Eranog Boss Guide – Vault of Incarnates Raid

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Eranog, the Primal Commander, is the first boss of the Vault of Incarnates. This guide is aimed at helping normal and heroic level encounters. His purpose is to prepare your raid team for themes and mechanics that are present throughout the raid. Read the guide below to gain a better understanding of Positioning, Add Management, and Damage Mitigation/Output!


The positioning for this fight is fairly simple. Your tanks will pull Eranog to the halfway point between the edge of the room and the circle in the middle. Later in the fight Eranog will jump to the center of the room, you will want to leave this space relatively open so that Melee can get some DPS in during the intermission phase.

Important Abilities:

Eranog is technically a 2 phase fight. In his first phase he has 5 abilities he will cast to try and catch the raid out. To overcome this portion you will need to maintain add management as well as positioning to prevent from cutting off portions of the room.

  • Flamerift- Occasionally Eranog will target players with a Wreathe of Flame. After a few seconds these flames will expire and leave a pool of Lava behind, as well as summon an add. Make sure you are dropping the pools of lava as close together as you can BEHIND the boss, while the tanks make space for upcoming puddles. The adds that spawn will fixate on random players and CANNOT be tanked. It is best for whomever is fixated to kite the adds through the boss so that Melee can help cleave them down!
  • Molten Cleave- Eranog will face a random player and let forth a mighty cleave. This is 100% avoidable damage. Pay attention to where Eranog is facing and dodge the attack as quickly as you can.
  • Incinerating Roar- Eranog will let loose a roar, applying a stacking DoT to the raid and causing Molten Pillars to erupt. The DoT effect can be dispelled by healers, but will also naturally fall off over the course of the fight.
  • Molten Spikes- Eranog will target random players to erupt a Molten Pillar beneath. This pillar appears as a small orange circle on the ground before it bursts forth. The Pillar will do damage to players standing too close when it spawns, and will erupt with magma flows that need to be avoided whenever Eranog does Incinerating Roar.
  • Burning Wound- This is a Tank Mechanic. It is a Non-dispellable stacking DoT. Tanks should trade off between 4 and 8 stacks.


Once Eranog’s energy reaches 100%, roughly every 90 seconds, he will leap to the center of the room. He will create a moving wall of Living Fire Elementals that slowly progress to the center of the room. You will want to find the Elemental with the most clearence between your raid and the boss. You will have to back peddle and dps as you kill one of the Fire Elementals, but when it is dead your team will have a few free seconds to get Damage in on the boss!

Heroic Changes:

The fight is the exact same between Normal and Heroic. The only changes are that the Damage and Health of all enemies and mechanics are greatly increased. Keep this in mind as you are progressing from Normal to Heroic and make sure your team is ready!

Role Specific Mechanics:


Tanks main priorities are making sure the boss is being pulled back enough to leave space for the raid to drop Flamerifts. Tank swap at roughly 4-8 stacks of Burning Wounds, and try to not stress your healers!


Dispelling the Incinerating Roar and positioning Flamerifts are your top 2 priorities.


Position Flamerifts, DPS down all Taraseks that spawn, and kill the marked Fire Elemental. Other than that, don’t stress your healers out!


And that’s Eranog! Hopefully this short guide helped you out. Now that your raid team has him dead, the doors are open to head downward to Terros, or up towards the Primal Council! Stay safe Heroes, and may the Primalist threat be quelled once and for all!

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