Dragonflight PVP Overview: Season 1

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Welcome to Battle-Shout, your home for information and guides for World of Warcraft and beyond! In today’s article we are going to be discussing Dragonflight PvP, season 1. Season 1 started in December of 2022, but don’t fret. You still have time to partake in all the Glorious Combat that your heart craves, and I’m here to lay out a path for your carnage!


When it comes to gearing up and prepping for PvP in Dragonflight Season 1, you’ve got a ton of options. Dedicated PvP gear currently starts at 398ilvl (Crafted by players) and tops out at 424 (Either from Rated PvP or unique crafted items from skilled crafters).

All Gear and Item levels:

  • Crafted Gear (Starting Gear)- 398 in PvP combat.
  • Warmode Gear (New in DF)- 408 in PvP combat.
  • Unrated PvP Gear (Honor Gear)- 411 in PvP combat.
  • Trophy of Strife Gear (Weekly Warmode Reward)- 421 in PvP combat.
  • Unique Crafted Pieces (Rare Pattern Drops)- 424 in PvP combat.
  • Rated PvP Gear (Conquest Gear)- 424 in PvP combat.

I would strongly recommend picking up yourself a set of the Starting Crafted Gear for the season, and work your way up through PvP encounters until you’re ready for Rated Battlegrounds and Arenas for the best gear!

Changes to armor upgrading

A major change with Dragonflight Season 1 is what happens when you upgrade your armor with conquest at the upgrading NPC. No longer does upgrading increase your PvP Item Level. All pieces of PvP gear automatically scale to MAX ilvl as soon as you are in the appropriate content. Now, upgrading your armor will increase its viability in non-PvP content. This being dungeons, raids, and World Quests.

Weekly Grind

Just like any other game or style of content, there are things to keep you coming back and participating week after week. In Dragonflight Season 1 there are two weekly quests you can do for extra Reputation, Honor, and Conquest. One for Skirmishes (Unrated Arenas) as well as one for Arenas (Rated). Both of these quests will help you increase your rep with a faction of your choosing in the Dragon Isles as well as give you a bump to your PvP currency! Pick them up from instructor Malicia in Valdrakken.

The Great Vault also returns in Dragonflight, bringing with it 3 dedicated slots for PvP gear that you can get once a week! If you have questions about The Great Vault, check out this guide we’ve done explaining the process!

Improving your vault

To improve your vault selection, you’ll have to grind out increasing amounts of Honor. The best way to do this is to participate in Battlegrounds and Arenas, both of which give you a large amount of Honor for a win, and a small amount for participating in a loss!

Season Rewards

Cosmetic rewards are making a return for those players that are on the cutting edge of combat! Returning are mounts from previous seasons if there’s one you missed that you’d prefer, or the new Crimson Gladiator’s appearance for your Highland Drake. There are also Titles, Transmogs, and Weapon Illusions being added in before the close of the season, as a way to entice players to keep themselves in battle!

Solo Shuffle

Solo Shuffle is also making a return for those of us who don’t want to jump into organized carnage! Queue for single player Rated PvP without having to find a team. Play a series of arenas with randomized groups and get rewarded based on performance!

Suffer Well, Champions

I hope that this has helped you all get ready for the very first season of PvP in Dragonflight. Did we leave something out that you feel is imperative to the season? Or do you have a better way of gearing up in PvP? Feel free to let us know in our Community Discord! In the words of Darion Mograine, suffer well champions. The fields of battle await you!

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