Dragonflight Sparks of Ingenuity

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Welcome heroes to another Battle Shout guide! This guide is going to teach you about Spark’s of Ingenuity. What is a spark of ingenuity, how do you get sparks of ingenuity, can you only have 5 sparks of ingenuity? All of those questions and more will be answered in this guide.

What are Sparks of Ingenuity?

A Spark of Ingenuity is a new crafting reagent for World of Warcraft Dragonflight. This item allows you to craft (or have crafted for you) Epic pieces of gear and weapons. In fact, every Epic piece of crafted gear in Dragonflight requires you to use one of these rare ingredients.

How do I get a Spark of Ingenuity?

To get your first Spark of Ingenuity pick up the quest Learning Ingenuity from Therazal in Valdrakken; he is at the centre fountain. You must then head to the Engine of Innovation in Valdrakken. There you will meet the Maiden of Inspiration and Greyzik Cobblefinger. These two will send you out to complete a short quest chain that will end in rewarding you a Bottled Essence. Take the Bottled Essence to the console in front of the Maiden of Inspiration back at the Engine of Innovation and use the extra action button that pops-up on screen to turn your Bottled Essence into a Spark of Ingenuity. Originally this questline was timegated but now all 5 short quest chains are open for all characters. Keep blasting through the Maiden’s quests and you will finish with 5 Spark of Ingenuity total.

This questline will take you all over, not just Valdrakken.Don’t worry though, they provide plenty of portals and such to get you around. You can finish all 5 quest lines super quick.

Can I get more Sparks of Ingenuity?

The short answer is yes! Yes you can get more Spark of Ingenuity. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as the first 5. You can earn more Spark of Ingenuity as a random drop chance in the form of Bottled Essence from doing end game content such as Mythic+ and Raiding. There is no way to guarantee a drop, it is complete RNG. They are also very rare.

Sparks of Ingenuity on Alts

If you have completed the full questline (unlocking all 5 Bottled Essence / Spark of Ingenuity) on one character, you can completely skip the questline on any following alts! All you need to do is talk to Greyzik Cobblefinger at the Engine of Innovation and you will have a new option to skip through the quest line and unlock the Engine of Innovation. Once you have selected this option, take the quest from the Maiden of Inspiration and it will reward you with all 5 Bottled Essence there and then!

Closing Words

We hope you enjoyed our guide on the Spark of Ingenuity. If we didn’t answer a question you had about them, please feel free to drop your question in the comments!

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