WoW How to unlock Highmountain Tauren

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All restrictions for unlocking Allied Races in World of Warcraft have been changed. Any player wanting to unlock Allied Races will need to level one character to level 40 and then complete the allied race unlock scenario. The allied race unlock scenario starts at the faction city embassy in either Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

The Horde Embassy

Once you’ve level at least one character to level 40 head to the embassy in Orgrimmar and there will be a quest waiting for you. You will have to complete a short questline to recruit the Highmountain Tauren into the Horde.

Complete the Highmountain Tauren Recruitment Scenario. The scenario is 15 steps long and finishes with “The Darkness”. Once you’re out of the scenario talk to Ji Firepaw in the Embassy to finish up and BOOM! You can now go create your Highmountain Tauren!


Question: What class should I play for my Highmountain Tauren?

Answer: Play whatever your heart desires! I will say that their racial stamina buff does make them pretty good tanks!

Question: Can I complete Ain’t No Mountain High Enough on an Alliance character?
Answer: Absolutely, the achievement is account-wide

Question: How do I unlock Highmountain Tauren?
Answer: Read this guide! Or simply complete the achievement Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and head to the Orgrimmar Embassy

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