Echo of Neltharion – Raid Guide

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All of these guides are being tuned as new information about the raid is released. All information gathered from the PTR and subject to change as the raid is nerfed/buffed!


Magmorax is the Lava Hydra pet of none other than Neltharion himself! A guard dog trained by the Earth-warder to defend his most secret of experiments. This is a single target DPS race of a fight. Defeat Magmorax before he overloads and enrages, or else all is lost!


You will want to keep Magmorax near one side of the platform, while the group focuses on soaking lava puddles near the boss, and dropping puddles far away when you can. The lava puddles will spawn faster and faster, and grow faster as the fight progresses. Keep soaking until your team can tunnel the boss for the kill.

Important Abilities

Twisted EruptionNeltharion will cause Walls of Earth to erupt from the ground, cutting off sections of the room and possibly separating the raid.
Rushing ShadowsNeltharion will target a few players with a Knockback and deal large amounts of Shadow Damage. Players will also destroy any Walls they collide with, dealing raid damage.
Calamitous StrikeTank swap mechanic. Does large damage and increases damage taken, as well as shatters nearby walls.
ShatterWhen the walls are hit by several different abilities, they will explode. This deals large damage to the raid and should be managed accordingly.
Echoing FissureNeltharion will erupt with Shadow Damage. Damage is based on distance, run farther away to prevent Damage. There will also be rocks that fall from the ceiling after the explosion, you should dodge these.
Surrender to CorruptionPhase transition. Neltharion will change phases at 70% and 40%. Each time he does he will apply a DoT to the raid that lasts until the end of the fight.
Sunder ShadowNeltharion will knock the soul out of a tank, and deal large damage to their body. While the tank is a ghost, he can walk through walls. Neltharion will then deliver a Follow-up attack that will knock the tanks body to its soul. This will destroy all walls between the body and the soul.
Shattered RealityNeltharion begins to shatter reality. He will open many portals that will summon Faceless Adds. Kill these Asap, and position yourself near the portals.
Ebon DestructionNeltharion will attempt to annihilate the raid. This will 1 shot essentially everyone. To negate the damage, step into the portals created by Shattered Reality.

Role-Specific Mechanics

There are several things that each raider should be aware of and prepared for. Check below for what each role is focusing on during the fight!


Tanks, this entire fight hinges on your ability to communicate and maneuver the room. Pay close attention the raids health and try to not shatter walls when it will kill people.


This fight is a marathon. There are a ton of mechanics constantly chipping away at the entire raids health, and it will ramp up at the end. Coordinate with your fellow healers so that you can try to manage your mana and not overlap Raid CD’s.


DPS, watch your feet and DO NOT LoS your healers. In the final phase, DPS the adds down as fast as you can, the longer they are alive the more likely your raid will wipe.


Your raid team has narrowly escaped succumbing to madness, and avoid total annihilation. Ascend to Neltharion’s private lab and stop Sarkareths ascension to the Void!

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