The Azure Vault WoW Dungeon Guide

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Discover the secrets of The Azure Vault and learn why the Blue Dragonflight sealed and abandoned the vault years ago. With many curious passages and hidden secrets, the bosses are sure to have a few magical tricks ready. The Azure Vault WoW Dungeon Guide will give you a knowledge barrier to protect yourself from their dangerous magic. Keep reading to unlock the power of insight.

The Azure Vault opens during levelling at 60 and at max level 70 is part of Mythic+ Season 1.

Azure Vault WoW Dungeon Guide

If you are a veteran player this dungeon will remind you of, The Nexus, from Wrath of the Lich King.

Be expectant for Blue Dragonflight magic seeps from within. The trash packs will have many interrupts and annoyances to deal with along the path.


Born from a seedling found in the Ley Energy.

Once a small sprouting in Syndragossa’s garden. Leymor grew to giant proportions.

If left to his own devices Leymor would overrun The Azure Vault


Watch out for the Disruptive Ley-Line Sprouts as they cause plenty of damage. Angry and annoyed a Consuming Stomp will shake the halls in attempts to squish you. Erupting Fisures will strike out from in front of him to get rid of the pests at his feet. With an Explosive Brand he will slam the floor to knock everyone away and try to end the attack.


As the Vault security Azureblade chose her duty above all else to remain as it was Sealed.

When the blue Dragons did not return her bitterness turned into madness.

Extending her life beyond normal with the magic within she claims ownership of the vault and all of the contents within.


Azureblade has many tricks up her sleeves. This boss like to play with Overwhelming Power summoning Draconic Images to confuse and interrupt you. Ancient Orb fragments will float about best to avoid these. Arcane Cleave will strike those in front of her. You wont be able to avoid the deadly Arcane Orb thrown at you.

Telash Greywing

Furious at the Blue Dragonflight, Telash spends his time hunting for Syndragossa’s secrets within the Vault.

With the Sundered flame he is opportunistic about finding secrets of the Dracthyr.

Preying to find incriminating evidence against the Blue Dragonflight, beware for this Drakthyr is angry indeed.


Whilst Telash might seem crazy he is skilful indeed. Freezing players with Absolute Zero! Get inside Syndragossa’s Vault Runes to save yourself. Frost Bombs will be thrown at you leaving Frozen Ground behind their explosions. The Icy Devastator will chill your core.


Long ago Umbrelskul meddled with her raw arcane power.

Coated in crystaline growths he was taken to the Azure Vault until a cure could be found.

The vault sealed not long after, no cure was found. Sleeping in Statis or is he?


Movement speeds will be reduced with Oppressive Miasma. Each 25% of health he becomes Brittle, shedding Detonating Crystals that should be avoided. Unleashed Destruction and Arcane Eruptions will hurt and knock you away. Tanks beware for Crystalline Roar and Dragon Strike!

Standard dragon rules apply. Do not stand at the Tail, near the wings or in front. Be at max range or underneath him.

Mythic Azure Vault Dungeon Guide

With mythic difficulty comes extra mechanics to watch out for. These are fun yet life threatening. Become prepared for everything that can harm you, as we explain the details below. Remember its not just the bosses that scale, the trash will become increasingly challenging too.


Ley-line Sprouts will appear all over the encounter room.

Stinging Sap hurts players for 20k damage every 1 second.

💀 Volatile Sapling‘s appear when Ley-Lines are destroyed. These will explode dealing 70k Damage and slowing all enemies in the path.

Infused Strike will slam into the Tank. dealing 90k Damage and 20k damage per second for 20 seconds.

Explosive Brand. Watch out for Leymor slamming the ground. He will deal 90k damage to players around him and you will then explode after 6 seconds. All ley-lines die during the Explosions dealing another 90k damage to players.

Erupting Fissures open at your feet knocking you back. Dealing 110k damage and destroying ley-lines in their path.

Consuming Stomp. Leymor will consume all of the ley energy and stomp. Increasing the damage of spouts by 20% each.


Overwhelm Energy. Azureblade moves to the centre of the room. Gaining power and summoning illusions. Destroy the Illusions to phase her.

Illusions will cast Seal Empowerment making her immune to ALL damage.

💀 Unstable Magic fragments release when illusions die. Avoid taking this damage.

Ancient Orb Fragments avoid touching these for you will take 70k damage and take a knock back.

