Terros Boss Guide – Vault of Incarnates Raid

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Terros is one of your options for a second boss following the defeat of Eranog. This guide is aimed at helping normal and heroic level encounters. When you venture into the Caverns on the right and head down, you will be see this summoned monstrosity. He is the passion project and a show of strength for the shaman Kurog Grimtotem. Terros will test your groups ability to follow mechanics and do damage while moving! Check out the Terros Guide below for tips on Positioning, how to handle his array of abilities, and what each role should be aware of as the fight progresses!


Terros is a stationary boss and cannot walk, only rotate. The positioning for this fight is reliant on group movement. Every 90 seconds or so (100 energy) Terros will shatter a portion of the floor, forcing the group to rotate to an open section to avoid damage! Make sure to never stand behind tanks with the Concussive Slam, and keep your pillars roughly even on both sides! (See the image below in the Abilities Section for more context!)

Important Abilities

Terros is a fairly simple fight as far as the Vault of Incarnates is concerned. He is a single phase DPS race. With that in mind, there are 4 abilities you will see throughout the encounter. 2 of which you will only see if everyone has messed up GREATLY.

  • Rock Blast– This is the most important mechanic in the fight. Terros will target 1 player with a LARGE circle that needs to be soaked, and many players with small circles that need to be placed evenly on either side of the large circle.
  • Resonating Annihilation– Every 100 energy, or roughly 90 seconds, Terros will destroy a section of the floor. Rotate whichever direction your raid lead calls out.
  • Shattering Impact– Terros slams the ground, damaging players near the impact. Avoid the circle. After the slam, stones will fall near players, make sure to dodge them..
  • Concussive Slam– Tank Mechanic. This creates a long line that shatters the pillars created by Rock Blast. For each pillar destroyed, your party will get a stacking DoT. Try to not break too many at once. Tanks will trade off on 2 stacks.
  • Frenzied Devastation- Terros’ enrage. If the entire raid is filled by the Resonating Annihilation, he will begin to pulse for increasing amounts of Raid Wide damage.
  • Tectonic Barrage- Terros will deal raid wide damage if there are no targets in melee Range.

Role-Specific Mechanics


Tanks will need to tank swap on 2 stacks of Concussive Slam. Don’t be overly cautious of hitting the raid with the slam, just make sure to break roughly half of the Pillars at a time. DPS and heals will move, or they will die. Breaking the pillars and tank swapping are your priorities.


There is nothing specific that needs dispelling. Focus on keeping the raid alive and dropping your pillars in the correct locations. Other than that, stay mobile!


Make sure you are dropping your pillars correctly. Don’t stand in the Concussive Slam and avoid as much damage as you can. Help your healers out!

Heroic Changes vs Normal

The primary changes between Normal and Heroic revolves around the falling rocks from Shattering Impact and passive damage.

After Shattering Impact, all ranged should stack near each other to bait out the falling rocks. After they land, they leave a puddle on the ground that deals damage for the rest of the fight. Do your best to keep them together and in your current section of the floor.

The pillars created by Rock Blast will pulse with damage until destroyed on top of the damage they deal when destroyed. Healers will need to keep an eye out for ramping damage as the fight progresses.


And the monstrosity has fallen! Great job on passing the DPS check, but the day is not yet ours. The path has opened to Sennarth’s Lair. Gather your wits and trudge on. Only one more lieutenant stands between your raid and Kurog!

I hope this Guide for Terros was helpful! Let us know, and check out our Vault of the Incarnates Overview Here!

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