Best Gaming Keyboard for World of Warcraft 2023

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Welcome Heroes! Wondering which is the best gaming keyboard for World of Warcraft to serve you best for your time in Azeroth?

Want a little competitive edge in World of Warcraft? Is your keyboard too big? Too small? Not enough buttons? Too many buttons?

Maybe you don’t even play World of Warcraft but are a fan of Final Fantasy Online, New World or other MMORPG’s. Don’t worry this guide is going to go through a wide range of keyboards for different needs and budgets.

Best WoW Keyboard Buys

Best Mechanical Keyboard for WoW – Mechanical Keyboards use switches under each key, making them faster, more accurate, durable and tactile.

Best Membrane Keyboard for WoW – Membrane keyboards use a membrane underneath your keys to send signals to your computer.

Best Budget Keyboard for WoW – Best keyboard for wow on a budget!

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know about Razer, the company for gamers by gamers. Almost every avid gamer has a piece of Razer hardware and there’s good reason for it!

This keyboard is a mechanical keyboard with a choice of Razer Green switches (extra clicky with a tactile bump) or Razer Orange switches (silent with a tactile bump). Personally, I love a good clicky keyboard and you often find you can pick up the green switch version cheaper than the orange. Just be considerate of your guildies in discord when you’re smashing away at those keys!

The difference between the Tournament Edition and the standard blackwidow keyboard is the smaller form factor. The Tournament edition has the keypad at the side removed to take up less space and allow for easier portability. This is an absolute win, when was the last time you used a the numpad on your keyboard when playing WoW?

As with all Razer keyboards the lighting options are phenomenal, with 16.8 million colour combinations, preloaded colour effects and the ability to design your own using the Razer Synapse 2 or 3 software.

Cheaper than a lot of other big brand mechanical gaming keyboardsRequires Razer Synapse to fully utilise the keyboards features
Sleek form factorGreen switches can be too loud for some
Free magnetic ergonomic wrist wrest included!

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SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless

The SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless is a 60% keyboard with Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Not needing wires coming out the back of your keyboard can help you achieve that super clean, super tidy desk look. The compact keyboard is also ideal for travelling. Do not let this keyboard’s size fool you, SteelSeries have cut no corners and jam packed it with features!

One of the features that really stand out on this keyboard is the “adjustable pre-travel distance” feature that allows you to set the sensitivity of your keypresses! So, whether you want super sensitive, near instant key-presses or you want to avoid accidental inputs by bottoming out your keys, you can make this keyboard suit your needs. What may be a problem for some is like many other gaming keyboards, you do need to use the companion app to get the most out of the keyboard.

While this keyboard is a little pricier than most, you can certainly tell why. The build quality of this keyboard is amazing. Once you take it out of the box you will be immediately impressed with the feel of the keyboard and understand why it costs as much as it does.

Super space savingPricey
Low latency Bluetooth connectivity60% keyboards can be difficult to learn to use
Very high build qualityNo included wrist rest

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Logitech G715

The Logitech G715 to me is one of the most aesthetically pleasing, retro looking keyboards. It’s the sleeper build of the keyboard world. While it looks like a keyboard straight out of the 90s it’s jam packed with modern features from the LIGHTSYNC RGB backlights to the ultra responsive GX switches.

This keyboard is also available in wired or wireless variants, though expect to pay a little more for the wireless version.

One of my favourite little features to include on a keyboard are media controls and this keyboard comes with those tucked neatly in the corner. You have dedicated mute, play/pause, skip and rewind media buttons as well as a volume wheel. So if you are mid raid and the song you’ve got on isn’t cutting it? No need to take your eyes off the boss, just reach for your skip key as quick as a flash.

Super customisable keycaps and top platesSoftware required for full access to all features
Wired or WirelessRemovable front plate is a little too easy to remove and you can find yourself lifting it off
Super comfortable and unique wrist rest includedMost expensive on this list

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HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

As the name suggests, this keyboard is Elite. Combining both style and functionality to create a true gaming desk flex.

Using the HyperX Ngenuity software you can change the colour of each individual key and its super easy to use. The keyboard has an onboard memory to save all of your macro and lighting settings so no matter where you are, your keyboard knows just how you like it.

The RGB lighting is super impressive and the keyboard even has a bar along the time for extra RGB. We all know, more RGB = Big DPS.

The HyperX Alloy Elite also has 5 multi-media keys, a STEEL frame and easy to read keycaps.

Solid steel framePricey
Visually beautiful RGB effects and light barLarge
Soft detachable wrist rest included

Buy the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB on this link!

HUO JI 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

While researching and reviewing this keyboard it was very hard for me to understand why I’ve always bought such expensive keyboards from the “high-end” brands.

This keyboard performs phenomenally, has great, bright RGB lighting and feels great in the hand! I’d be surprised if anyone could be unhappy with this keyboard at the price it is.

Choice of switches and coloursRGB is mostly fixed, you can change a between a few pre-sets
Small form factor but with a few extra keys than the usual 60%For the price of it, I’m struggling to come up with complaints!
Feels well made, especially for the price
RGB is very colourful and bright!

Buy the HUO JI 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard on this link!

Closing Words

We tried to include a wide range of keyboards for different needs and budgets, though we may have missed your favourite! Let us know in the comments a keyboard you’d like to see reviewed and maybe you’ll see it in our next or updated list!

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