How to get to Waycrest Manor Dungeon

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In this article we explain with both pictures and text, How to get to Waycrest Manor. Read on for the ultimate guide on getting to Waycraft Manor Dungeon.

Valdrakken Dungeon Portals

Every Season Blizzard has added some handy portals in Valdrakken to get to dungeons of old that have been added to the rotation! Look Here to see if any of the portals will get you closer.

No Portal? No Problem!

Head back to your Capital’s Portal Room and take the portal to either Boralus (Alliance) or Zuldazar (Horde)

If you are Alliance, just fly on over to Waycrest Manor in Drustvar!

If you are Horde, take the portal to Dazar’alor and then head to the Harbor. On your factions ship, request transport to Drustvar, then fly north to Waycrest Manor

The Entrance Awaits:

Now all thats left is to summon your Lazy Bones party members and conquer Waycrest Manor!

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