Algeth’ar Academy WoW Dungeon Guide

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Another school of magic has become a problem for the Heroes of Azeroth. Not unlike Scholomance or Nar’thalas Academy the teachings are not going unnoticed. Algeth’ar Academy WoW Dungeon Guide will give you the knowledge and skills to put a stop Doragosa. Get inside the School for Dragons and find a way to stop her from doing more harm than good.

Alegeth’ar Academy is a max level dungeon. Only becoming available to play at level 70. This school is also part of the Dragonflight Season 1 Mythic+ Rotation.

Algeth’ar Academy WoW Dungeon Guide



One of the most Tenured Professors in the academy brought history alive.

Maxdormu uses his powers to create Vexamus his favourite history teaching assistant.

Fail to correctly answer a question Vexasmus will teach you a different lesson entirely.


Maxdormu will occasionally cast Arcane Orbs don’t let Vexasmus get them! Vexasmus will delight to obliterate the players with Arcane Fissures and Mana Bombs whilst giving Corrupted Mana to anyone he sees. Deadly and Organised these two can be.

Overgrown Ancient

Clearing the Botany Labs professors Mystakria and Ichistrasz used too much magic.

This big leafy problem is now stomping around the Academy reeking havoc in its wake.

Defeat this Overgrown Ancient before he can undo all of the hard work these dragons have been doing.


This ancient tree will enjoy Germinating the ground with seeds. These seeds will turn into Hungry Lashers that need to be dealt with ASAP. Branching Out with its attacks. Splinterbark will cause many bleeds and Ancient Branch will heal with Abundance. Tanks should prepare for Barkbreaker as this will surely leave a dent!


This Talon Toss bird arena is a fun place to meet Crawth.

Taking Residence within the arena Lish Lirath, Crawth has no intentions of leaving.

Who can play ball with Crawth and get her to leave.


Play Ball and score goals try to score 3 of each goal to trigger fun boons against this feathery monster. Deafening Screech and Sonic Vulnerability will deafen and hurt! Tanks may get a Savage Peck or two if they aren’t careful too!

Echo of Doragosa

Long ago Umbrelskul meddled with her raw arcane power.

Coated in Crystalline growths he was taken to the Azure Vault until a cure could be found.

The vault sealed not long after, no cure was found. Sleeping in Statis or is he?


The Astral Breath, Power Vacuum, Arcane Missiles and Energy bomb will do increments of damage to all of the party! But each one will give the DoT Overwhelming Power. 4 stacks will cause Arcane Rift which will also unleash Uncontrolled Energy! Simple to tank difficult to execute.

Mythic Algeth’ar Academy Dungeon Guide

Diving straight into Mythic Algeth’ar Academy. Each boss will perform extra abilities and their existing abilities will be bigger and scarier.

With our Algeth’ar Academy WoW Dungeon Guide we will give you the knowledge of these abilities so you can work out exactly how to defeat these Professors.


Professor Maxdormu will conjure Arcane Orbs from enchanted books. You will take damage on impact. Vexamus will draw these orbs to him. Upon absorbing he will gain 20 energy.

💀 Oversurge will increase all damage taken from orbs by 200%!

Arcane Expulsion Vexamus will strike the tank with 100k damage.

Arcane Fissure’s will appear when Vesamus reaches 100 energy. These Fissures will cause him to explode with damage and players will need to RUN from the fissures appearing at players feet.

Mana Bombs. Three players will become infused with mana. Detonating with minor damage per second for 4 seconds. When this expires you will explode for 22k and leave a pool behind.

Corrupted Mana Pools should be avoided as you will loose Movement speed and take damage as long as you stand within.

Overgrown Ancient

Germinate! This powerful ability will put lasher seeds beneath all players feet. Each seed will hatch damaging players if they are still on top of them.

💀 Hungry Lashers Will attack and leave a DoT bleed. This bleed stacks!

Barkbreaker happens when the Overgrown Ancient stomps on the ground. This will in turn deal 100k damage to the tank and increase damage taken by 100% for 9 seconds.

Burst Forth only happens when this Ancient reaches 100 energy. Releasing all of its magic. All Dormant Lashers will awaken.

Branch Out throwing one of his branches at a random location dealing 100k damage and knockbacks to any players hit. This branch will then become alive. This branch will heal the boss for 250k at a time. Upon death it will heal all nearby allies.

💀 Splinterbark! This painful ability occurs from the branch. Launching splinters at players causing bleeds.


Play Ball! try to score goals in the two goals on the pitch.

Goal of the Searing Blaze scoring here will trigger a Firestorm.

