WoW How to Win Eye of the Storm Guide

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World of Warcraft’s Battleground: Eye of the Storm combines both mechanics from Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch. Eye of the Storm has both Flags and Bases to capture which may seem too much to take in initially, but in reality it’s fairly easy to understand. Here at Battle Shout, we would like to help you to understand this battleground and most importantly, how to win it!

WoW Eye of the Storm Basics

Similar to Arathi Basin, the first team that reaches 1600 Resources wins.

15 alliance players vs. 15 Horde players battle for the resources over 4 strategic bases.

In the centre of the Eye of the Storm is a Flag that can be captured and brought back to one of your team’s active bases.

Eye of the Storm World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft: Eye of the Storm

How to win Eye of the Storm

To win this battleground your team has to gain 1600 resources before the other team.

The more bases your team has, the more resources you gain per second.

  1. Base = 1 resource point per second
  2. Base = 2 resource points per second
  3. Base = 5 resource points per second
  4. Base = 10 resource points per second

Capturing the flag as with most World of Warcraft Battlegrounds rewards your team bonus points. The bonus points accumulate depending on how many bases your team has captured.

  1. Base = 75 resource points
  2. Base = 85 resource points
  3. Base = 100 resource points
  4. Base = 500 resource points
Flag Capture Eye of the Storm
Flag Capture

There are 2 floating islands connected by 3 bridges. 4 bases in each corner and a flag to capture on the middle bridge. In the southeast is the Blood Elf and southwest is the Fel Reaver. Northwest is the Mage tower and northeast is Draenei.

To take over the towers you need to stand at the entrance of each tower. If there are enemy players you need to have more team players than them to counter capture. While taking over you will see a bar showing up in your HUD (Encounter Bar). The more you outnumber the enemy team at this location, the quicker your bar moves and the sooner the tower is yours.

Base Capture Eye of the Storm
Base Capture

To pick up the flag it takes an 8-second cast to actually obtain the flag. If you get attacked during this cast you need to start all over again. If you die or drop the flag and the enemy picks it up, it doesn’t return to the middle. The player can bring the flag to one of their bases.

Tips for winning Eye of the Storm

  1. Standard rules apply, zergs (running in without a plan) doesn’t win the battle
  2. Try to let Tanks or high health team mates take the Flag.
  3. Use crowd controls to slow the enemies down.
  4. Keep an eye on the bases and make sure the enemy isn’t taking yours.
  5. Communicate when you see large attacks on bases.
  6. Stay away from the edges of the abyss. You may get knocked down by Shamans, Druids or Evokers.
  7. Make sure to defend bases at the flag to avoid the other faction tapping the base.
  8. Take over the two towers on your side.

What level is Eye of the Storm

To be able to enter Eye of the Storm in WoW your character must be a minimum of level 20.

The level brackets for playing in Eye of the Storm are split up as follows:

  • 20-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60

Our Thoughts on Eye of the Storm in WoW

Eye of the Storm is one of our favorite battlegrounds. It has a mixture of Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch at the same time but it still has an extra flavor to it.

Putting in some extra communication can turn this battleground into the one to go for once you figure out how to play it and win. We hope we managed to help you to understand this battleground. Make sure to check out our other guides here at Battle Shout like our Solo Shuffle.

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