WoW how to get started in Mythic+

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Greetings heroes! Have you been wondering “what is mythic plus?” tired of hearing everyone talking about it when you cant find it in the dungeon finder? Do not worry friend! I am here to show you how to get into the somewhat gated community that is Mythic+. Remember to check our Mythic+ overview guide for more info!

What is Mythic+ ?

Mythic+ is the final difficulty for dungeons in World of Warcraft. Unlike normal and heroic you won’t be finding Mythic and Mythic+ in the dungeon finder. Mythic and Mythic+ difficulties require you to band together your own group (or join someone else’s) and then head to the dungeon yourselves.

What is the difference between Mythic and Mythic+?

Despite just having a “+” at the end there is quite a difference between the two. In Mythic dungeons, as you would expect the dungeon is just harder than heroic. The adds and bosses hit harder and have some extra health. Mythic also rewards higher item level loot than heroic.

In Mythic+ you have a timer to beat and affixes added! The objective is to kill all of the bosses and a large amount of the trash in dungeon before time runs out. Doing so will award you with a higher level key to complete. To go into a mythic+ dungeon you need to assemble your party, head to the dungeon, set the dungeon difficulty to mythic and insert your key into the keystone pedestal at the beginning of the dungeon. You can only start the mythic+ dungeon if you have a mythic+ keystone for that dungeon.

Getting your first Mythic Plus Keystone

To obtain your first mythic keystone, all you have to do is go into a mythic dungeon and complete it.
How do you get into a mythic dungeon? You can go to the group finder tool, select dungeons go and look for a group doing “+0”. “+0” is the name players have given standard mythic dungeons. You could also take your own group of 5 into a mythic dungeon by meeting outside of the dungeon entrance, setting the dungeon difficulty to mythic and then entering the dungeon together.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling brave you could join another groups keystone dungeon (mythic+) and you will be awarded your own keystone for completing that.

Earning Mythic Plus Score

Mythic plus has a scoring system. You can increase your score by beating your personal bests on each dungeon. Beating the dungeon faster and/or at higher levels will award you with more score!
Increasing your Mythic+ score is vital if you want to succeed/push in Mythic plus dungeons. At certain score milestones you will be able to upgrade the gear you have obtained from Mythic+ to higher ilvls. Score can also be a deciding factor in you being invited to groups!

How to Upgrade Gear with Valor Points

Upon completing Mythic+ dungeons you will recieve a currency called “Valor”. Valor is used to upgrade your Mythic+ gear to higher ilvls. As mentioned previously you will need to reach certain mythic+ scores to be able to upgrade your gear past certain levels. Please see the handy table below for a better understanding.

RankItem LevelMythic score requirement

To upgrade your gear go to Valdrakken, go inside Gladiators Refuge and speak to Corxian.

This will open up a window to upgrade your gear. Click the “+” and select which piece of gear you would like to upgrade or click and drag the item into the square.

Below the items name you can select which level you would like to upgrade it to.

The left hand side shows your item as it is now, the right hand side shows what it will become.

At the bottom it will tell you the total Valor cost to upgrade it to the selected level.

If the upgrade button is grayed out, you do not yet have a high enough Mythic plus score to reach this rank.

Thank you for reading! We hope this has helped you understand Mythic+ and its systems. If you do have any further questions let us know in the comments below!

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