WoW Which is better, Horde or Alliance?

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From the inception of the Horde and Alliance, many people have has the question. Which is better? That entirely depends upon your perspective, and what exactly your asking! Do you want to know Morally, who actually has the high ground? Or are you looking for an edge in PvP or PvE? Keep reading, and i’ll answer every question I can think you might ask!

Are the Horde Evil?

On a surface level, most people assume that “Red and Black? Big mean orcs, skull decorations and ZOMBIES??? The Horde must be bad!” This is a very basic way to look at it, and not necessarily true!

While the Horde is rife with characters that can be seen as the Antagonists of WoW’s story, most of the Horde are actively working against these nefarious interests. As a champion of the Horde myself, I can guarantee that at least 20% of the time, I am working to Preserve Azeroth!

Orgrimmar Keep Horde

Why are the Horde seen as Antagonists?

Lets take a step back in time. From the very beginning Orcs and Humans have been at odds. The orcs were driven by the influence of Demons. They are weapons, forged by rage. Here, the orcs are puppets. Then later down the line, the Forsaken were born from some of the Scourge regaining their own will. Again, puppets used to commit harm against the humans and their allies.

Since there are so many races that were once at odds with the Alliance, they need to form their own. This lead to the creation of the “new Horde”.

An alliance of the horde races that were once fighting against the dominant races of Azeroth.

Stormwind Keep Alliance

This new Horde is not inherently evil, merely trying to survive in a world they don’t understand now that they have some semblance of Freedom.

Who is Better in PvP: Horde or Alliance?

Horde Flag
Alliance Flag

The races of both factions tend to have racial benefits and passive abilities that give them an edge in various game states.

Historically the Alliance has the best racials for PvP content, however the Horde have more players and that means a better talent pool.

There are more active Horde players than Alliance players. The breakdown is roughly 60% Horde and 40% Alliance.

Who is Better in PvE: Horde or Alliance?

Orgrimmar Lift Gate – Horde
Lion’s Rest – Alliance

If you are looking to join a cutting edge, high end full time raiding guild, then I suggest the Horde. But, in the grand scheme of the game, there is not much difference. Unless you are looking to Min/Max your damage, and top the Parsing Charts, play what you want. Choose the race and class that appeals to you, and what you want from the game.

Which should I choose: Horde or Alliance?

This is entirely based on what YOU want to do! With the differences mentioned above being so small outside of the highest levels of gameplay, the choice is purely personal. Cross Faction and Cross Realm availability has almost removed the faction requirement/identity. So choose what appeals best to your sense of identity.


Horde Tauren Character Creation

Horde: Want to be Strong and unmoving, but still kind? Choose a flavor of Tauren!


Alliance Human Character Creation

Alliance: Want to take the world by storm? Then humans may be for you!

Since Alliance and Horde can play together in so much content, with even more cross faction on the horizon, now is the best time to play what you think is the coolest personally! (Bonus points for any readers that play an Orc Shaman… Zap will love you forever!)

Final Thoughts: Horde vs Alliance

Ultimately when it comes to Who is Better, Horde or Alliance, it boils down to personal opinion. It is my opinion that the Horde have the coolest appearances and stories, but that is just my perspective. If you are looking to make the game a full time job, choose Alliance for PvP and Horde for PvE. However, I invite you to play what you want. At the end of the day, this is a game. Play the races that appeal to your sense of self, and have a blast while doing it!

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