WOW How to Get a Covenant in Shadowlands

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Greetings Maw Walker! Are you wondering how to pick your covenant for the first time? Or maybe you made the wrong choice? Feeling a bit of buyers remorse in regards to your covenant? Seen another leather user in that sweet sweet venthyr transmog? Well worry not! We’re here to show you how to join or switch covenants in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands!


  • Level 60 Character
  • Shadowlands 9.0 intro campaign completed

What are Covenants in Shadowlands?

The covenants are a collection of 4 covenants in the Shadowlands that each serve an important purpose in the afterlife. The covenants are made up of the Nightfae in Ardenweald, the Venthyr in Revendreth, the Necrolords in Maldraxxus and the Kyrian in Bastion.

So what does that mean for us?
Covenants are a pivotal system in WoW Shadowlands for the players. Covenants grant us access to powerful class abilities and a signature covenant ability, as well as, souldbinds, conduits and plenty of cosmetics and mounts!

What’s the difference between a signature and a class ability?
Class abilities are exclusive to each class for each covenant. Each class will have the choice of 4 unique class abilities depending on the covenant they choose. Signature covenant abilities stay the same between all the classes. So when you join a covenant you will have your unique class spell added to your spellbook and one of the following signature abilities:

Necrolord – Flesh Craft, a channelled ability that gives you a large shield for 2 minutes, as well as bonuses if used near recently defeated enemies.

Venthyr – Door of Shadows, a targeted teleport spell with a short cast time.

Nightfae – Soulshape, a spell that blinks you forward and turns you into a cool blue creature for increased movement speed.

Kyrian – Summon Steward, a spell that summons a little owl steward to bring you 3 potions that heal you and remove debuffs. The steward can also perform other favours, such as, allowing you to change your talents as if you were in a rested area!

How do I join a covenant for the first time?

To join your covenant for the first time it’s very straightforward and simple. Once you’ve completed the Shadowlands intro campaign and had a taste of each of the powers, follow the quest line into your first torghast instance, then accept “Choosing Your Purpose”. Speak to each of the covenant representatives to test out the powers again, see the transmog and mount you will get for working with them.

Once you’ve settled on your choice, interact with the map in-front of Tal’Inara and click on the covenant you would like to join.

Question: How do I switch Covenant?

Answer: To switch covenants, go back to the representatives in The Enclave and speak to them to ask to join their covenant instead, easy as pie!

However, there are a few catches; if you are below 80 Renown with your current covenant, you will not be able to switch back to them so easily. You will have to complete 2 weeks worth of quests to be able to gain their forgiveness to rejoin them. If you do have 80 Renown with any character on your account then you can swap covenants as often as you like with no consequence! 

Side note: Don’t forget on alts you can buy the [Broker Mark of Distinction] from Au’Dara next to the flight master in Oribos. This item will take your current Renown to 60 for whichever covenant you are currently serving!

Question: Which covenant should I choose?

Answer: Now this all comes down to personal preference and the content you plan on doing. Ideally, you should choose the covenant that you feel connects with your character the most, the aesthetic you love and the covenant abilities you think are the coolest. Take some time to look through the cosmetics and mounts you can receive for working with each covenant.

Sadly, in terms of pure performance not all covenants are created equal. Some excel where others fail and some are just outright the best choice for all content. If you are really wanting to push high end mythic plus or plan to join a raiding team then it will be worth doing your research to see which of the covenant benefits the content you want to do the most.

For example, Destruction Warlocks use Nightfae for mythic plus due to the powerful AoE dot they get access to with Soul Rot but when it comes to raiding they switch to Necrolord for most fights as they need to pump more single target damage with Decimating Bolt.


Question: WOW How to change covenant
Answer: Simple speak to the covenant leader in the Enclave (Oribos) and requested to change covenant loyalties.

Question: How to Get Covenant
Answer: Level to 60 and then progress far enough into your campaign: You will be offered an opportunity to join a covenant. Alts will be able to choose a covenant immediately if they choose the Threads of Fate campaign option when arriving in Oribos.

Question: What Covenant should you choose?
Answer: Speak to each covenant leader to explore your ability, transmog & mount options.

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