Nokhud Offensive WoW Dungeon Guide

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World of Warcraft’s first Dragonriding Dungeon! Experience the magic of Dragonriding whilst you battle the centaurs in Nokhud Offensive. This massive dungeon has many secrets. Can you find them all within our Nokhud Offensive WoW Dungeon Guide? Read on to discover more…

Nokhud Offensive WoW Dungeon Guide

This amazing mega dungeon has a lot of room for success. Follow the guide to complete this dungeon and earn precious loot.

From the start of the dungeon or key you will want to mount on your Dragonflight Dragon Mount. Fly as fast as you can towards Granyth. Land with the tank on a pack of Centaurs Guarding one of the catapults. Eliminate all three packs guarding these as well as the Centaurs on patrol to get the boss down from the air.

Avoid the stun circles from the Larger Centaurs and stun the ranged adds. Nokhud Hornsounders will need to be stopped from casting Rally the Clan. As well as Nokhud Lancemasters Disruptive Shout. This shout must be interrupted.

Locations around the boss to attack


This deadly Proto-Drake has a few nasty attacks ready for us.

During the fight you will need to use one of the Catapults to attack the boss. One of these will have a progress bar above it as it activates.

Nokhud Saboteur‘s will attempt to destroy the catapults. Stop them at all costs.

Eruption! This is the time to shoot the ballista. Fail to shoot one will result in a wipe.

Once Granyth is defeated you will need to mount up quick and fly south. Head to the Raging Tempest and be prepared to land on one of the important packs.

The boss will be in the centre of this ring. Focus on the four locations to disrupt his shield.

You will need to kill 4 Stormcallers. These adds are protected with their own group of deadly allies. Defensives will be required and you will need to interrupt Tempest & Stormbolt casts whenever possible.

Our advice is to kill the wandering patrol as well. This pack could interfere with the boss fight.

The Raging Tempest

This boss brings a fun DPS and HPS check to your group.

Purge the Energy Surge to ensure the boss doesn’t eliminate the tank quickly.

Soak the orbs! Each orb will stack up damage and healing increases per player that takes them. Enjoy a minor buff that can stack which will last for 10 seconds.

Lightning Strike will occur on all players. Try to collect orbs before this goes off. Any orbs within the strike will be destroyed.

DEFESNSIVES when he reaches 100 energy. Electrical Storm will last for 15 seconds dealing massive damage to the party.

Once again you have to fly like the wind. Head to Teeraki, here you will once again have to remove 4 packs before you can engage Teera & Muruuk.

Defeat the undead champions to summon the bosses into the fray.

These packs are extremely deadly. Be prepared for instant defensives and healing cooldowns. Shatter Soul will remove the souls from 3 players. Find your soul to remove the healing and damage debuff. Interrupt Desecrating Roar and Grasp of the Dead.

Teera & Muruuk

It should be noted that these two share health.

Tanks should position Muruuk close to Teera and move to her when she retreats.

Dodge all of the easy to see Swirlies and Lines.

Run out of Earthsplitter to avoid unnecessary damage.

Gail Arrow will fire when she reaches 100 energy. Dodge the tornadoes.

Now you have defeated these three bosses its time to head over to the final boss. You will be dismounted if you fly directly over the last bosses area. Go through the centre of the map to get to his entrance.

The larger mobs will require interrupts as their fear will cause impending doom for your party. If you have enough % or you are on a lower difficulty you can skip the trash cautiously around the edges of the path.

You will need to fight Batak and Balara. These two appear as you enter the boss area. Batak has the same fear cast Bloodcurdling Shout. Interrupt him to avoid problems.

Balakar Khan

Phase 1 is easy to complete. Tanks just need to hold him for this duration.

Players marked by Iron Spear will need to go near the wall so the boss doesn’t run far.

Upheaval will knock players out of the way and do some damage to them.

Phase 2 avoid the lightning strikes on the ground. You will need to eliminate the four Stormcasters.

Once the adds are defeated you return to Phase 1.

Mythic+ Nokhud Offensive

The Nokhud Offensive gives you the chance to save time with Dragonriding during the dungeon. Use this to stun packs as you land to save precious seconds on the 40 minute timer.

All of the Abilities in Heroic and Mythic are available within Mythic+. But remember the higher the key the higher the damage scales.

I recommend reading How to Lead Groups in PVE & PVP. This will give you insight to leading and running mythic+ dungeons.

With all Mythic Plus Dungeons you need to watch out for is:

  1. Deaths. Dying in the key will result in -5 seconds per death.
    • If you wipe entirely not only will you loose 25 seconds of time.
  2. Focus Interrupts, Dispels and Crowd Control.
    • Keeping trash packs controlled sounds easy but it can be a challenge.
    • Focus the right interrupts on heavy damage or heal abilities.

Visit this link to our Guild Routes on Google Drive to get the Import Codes. Please comment below if you find these routes helpful in your Season of Mythic+.

Suggested Addons:

Mythic Dungeon Tools gives you the power to create routes and plan out the dungeon from start to finish.

MythicPlusTimer is a perfect addon to track the timer during key progress.

Glory of the Dragonflight Hero

Glory of the Dragonflight Hero is a continuation onto the Glory achievements for each expansion. With a cool mount reward for completing them all, have some fun in Mythic Difficulty and earn these awesome achievements. Nokhud Offensive does require patience to earn these so be ready.

What are the Chances…

Defeat the raging tempest after striking a single player with 5 lightning strikes simultaneously and defeating a storm elemental.

Earn this by getting the tank stand under the boss during Lightning Strike while the other players fan out around them. The add will spawn once the tank has been struck by all five lightning strikes. Kill the add and then kill the boss to win.

Weapons of the Maruukai

Defeath Teera and Maruuk while holding the spear of Tofui, War axe of Berke and bow of Sartaq.

In the caves around the boss area you will find the weapons. Pick them up PRIOR to engaging the bosses. If your party is holding all three you will get the achievement.

Nokhud Deed Goes Unnoticed

Defeat Balakar Kahan after healing Ohn’ahra to full health.

Once Khan has drained her power then the healer can Heal her.

Ohuna Incubation

Deliver eight warm ohuna eggs to Ohuna Keeper Turuk in a single visit.

On the mountains you will find nests with eggs. You can carry one at a time. Put them in the basket nest to Keeper Turuk. Deliver 8 to get the achievement.


Q: Where is the Dungeon Entrance?
A: This dungeon appears during leveling for LFG. Mythic+ Players can summon and enter at Maruukai in Ohn’ahran Plains.

Q: Does this Dungeon drop a mount?
A: Sorry. Blizzard decided to not include a mount in this dungeon.

Q: I cant activate one of the bosses, help!
A: If the bosses havent become active, check you haven’t missed one of their pre-requisites.

Q: I completed this dungeon on a +2 can i do it again?
A: Yes. You can complete as many mythic+ dungeons per week as you like.

Q: How long do I have to time this dungeon?
A: This dungeon has a 40 minute timer to complete.

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