Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr WoW Dungeon Guide

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Dragonflight Season 2 Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Mythic+ Guide
Welcome to Uldaman, this is an old dungeon that has been reworked from the ground up for Dragonflight so everything is new and completely different from how it was. 

Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr is one of the dungeons in season two Mythic+ rotation. It is a dragonflight dungeon that people have been able to do on normal, heroic and mythic. This season you will also be able to conquer it in M+ as well. This guide is here to help you win the day and time your keys.

You will have 40 minutes from the time you start your key to get 100% and kill all 5 bosses.

The Lost Dwarves in Dig Two

This dungeon is a bit longer than the others of this season with more bosses and some nasty trash packs. From the start to the first boss encounter the main trash you should watch out for are the Stonevault Geomancer and Hulking Berserkers.

Stonevault Geomancer: Make sure you interrupt chain lightning, if you cannot interrupt it then be sure to spread to avoid chaining it to others in your party.

Hulking Berserker: This guy has an enrage effect that buffs all other enemies once it reaches 40% hp. Be sure to sooth it if you have a sooth in your party.

Once you are past the trash and have found your way to the first boss which is a group of dwarfs, you will have a council type fight on your hands. You will be facing three dwarfs together that have some interesting abilities.

Dodge any swirls that spawn during the Longboat Raid! These will leave behind fire patches as well so do not stand in them.

Interrupt Defensive Bulwark.

Focus down 1 boss at a time cleaving to the others.

Ranged and healers stay more than 5 yards away from them Eric does a 5 yards aoe damage around himself.

Turn them away from your party to avoid frontals.


Between the first boss, the dwarfs and the second boss Bromach there is not much trash and nothing of real note to be mentioned so let’s dive right into Bromach tacs.

Tank move the boss away from the Totem as it spawns.

Ranged DPS focus kill the Quaking Totem as it spawns, it does continual party wide damage, when it dies it stuns everyone within range and increases damage taken by 200% so it is critical tanks and melee dps move away from it right away.

Cleave down the adds the boss spawns and interrupt the Stonevault Geomancer.

Move out of the effect left on the floor from Thundering Slam.

Sooth the boss when he casts Bloodlust.

Sentinel Talondras

There is a bit more new trash between the second and third boss; the most notable ones are the Earthen Custodian and the Refti Custodians.

Earthen Custodian: Turn it away from the group to avoid the frontal Cleave damage.

Refti Custodian: Make sure you sooth it when it casts Ancient Power.

After the trash you will come to Sentinel Talondras.

Move out of the golden circles, if hit you will take damage and be stunned for 6 secs.

Tank, kite the boss into 3 of the golden circles to stun it.

When the boss does Titanic Empowerment increasing its damage by 50% be sure to drag it into one of the gold circles to remove the buff.

Top the party up before Crushing stomp which deals party wide damage and knocks all party members back.


Between the third and fourth boss there is a lot more new trash not yet encountered, the most notable of these is the Earthen Weaver, Runic Protector and Cavern Seeker.

Earthen Weaver: Have you stuns ready. This guy channels a spell at a party member dealing massive damage, it cannot be interrupted except with a stun or CC.

Runic Protector: Move out of the swirls it leaves on the floor and be ready for the party wide damage from Earthquake.

Cavern Seeker: Ranged and healer be more than 10 yards away from it. It will interrupt all spell casting for anyone within 10 yards with Sonic Burst.

Once you have defeated all the trash you will come to Emberon, this can be a bit of a nasty fight so be prepared.

Tank be sure to keep Emberon turned away from the party to avoid the frontal attack from Searing Clap.

When the boss goes into the center of the room, two fire beams will appear and begin to rotate around the room. Be sure not to touch the fire beams as they will kill you instantly. 

When the beams are active, kill the 4 adds that are attackable around the room to remove the beams and shield around the boss and continue the fight.

Spread out at least 7 yards to avoid taking extra damage from Unstable Embers.

Dodge the fire balls being shot out by the 4 adds around the room.

Chrono-Lord Deios

There is a fair bit of trash between Emberon and Deios, some of it can be very deadly! Those that you must watch out for are the Infinite Timereavers and the Ebonstone Golems.

Infinite Timereaver: These apply a nasty debuff on all party members that does damage over time and reduces their haste by 2% giving the haste to the mob instead. It can be dispelled but you won’t be able to dispel everyone unless you have a priest in the group. Nuke this mob down to avoid issues.

Ebonstone Golems: Not much to do with this guy except heal through the party wide damage he does with Thunderous Clap.

After you make your way past the trash you will come to Chrono-Lord Deios.

Keep the boss turned away from the group to avoid the frontal attack Sand Breath.

Move out of the yellow pits on the floor from Eternity Orb. These deal damage and reduce your haste by 30%.

When the boss casts Rewind Timeflow the yellow circles become buffs instead. Make sure you stand inside them during this time to get a massive haste increase.

Be sure to move back out of the yellow areas once Rewind Timeflow has finished.

Spread out to avoid taking extra damage when Time Sink is dispelled.

Healers make sure you dispel Time Sink.

Route Planning

I advise checking the route each week on sites such as Raider.io. These routes are updated weekly depending on the affixes for that week.

Suggested Addons

Mythic Dungeon Tools, gives you the power to create your own routes and check the % of each mob.

MythicPlusTimer, great addon to track % of mobs and the time you have left.

Bigwiggs / Littlewiggs , boss addon that tracks what needs interrupting and when a boss ability is incoming.

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