Firestorm upon scoring three goals will fire motes around the arena. These motes will deal damage if hit. Crawth will be stunned and takes 75% increased damage taken for 12 seconds.

Goal of the Rushing Winds scoring her will trigger Gale Force.

Gale Force starts when you score three goals. Players will be pushed back and motes will appear. Picking up these motes will give you increased stats for 20 seconds and makes you immune to the Gale Force.

💀 Gale force will last until combat ends.

Overpowering Gust. Facing a random player and clapping wings, this powerful gust of wind will knock you back and deal 110k damage.

Deafening Screech will erupt from Crawth causing Sonic Eruptions at ALL players locations. This will INTERUPT and SILENCE all players for 6 seconds. On 💀 Sonic Vulnerabilities will also be applied.

💀 Sonic Vulnerabilities increase Deafening Screech damage by 50%. This does stack. Remove your stacks by scoring goals.

Savage Peck. Tanks beware this ability hurts. Dealing 165k damage and 33k damage per second over 10 seconds

Echo of Doragosa

Overwhelming Power. Arcane attacks will leave energy on players. Increasing all damage taken by 5% per stack. Reaching 4 stacks will trigger Arcane Rifts.

Arcane Rifts deal 22k damage every 1 second to players inside. Occasionally releasing Uncontrolled Energy.

Uncontrolled Energy explodes for 38k when it strikes a target. Will apply Overwhelming Power.

Astral Breath dodge this cone of breath as it deals 88k damage to players in front of her.

Power Vaccum pulls all players in and explodes for 88k and then knocks players back 20 yards.

Arcane Missiles deal 22k damage to players.

Energy Bomb will be placed on a player for 6 seconds. Upon expiry it will detonate for 40k damage to the player and players around.

Mythic + Algeth’ar Academy Dungeon Guide

This Algeth’ar Academy WoW Dungeon Guide should have given you the info to be able to complete this dungeon in Mythic+.

World of Warcraft introduced Mythic+ to complement PvE raiding and give players some more challenging modes to their gameplay. This is continued in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

Each key can scale the dungeon from +2 to +30. Defeat the bosses and 100% trash counters to win. You get bonus points for completing them with ++ or +++ on the timer.

Remember all of the abilities in Heroic and Mythic are up-scaled and even more deadly.

MythicPlusTimer is the perfect addon to track the timer during key progress.

Each week will give you different affixes to overcome. Play to the strengths of each of these. For instance with sanguine it is good to take a DK or Monk as they can grab trash out of the pools of healing.

The timer for Alegeth’ar Academy is 32 minutes.

I recommend reading How to Lead Groups in PVE & PVP. This will give you insight to leading and running mythic+ dungeons.

With all Mythic Plus Dungeons you need to watch out for is:

  1. Deaths. Dying in the key will result in -5 seconds per death.
    • If you wipe entirely not only will you loose 25 seconds of time.
  2. Focus InterruptsDispels and Crowd Control.
    • Keeping trash packs controlled sounds easy but it can be a challenge.
    • Focus the right interrupts on heavy damage or heal abilities.

Good luck on your Mythic+ attempts.

Glory of the Dragonflight Raider

This Algeth’ar Academy WoW Dungeon Guide wouldn’t be complete without giving you the chance to gain some awesome achievements. Glory of the Dragonflight Hero is no different than its previous editions. Complete bonus objectives on specific bosses for this Meta Achievement and mount reward.

Algeth'ar Academy Achievements

See Me After Class

Defeat Vexamus without players absorbing any Arcane Orbs

Just dont soak the Arcane Orbs for the entire fight and instant gratz.

Duck, Duck, Spruce!

Defeat the Overgrown Ancient while all party members have Well-Fed Duckling on their head

Get the “Well-Fed Ducklings on each party member and defeat the boss without anyone loosing one.

Squad Goals

Defeat Crawth after simultaneously activating both Goals.

Score a goal in both goals.


Q: Where can I find the dungeon entrance?
A: The entrance is in Thaldraszus at 58.26 42.34.

Q: What level do I need to be to enter?
A: This dungeon only unlocks at max level, 70.

Q: Does this dungeon drop a mount?
A: No. There are no mounts on this loot table.

Q: Is this dungeon part of Dragonflight Mythic+
A: Yes Algeth’ar Academy is on the Season 1 Mythic+ rotation.

Q: I completed the achievements but diddn’t earn them. Help!
A: These achievements can only be earned on Mythic difficulty. If you are on Mythic a player may have failed to meet the criteria.

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