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Have you found yourself asking “How do I make a Mechagnome?” or “How do I unlock Mechagnomes in World of Warcraft?”. Fear not my curious friend! Mechagnomes are unlocked by completing 2 achievements, The Mechagonian Threat and Allied Races: Mechagnome. We’re going to show you how to get them unlocked fast, so that you can get cracking and put ticks in boxes, and then we’re going to break it down for you if you want the extra help. 

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  • Level 50+ Alliance Character
  • World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth
  • A Nation United (Achievement)
  • Come Sail Away (Achievement)

The short and sweet version

The Mechagonian Threat is the achievement for completing the Mechagon storyline.

Once you’ve completed this quest you can head to the Embassy in Stormwind to complete a recruitment quest-line. This quest-line is 12 quests long.

Complete this quest-line and you receive the achievement Allied Races: Mechagnome.

You can now log out of your character and create a Mechagnome!

How do I get to Mechagon?

If you have unlocked Nazjatar already you can skip to the third paragraph.

To get to Mechagon you need to have the achievement A Nation United. A Nation United is earned by completing the three main story-lines in Kul Tiras and Completing the Pride of Kul Tiras storyline. If you haven’t done that yet, head to Kul Tiras, interact with the scouting map in the harbormaster’s office and get to work completing those 3 stories along with the final quest-line that ties them all together.

Once you’ve earned the achievement A Nation United we need to unlock Nazjatar. Head to Boralus and accept the quest “Send The Fleet” from Genn Greymane. This quest-line will send you to Nazjatar.

Once in Nazjatar we need to complete the story quests here until Magni Bronzebeard appears in Mezzamere and offers us the quest “Essential Empowerment”. Following this quest-chain allows us to upgrade our legendary necklace (The Heart of Azeroth, make sure you have it with you as it sometimes needs to be equipped to complete some of the quests)  and unlock the Heart Forge. The Heart Forge was an important part of BFA, players had to use it to equip powers and upgrades to their Heart of Azeroth. Once you’ve finished with Magni’s quests, head back to Nazjatar and complete the story quests there until you unlock world quests for the zone.

Now we can go back to Boralus Harbour and accept the quest “The Legend of Mechagon” from Tinkmaster Overspark. Following this quest-line will take you to Mechagon!

How to complete The Mechagonian Threat

The Mechagonian Threat is earned by completing the Mechagon storyline quests. By getting to mechagon you will already have a green tick next to one of the criteria for the achievement! The quest line can be completed in less than an hour and there isn’t anything too hard about it. It all takes place on the small island so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding out where your next quest is coming from or taking you.

The Mechagonian Threat break down:

Here we will break down the achievement criteria for The Mechagonian Threat. These are the 16 quests that you need to complete to receive the achievement. The quests progress one after another. There is no longer a time-gate, so you can complete the quests back to back.

  • The Legend of Mechagon
  • Looking Inside
  • Let’s Get It Started
  • You must be This Height
  • Report to Gila
  • A Small Team
  • The Start of Something Bigger
  • Princely Visit
  • The Resistance Needs YOU!
  • Rescuing the Resistance
  • My Father’s Armies
  • We Can Fix It
  • Drill Rig Construction
  • Send My Father a Message
  • Welcome to the Resistance
  • Operation: Mechagon – The Mechoriginator
    This is a quest that requires you to go into the mega dungeon in Mechagon and defeat King Mechagon

Going to the Embassy!

Now that you have completed the Mechagon story quest-line you can head back to Stormwind and go to the Embassy. Once at the Embassy speak to Aysa Cloudsinger and accept the quest “Urgent Care”. This will start the Mechagnome Recruitment Scenario. The scenario explains how and why the Mechagomes join the Alliance. As it is a scenario it will walk you through it step by step, just keep an eye on your current objective and blast your way through! There are 12 quests in total.

Once you complete the recruitment scenario you will get the achievement “Allied Races: Mechagnome“. You will be able to log out of your character, head to character creation and mechagnomes will be there waiting for you to create!


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Question: How do I unlock the Mechagnome Heritage Armour?
Answer: Level a new Mechagnome character from 10-50 without using a level boost or race change and you will receive the Mechagnome Heritage Armour set.

Question: What classes can Mechagnomes be?

Answer: Mechagnome can play the following classes: Warrior, Warlock, Rogue, Priest, Monk, Mage, Hunter and Death Knight.

Question: What class should I play as Mechagnome?

Answer: There is no right answer here! Play whatever class you think would fit your new Mechagnome character. Personally I think they make some pretty cool Warriors and put an interesting spin on Hunters if you’re using their heritage armour, a cool futuristic gun and mechanical pets!

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