Draconic Images Azureblade will summon images of herself to confuse and interrupt you.

Draconic Images have two abelites:

💀 Unstable Magic fragments release when illusions die. Avoid taking this damage.

Illusionary Bolt random players will take 45k damage.

Arcane Cleave will inflict 100k damage to anyone standing in front of Azureblade.

Telash Greywing

Absolute Zero freezing the area and gathering power in anticipation of a large attack.

Stand in a Vault Rune to avoid taking damage, players not within a rune will be rooted for 10 seconds.

The boss will be shielded reducing her damage taken by 90%

Frost Bomb. These will be thrown at players detonating after 5 seconds and dealing damage.

Frozen Ground will appear after detonation. 30k damage if you stand in them per second. Movement speed will be reduced by 30%

Icy Devastator this breath will target a random player for 33k damage . Lasts 3 seconds.


💀 Oppressive Miasma a stacking movement speed reduction. Every time you move you will be slowed by another 7%.

Brittle each 25% health interval (75% 50% and 25%) Umbrelskul will shed crystals.

Detonating Crystals will fracture and explode. Dealing stacking damage of 15k per second for 15 seconds. More crystals more damage taken

💀 Hardened Crystals have an absorb shield. these will also fracture and explode.

Dragon Strike tanks beware this will hit you for 110k and knock you back. After you will take 24k damage per second for 10 seconds.

Unleashed Destruction is an arcane explosion for 30k damage. Pushing all players away.

Arcane Eruption these crackling vortexes will appear randomly. Dealing 200k damage to players and knocking them back. Standing inside one will take tick damage for 40k per second.

Crystalline Roar this powerful roar will only injure players in front of him. Dealing 110k if your unluckily positioned.

Mythic+ Azure Vault Dungeon Guide

Mythic+ is a PVE players dream. These dungeons will scale from +2 to +30. Defeat the bosses and 100% trash counters to win. You get bonus points for completing them with ++ or +++ on the timer.

Remember all of the abilities in Heroic and Mythic are up-scaled and even more deadly.

MythicPlusTimer is a perfect addon to track the timer during key progress.

Each week will give you different affixes to overcome. Play to the strengths of each of these. For instance with sanguine it is good to take a DK or Monk as they can grab trash out of the pools of healing.

The timer for Azure Vault is 34 minutes.

I recommend reading How to Lead Groups in PVE & PVP. This will give you insight to leading and running mythic+ dungeons.

With all Mythic Plus Dungeons you need to watch out for is:

  1. Deaths. Dying in the key will result in -5 seconds per death.
    • If you wipe entirely not only will you loose 25 seconds of time.
  2. Focus InterruptsDispels and Crowd Control.
    • Keeping trash packs controlled sounds easy but it can be a challenge.
    • Focus the right interrupts on heavy damage or heal abilities.

Glory of the Dragonflight Hero

You can earn the bonus achievements within Mythic difficulty. Each dungeon contains a selection of secret achievements that ultimately reward the Lava Snail Shellack mount.

You Must be Made of Hide

Defeat Umbrelskul without being hit by a pollymoprh trap or triggering a shriek.

This is easy enough to obtain. Avoid the traps and do not trigger him to shriek during the encounter.

Icy What You Did There

Defeat Telash after using Icy Devastator 12 times on an Icy Crystal to create a Very Icy Crystal.

Again this achievement is simple. All players should be near an Icy Crystal so Icy Devastator can hit it 12 times. Mark one crystal to ensure it survives.

The Cracked Crystal

Defeat Umbelskul after smashing simmering Geodes with Dragon Strike and destroying 9 Geode Chunks.

Locate the Geode chunks prior to engaging the boss. Position yourself with Dragon Strike to ensure it impacts the Geodes. Destroy the chunks to win.


Q: Where is the dungeon entrance?
A: Located within The Azure Span at 38.89 64.76.

Q: What level do i have to be to enter the Azure Vault?
A: Normal opens at Level 60. Heroic and Mythic at 70.

Q: Does this dungeon drop a Mount?
A: Unfortunately no. Mounts are not in the loot table.

Q: Is the Azure Vault Mythic+
A: Yes. The Azure Vault is in Season 1 Dragonflight Mythic+.

Q: We failed the timer but completed the key. Do we still get points?
A: Only if you complete <15 minutes after timer runs out.

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