battle-Shout to keep up to date with our latest guides and articles!

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