Dragonflight: Mythic+ Overview Guide Season 2

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Discover the new and exciting features for Mythic + season 2. Including new affixes and changes to old affixes. Increased item lvl rewards from both weekly Vault and end of dungeons. As well as a steeper item lvl curve rewards. Feel free to check out our “Getting started in Mythic + Guide” if you’re a new player or even an experienced player looking for extra tips and tricks.

Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ Dungeons

With season 2 rolling up we have 8 completely new Mythic+ dungeons from season 1. Four of those dungeons are Dragonflight exclusive dungeons and four older dungeons returned for mythic+. Two from Battle for Azeroth, one from Legion and one from Cataclysm.

Dragonflight Mythic+ DungeonsOld Expansion Mythic+ Dugeons
Halls of InfusionNeltharion’s Lair
Brakenhide HollowVortex Pinnacle
Uldaman: Legacy of TyrUnderrot

Season 2 Mythic+ Dungeon Guides

To help you progress these dungeons and know how to beat them we have prepared strategy guides for each one. Our guides cover notable trash mobs and boss encounters, offering tips and tricks for all to help you in your Mythic+ journey.

Dragonflight Season 2 Affix

Dragonflight season 2 has some changes coming for Mythic+ affixes. In the past a second affix spawned at mythic 4+, a third at lvl 7+ and the final at lvl 10+. In the new season the affixes will spawn at level 7 and level 14. You should still get Tyrannical or Fortified at level 2, rotating each week.

The affixes have been reworked or new ones have been created for season 2. Some of the older affixes have been completely removed. The old affixes that have been removed are: Volcanic, Grievous and Quaking. These 3 affixes have been replaced by: Afflicted, Entangling and Incorporeal. Explosive has been reworked.

Afflicted: This will randomly spawn 1-3 new adds with 3 debuffs,  Cursed Spirit,  Poisoned Spirit and  Diseased Spirit. The adds need to be either healed to max hp or ONE of the debuffs need to be dispelled. When either of these things are done the spirit will disappear. If none of these are done the spirit will cast  Afflicted Cry which reduces everyone in the group’s haste by 100%. (Expect this to be nerfed). It will be important for everyone in the group to help with these spirits. Mages will be able to decurse, paladins clear poison and obviously healers. Keep in mind that healers dispel has a cd so they will not be able to get them all on their own and will need help. 

Entangling: Spawns roots directly under your feet that slows you for 50% movement speed and stuns you for 3 secs after 8 secs if the vine connecting you is not broken. To break the  Entangled debuff vine simply move 10 yards away from the root. Any ability that removes movement impairing effects will remove this such as druid shapeshift and Paladin Blessing of Freedom. 

Incorporeal: Summons an incorporeal being for 20 secs around the mobs. The Beings can be CC by everything from Turn Evil to Polymorph to Hibernate. They are counted as every type of enemy type so all CC works. These beings will continually cast  Destabilize which has an 8 sec cast time. If the cast goes through it reduces all damage dealt by 50% (expect nerf). To counter this affix it is best to hard CC the mobs with something. If that is not possible or the CC is broken it is critical to interrupt them before they cast. It is best to wait until the end of their cast before interrupting as they will instantly begin to cast again. Expect 1-4 spawning depending on pull size.

Explosive Rework: This affix has been reworked so that instead of continually getting dozens of small orbs spawning, you are meant to only get 1 or 2 but with a much larger HP pool. According to the PTR there are massive issues with them spawning too frequently and having too much HP for how often they spawn, killing one and instantly getting a second one each with approximately 500k hp. The current thoughts on how to deal with the new rework is to simply ignore them, focus the mobs and heal through the explosive damage but that will change as Blizzard works on them most likely. 

Dragonflight Mythic+ Rewards Season 2

If you’re wondering what rewards are in store for completing Mythic+ dungeons in Dragonflight Season 2, then look no further! As always there are multiple rewards up for grabs for those brave enough to push through mythic+ and increase their score. 

Here are the other seasonal rewards available for completing Mythic+ dungeons during Dragonflight Season 2:

Mythic+ Portals Valdrakken

The great vault offers weekly rewards based on what you have done over the past week. Be it Mythic+, Raiding or PVP. The Mythic+ rewards are higher than what drops from the dungeon. The rewards for Mythic+ are unlocked after completing 1,4 and 8 Mythic+ that week. 

There will be portals to the new/old Mythic+ dungeons in Valdrakken where the current portals are. They will be replaced by the new ones. If you are unsure where the portals are you will find them to the left of the Valkdrakken Bank facing it or to the right of the large stairs leading up to the Seat of the Aspects building (Stormwind Portal and Orgrimmar Portal).

The Great Vault (Weekly Gear Rewards)

In World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, the Great Vault is the weekly chest that offers valuable rewards for completing Mythic+ dungeons. To unlock item choices in the Dungeons category of the Great Vault, you’ll need to clear a certain number of Mythic dungeons per week.

The Great Vault is an excellent way to earn high-level loot and other valuable rewards in World of Warcraft, so be sure to complete as many Mythic+ dungeons as possible each week and work towards unlocking the most powerful items and upgrades for your character.

Dragonflight Mythic+ Gearing Guide

If you are aiming to gear up in Dragonflight Season 2 through mythic+ and are wondering what level M+ drops what level gear then look no further, here is a breakdown of item level rewards from Mythics and the corresponding weekly vaults for season 2.

Dragonflight Season 2 has a slight change to loot from Dragonflight Season 1. The item level increases quicker from lower level keys and then levels out in higher keys. This means you will get better loot in lower keys compared to season 1 but in higher keys the loot will be equal respectively. This was done to try and help players push more into mythic+ 15 to mythic 20 as you will have better loot.

Mythic+ drops loot from level mythic 0 to mythic 20. If you continue past mythic 20 the loot will not increase either at the end of the dungeon or in the weekly vault, it will only increase your Mythic+ rating and for fun.

DifficultyDungeon Item LevelGreat Vault Item Level

To unlock item choices in the Dungeons category of the weekly chest, you’ll need to clear a certain number of Mythic dungeons per week. Check out our separate guide on the Great Vault and its requirements for more details.

So if you’re ready to take on the challenge of Mythic+ dungeons in Dragonflight Season 2, there are some great rewards waiting for you – just make sure to aim high and push yourself to the limit!

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