Best Enchants for Leveling in WoW

Have you ever started up a new character and asked yourself “What are the best enchants for leveling in WOW?” I know that’s a frustrating question to have, so after you read this article you will have a great idea of some of the most powerful and useful enchants to use while leveling a character in World of Warcraft for a fast and fun experience! Every enchant in this list can be bought in the Auction House, with the exception of Death Knight Runes!

For levels 1-50, there are a ton of enchants to make the Pre-Shadowlands curve even easier.

WoW Weapon Enchants for Leveling 1-50

  1. Weapon Enchants-  There are SO many options for weapons! Let’s try and take some of the stress out of picking and choosing by breaking down four options that will cover ANY new character!
  2. Enchant Weapon – Crusader: This is the GO TO enchant for any Melee Character or Strength user. Giving you a nice boost in health on hit and a strength procc it is going to make every strike land true and keep you in the fight longer!
  3. Enchant Weapon – Elemental Force: If you are a class that focuses on Damage, but does not use Strength, then Elemental Force is going to be your choice. It gives you a chance to deal extra damage on every melee attack or ability (Spell Cast) that is sure to make sure that every enemy will die.
  4. Enchant Weapon – Mark of Warsong / Quick Navigation: These enchants are a great choice for any Healer or Tank that may want more secondary stats instead of dealing damage.
  5. Enchant Weapon – Mongoose is good for agility users.

WoW Armor Enchants for Leveling 1-50

  1. Neck Enchants- There is only 1 clear cut enchant for the neck that is AMAZING for every single character. Enchant Neck – Mark of the Hidden Satyr: This is going to make every single fight you have lean in your favor as occasionally, a powerful blast will strike your enemy!
  2. Ring Enchants – There is a ring enchant that will cater to every single secondary stats. Need to cast or attack fast? Lets get haste! Need more crit? Then crit it is!
  3. Enchant Ring – Seal of (Secondary Stat): When searching for all of these enchants just make sure that you are searching for Enchant Ring – Seal of (Stat). Substitute (Stat) for whatever you feel you need more of! Your options are Haste, Critical Strike, Mastery, Versatility.
  4. Chest Enchants- For your chest, there is infact a 1 size fits all solution!
  5. Enchant Chest – Glorious Stats: This will give you a flat bonus to ALL of your characters stats. No fancy proccs, no chance involved, just pure bonus at all times. You CANNOT go wrong with a flat stat bonus!
  6. Boot Enchants- On your Boots, you are going to want to move fast! This enchant is for you!
  7. Enchant Boots – Minor Speed: This enchant will give your character a flat 10% movement speed, allowing you to get from quest to quest as fast as you can! Slap this enchant on your boots and get adventuring in your most fashionable Sonic Cosplay!
  8. Legs and Shoulders- These enchants are only available for characters in the 32-50 bracket. But don’t let that discourage you, these can still give you a massive bonus!
  9. For Casters- Powerful Ghostly Spellthread on your pants, and the Greater Crane Wing Inscription on your shoulders!
  10. For Strength Users- Angerhide Leg Armor is what you should use on your legs, and the Greater Tiger Fang Inscription on your shoulders!
  11. For Agility Users- Make sure to apply Shadowleather Leg Armor on your legs, and apply the Greater Tiger Claw Inscription to your shoulders!

Scopes and Runes Enchants

Scopes and Weapon Runes: Hunters and Death Knights are unique in that they use weapon enhancements that are different from all other classes!

Hunter Enchants: Hunter’s should look in the Auction House for Lord Blastington’s Scope of Doom.

Death Knight Enchants: Death Knights should prioritize using their Death Gate to return to Acherus to use the Runeforging and apply Rune of the Fallen Crusader to their weapons.

Once you get to level 50 and enter the Shadowlands do keep in mind that enchants are not as impactful as they were 1-50. They offer only minor upgrades due to the huge scaling of enemy health and damage. You will notice this from level 50 to 51 your health will change by 3000 to 6000 health points which is absolutely huge. Your heirlooms item levels will also go up by 50 item levels from level 50-51. Shadowlands has weird scaling however, if you are looking for some enchants to use in the 50-60 leveling bracket, check out the enchants below!

Shadowlands Enchants for Leveling 50-60

  1. Weapons- Celestial Guidance is a good and all around cheap option for weapons. 
  2. Cloak- Fortified Speed is a great option to use while leveling. While a small bonus, any speed boost is a good speed boost!
  3. Chest- Sacred Stats is a good cheap option, but if you are looking for a bigger boost use Eternal Stats!
  4. Then there are 3 special enchants you should use based on your primary stat!
  5. Intellect- Illuminated Soul or Eternal Intellect. These enchants are only available on Bracers.
  6. Strength- Strength of Soul or Eternal Strength. These enchants are only available on Gloves.
  7. Agility- Agile Soulwalker and Eternal Agility. These enchants are only available on boots.
  8. Rings- SO MANY OPTIONS!! There is an enchantment for every secondary stat, simply search the Auction House for “Bargain of (secondary stat)” or “Tenet of (secondary stat)” to find what you need for your class! 

These are all of the WoW enchants you HAVE to have while leveling a new character in World of Warcraft. All of them can be bought on the AH or made by another player with Enchanting as a profession! Happy Leveling, and hopefully these enchants make your experience Fast, Fun, and Easy!


Question: Why can’t I enchant my Leg armour or cloak in WoW?

Answer: Due to the odd scaling in WoW some enchants require that you enchant that equipment on a level 30-40 character then send it in the mail to the desired alt character where it will now work.

Question: What’s the best enchant for melee in WoW: Crusader Enchant or Elemental Force?

Answer: If your main stat is Strength then Crusader Enchant is the best for you. If your main stat is anything else then Elemental Force is best for you.

Question: WoW Should I enchant my gear?

Answer: Yes if you can afford to because it makes you stronger and able to level easier.

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