Playing Evoker In World Of Warcraft

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Are you ready to explore the world of World of Warcraft’s newest class? The Dragonflight release brought a new class to the game called the Evoker, and it is created by Neltharion. The Evoker class is comprised of Mail-wearing, draconic casters called Dracthyr who use their dragon physiology and the combined power of the five Dragonflights to launch devastating attacks from afar or to heal their allies.

Masters of Draconic Might

The Dracthyr Masters are a group of formidable individuals who have been trained to harness the magical energies of all five dragonflights. They have the ability to imbue their draconic powers with magic, which allows them to charge their attacks, delivering devastating blows to their enemies at the most opportune moment. With their exceptional agility, they can easily dart in and out of battle, adapting to any situation with ease.

Class Overview

The Masters have access to special Empowered abilities that enable them to enhance their spells and abilities on the fly. They specialize in fighting from a moderate range, using their fiery breath attacks to obliterate their foes or restoring their allies to keep them in the fight.

General Evoker Info:
Combat Roles: Damage, Healer
Resources: Health, Mana, Essence
Armor Type: Mail
Available Weapons: Daggers, Fist Weapons, Axes, Maces, Swords, Staves

The Evoker class has two specializations: Devastation and Preservation.

Preservation is a healing specialization that utilizes the powers of the Green Dragonflight to nurture their allies and the Bronze Dragonflight’s time magic to rewind wounds done or heal allies faster.

Devastation is a ranged DPS specialization that focuses on using attacks with the explosive power of the Red Dragonflight and the focused and overwhelming magic of the Blue Dragonflight to harm foes from a distance.

How to Access Evoker in WoW

To play an Evoker, players must purchase the Dragonflight expansion and have at least one character that is level 50 on their account. Furthermore, players are limited to one Evoker character per realm. Dracthyr Evokers begin at level 58 in their exclusive starter zone, the Forbidden Reach in the Dragon Isles, and have their own set of armor and weapon restrictions.

Evokers have the ability to wield the magic of all five Dragonflights in a prismatic effect that developers call a “coalescence” of all the Dragonflights. They have a new mechanic exclusive to the class called Empowered Spells, where the longer they inhale, the more powerful the spell effect will be. They do not get separate class abilities for Covenants, and they receive the same class ability for all four Covenants. There are also no Evoker-specific Legendaries. However, Evokers do have a very nice array of Evoker-specific abilities for Torghast.

Evokers are a hero class joining the ranks of Death Knights and Demon Hunters, and they are a unique class in that only one race, the Dracthyr, can play it. Dracthyr are part-dragon themselves, and they are the only race apart from Pandaren that can join either the Alliance or the Horde.

The Dracthyr Evoker is a dragon-themed twist on an offensive spellcaster, an archetype WoW is hardly short of, although it’s the first ranged class of any sort to be added to the game since launch. The Evoker excels at splash and burst damage and has Deep Breath, a satisfying airborne area-of-effect attack that launches them across the battlefield, breathing fire down on all enemies below.

How to Play Devastation (DPS)

The gameplay of a Devastation Evoker is characterized by its fluidity, as you are constantly casting spells that interact with each other. Here are some examples:

  • Casting Blue Spells with the Charged Blast talent will boost the damage of your next Pyre.
  • Using Empowered Spells during Dragonrage with the Animosity talent will extend its duration.
  • Pairing Fire Breath with the Leaping Flames talent will cause your next Living Flame to hit additional targets based on the Empower level.
  • Healing allies with Scarlet Adaptation will increase the damage of your next Living Flame.
  • The cooldown of your empowered spells can be reduced through Essence expenditure with talents like Feed the Flames and Causality.

These few interactions add depth to your combat rotation, resulting in a more engaging and captivating DPS specialization.

How to Play Preservation (Healer)

Preservation Evokers excel in group settings where they can utilize their powerful area-of-effect healing abilities such as Dream Breath and Emerald Blossom. Their skills are most effective when party and raid members are in close proximity.

In addition to their strong healing capabilities, Preservation Evokers provide various forms of utility to their allies including a party-wide damage reduction with Zephyr, raid buffs with Time Spiral and Blessing of the Bronze, and their version of Time Warp with Fury of the Aspects.

How Viable is the Evoker in WoW?

Viability of Devastation Evoker The effectiveness of Devastation Evoker in combat is heavily influenced by the talent choices that you make. Picking a talent build that is not well-suited to the particular combat scenario can result in significantly lower DPS. To avoid this, it is advisable to have multiple talent trees prepared.

Devastation Evokers have relatively low health and base mitigation, which can make them feel vulnerable to damage. However, their high mobility allows them to avoid many sources of avoidable damage.

In addition to dealing damage, Devastation Evokers can also support their team in various ways. For example, healing allies with Scarlet Adaptation Icon Scarlet Adaptation increases their own damage, while Blessing of the Bronze Icon Blessing of the Bronze reduces the cooldown of teammates’ movement abilities. Time Spiral Icon Time Spiral grants everyone a free use of their mobility cooldown, while Zephyr Icon Zephyr reduces AoE damage taken and increases movement speed. Finally, the Rescue Icon Rescue ability can be used to save teammates from dangerous locations or move slow players to a new location.

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