Revival Catalyst- Where Is It?

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With the arrival of 10.0.5, the Revival Catalyst has been introduced! Use the Revival Catalyst to transform Non-Tier gear into Tier Pieces! The location has been shared on Blizzards social medias, but we don’t all follow them. This quick article will show you how to get started, and how to get there!

Talk to Watcher Koranos – Where is the Catalyst?

Find Watcher Koranos at the Seat of the Aspects, the top of the large tower in the center of Valdrakken. He will have a quest for you called “Reviving the Machine“. This will lead you to the chamber containing the Revival Catalyst.

To Tyrhold! – Finding the Catalyst

The Catalyst is located in a chamber on the North side of Tyrhold. You can see it jutting out of the mountain as you fly to Tyrhold with your View Distance turned up!

Talk to Antuka – Powering the Catalyst

Turn the quest into Antuka, the Snake Person standing next to the Catalyst. She will give you a quest to obtain the material used to power the Catalyst!

Hope this helps!

Hope this has helped you find the Revival Catalyst! Best of luck on your upcoming Tier Gear, and make sure to check out our other articles here on Battle-Shout!

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