The Forgotten Experiments – Raid Guide

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All of these guides are being tuned as new information about the raid is released. All information gathered from the PTR and subject to change as the raid is nerfed/buffed!

Image of one of the Forgotten Experiments, Neldris.


Before Neltharion perfected the Dracthyr, his experiments experienced some Growing Pains. Put these failed Proto-Dracthyr out of their misery! This is a primarily single target encounter, as you fight the bosses one at a time.


This is technically a 3 Phase fight. You’ll fight each boss one at a time with very little overlap.

Make sure everyone is loosely spread so that you can avoid mechanics with minimal overlapping, while avoiding walking into the Tanks.

You will want to lust during Boss 2 to minimize his stacks!

The Forgotten Experiements Boss Room.

Important Abilities

First Boss Abilities:

Rending Charge- The boss will target several players and then charge between them. Players hit will get a long DoT. It is important to spread and avoid the path so people are not getting DoT’d unnecessarily.

Massive Slam- The boss will conjure orbs that slam into the ground. They deal massive damage, so avoid the impact site.

Bellowing Roar- The boss will shout, dealing raid wide damage. The further away you are, the less damage you will take.

Infuse Strikes- The boss applies a stacking DoT to the Tanks. The only way to reset this is by running into another player. Only do this when there is not Raid Wide damage going out.

Second Boss Abilities:

Unstable essence- The boss afflicts players with a dispel-able DoT that deals more damage the longer it is active. When it is dispelled, it will bounce to a new player and causes an AoE to spawn where the player was standing and summons an Add that MUST be killed. (Healers, let players keep the debuff as long as possible to minimize adds spawning.)

Volatile Spew- The boss will spawn swirlies around the room. Dodge these swirlies as they deal MASSIVE damage to who ever steps in them.

Violent Eruption- The boss will pulse for about 8 seconds. During this time they will be dealing Raid-wide damage. If any adds from the Unstable Essence are still active, they will also cast the Eruption, causing even more damage!

Infused Strikes- The boss applies a stacking DoT to the Tanks. The only way to reset this is by running into another player. Only do this when there is not Raid Wide damage going out.

Third Boss Abilities:

Deep Breathe- The boss flies around the room breathing fire. Dodge these fire strafes.

Temporal Anomaly- The boss summons an orb that floats towards him. Players must physically knock the ball away, otherwise the boss will gain a shield equal to 10% of his total health.

Disintegrate- The boss will target multiple players with a 3 second channel. Spread for this attack and pop survival CD’s.

Role-Specific Mechanics

There are several things that each raider should be aware of and prepared for. Check below for what each role is focusing on during the fight!


Tanks will want to stand apart from each other and be cognizant of where Melee are standing at all times. Avoid detonating your stacks at times where it will deal large raid damage.


This will be a typical fight, except for Boss 2. You will have to coordinate with your raid team and other healers to make sure you are managing the Dot and not spawning more adds than necessary.


Dodge what needs to be dodged, and pump damage into any adds that have spawned. Other than that, watch your feet and keep yourself alive!


This fight seems like a lot on paper, but once you get to take a stab at the Forgotten Experiments yourself, you’ll find it’s all just positioning. With their defeat, it’s time to make our way deeper into Aberrus!

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